Enlightenment through a Poke in the Eye

08-22-2008 - Edgar h, "Goodreads review."
"Put that next to the Secret and wake up the next morning with your shelf bloody red and the Secret rip into pieces! That book is not an other self help toilet book! It will kick you in the nuts before frying and eating them."
08-01-2008 - Zessinthal, Edgar, "Thanks for your order, #2189387, from Lulu!," Dead People Taste Like Chicken.
"The bad boys of the internet, now available in print format! This is not about getting some hacking tips for kitties but the tales of the cDc by the cDc since 1984. This is the cDc bible. A must.."
03-11-2007 - fiend, "Re: Warez request."
"Personally I feel more enlightened with having hardcopies of two of those books [Commodork and The Book of Cao] than pdf'ing it. The basic content of the book of cao is already available as internet text free of charge, it's only put into a divine system and presented on cellulose fibers with ink and that is why it costs moolah."
01-08-2007 - rebel without applause, "MySpace Comment."
"Congrats on Book of Cao. I thoroughly enjoyed it."
12-25-2006 - Jett, "Merry Christmas."
"Hope you all got what you wanted. I know I did. The Art of Deception + The Book of Cao = <3"
12-01-2006 - Aaron, or Th®äwñ, "MySpace Comment."
"yay for pirates! just got done reading the book of cao, good stuff"
09-28-2006 - Stop Making Sense, "Reply to 'Book List *Update*'."
"The Book of Cao. The true hackers book."
09-17-2006 - Caballé, Xavi, "Llibre: «The Book of Cao. Enlightenment throught a Poke in the Eye»."
Original (in Catalan): "Culf of the Dead Cow, cDc pels amics, és un nom mític dins de la història del hacktivisme. De fet en són els creadors del moviment que lluita contra les diferents forma de censura i limitació dels drets humans utilitzant la tecnologia.

cDc va ser fundat l'any 1984 a Texas, entre altres coses han iniciat les Hacker con, les HoHoCon; van originar el newsgroup alt.fan.cult-dead-cow, el primer grupo de news d'un grup de hackers. També va declarar la guerra a l'església de la cienciologia i l'any 1997 van ser la primera web en distribuir música en format MP3.

El llibre "The Book of Cao", subitulat Enlightenment throught a Poke in the Eye és una col•lecció retrospectiva dels diversos documents que ha generat el grup des de la seva fundació. És tant per tant una oportunitat única de trobar-nos amb la història viva d'Internet i conèixer l'evolució del moviment que ha centrat la seva raó de ser en la protecció de la llibertat dels usuaris dins de la xarxa."
English Translation (per Transendium): "Culf of the Dead Cow, cDc for the friends, is a mythical name in the history of the hacktivisme. As a matter of fact the creators of the movement that fight against the different ones forms are from censorship and limitation of the human rights using the technology.

cDc was set up in the year 1984 in Texas, among other things have pioneered the cone Hacker, the HoHoCon; they originated the newsgroup alt.fan.cult-dead-cow, the first grupo of news of a group of hackers. Also it stated the war to the church of the cienciologia and in year 1997 they were the first web page on distributing music in format MP3.

The book "The Book of Cao", subitulat Enlightenment throught in Poke in the Eye is a retrospective collection of the several documents that the group has generated from its foundation. It is so much therefore an only opportunity to feel the living history of Internet and to know the evolution of the movement that has centered its reason for being in the protection of the freedom of the users in the net."
09-15-2006 - Danny, "MySpace Comment."
"Paris Hilton an Honorary Member!
Thanks for sharing with the world what drives The Cult of The Dead Cow. The Book of Cao is now one of my favoutite books."
09-13-2006 - Hinge, Mark, "Review: The Book Of Cao," Whitedust Security Portal.
"Lets start this review by saying that not only am I a big supporter of cDc I am also a big fan of the text file scene in general and have indeed played a part in said scene for many years. Can you say; target demographic?

That aside and moving on to just the most important fact about this fine publication; this book is funny. And not just for 'geeks' and 'hackers', the humour is universal. Silly at times yes, but universal never the less. The day it arrived I was working onsite with a client who picked the book from my things and flicked through it. To my surprise he laughed a lot and didn't fire me, despite having no idea who or what cDc are or indeed what most of the book was about, it still got the chuckle.


The files themselves are compiled from numerous sources and written by numerous authors spanning many years. For anyone not familiar with the style of cDc text files: anarchic, obscure and quite, quite mad seems to sum them up best.

What's good about this book? Put simply; internet counter culture at it's [sic] best.

What's bad about this book? The fact it's not longer. If you read it and like it you could be reading it all day; it draws you in and that's a let down when you reach page 150 only to find the Cao has abandoned you.

Who would be interested in buying this book? Anyone interested in internet counter culure; hacking and the so called digital 'underground' - and anyone who is a already a fan of the text file scene.

Whitedust hope to see more print publications from cDc communications in the near future."
08-28-2006 - Pettus, Jason, " Famed hacking group publishes book of philosophy," The Politics channel » Netscape.com.
"Infamous hacking organization "Cult of the Dead Cow" has just released a new book, explaining their philosophy and arguing why you should believe in it too. Definitely worth checking out."
08-28-2006 - Jones, Punkle, "The Book of Cao: Enlightenment through a Poke in the Eye."
"The selection of t-files that are compiled in this publication are all related to the spiritual mythos of the Cult of the Dead Cow...an inspiring collection of text. Perfect for carrying in your back pocket to conventions, 2600 meetings, church. The group hasn't decided to "cross over" into print media after 20 years of online publication - rather it sought to publish a pocket-sized collection you can keep on you...and maybe it looks a little bit the little red Book of Mao. Except better, and filled with essential SeXXXee vitamins and minerals!"
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09-05-2006 - Jardin, Xeni, "Omakase links: post-holiday bluesnixer roundup," BoingBoing.
09-04-2006 - Activist Times #484
08-28-2006 - "CULT OF THE DEAD COW (cDc) Unveils The Book of Cao," Whitedust Security Portal.

Advance Praise
"The Book of Cao is like plutonium. It can be used for good or evil, and you don't want to carry it in your pocket for too long."
— "Bobby Cow", Nuclear physicist

"Hotter than the cold sores on that chick at the end of the bar."
— fj, Ninja Strike Force member

"When I found the word of the cow I was but a calf in the great field. When I drank from the tit of the cow, I grew strong knowing the essence had penetrated me. Now I serve the cow; great master, leader of the herd."
— J.K., mama's boy

"...it looks like next to the crapper material."
— fnordmotorco, badass

"It changed my life."
— RaD Man, founder, ACiD Productions

"This book has many layers of meaning that can take years to fully comprehend."
— Anonymous, philosophizer

"Soft and chewy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside!"
— J. Salvatore Testa II, Hacktivismo member

"More enlightening than a punch to the tesicles."
— You know who you are, Philadelphia, PA
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