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                                WIZARDRY DOCS
    (yeah, it's old & so is this file...but it's a good game so forget you)
                               by  Swamp Ratte'

                      >>> A CULT Publication......1985 <<<
                        -cDc- CULT OF THE DEAD COW -cDc-

STARTING THE GAME (always a good place to begin, don't you think?)
Boot the disk (wee...)
Watch the cute little dragon come out of the soup bowl
Press RETURN when you're through being entertained

You have three options now: S)tart the game
                            U)tility options
    and last but not least, T)itle Page
 Press whatever it is you want to do.
If you want to start the game (and who doesn't?) press S and it will say
 What it wants you to do is to flip the disk over.
After you've had your disk flipping exercises, you can press RETURN again.
If you have any intelligence at all, you should have been able to get through
those steps with no problems.  When it's done playing with the drive, it
should say that you're in the Castle.  "Congratulations, you have just      
completed the first step toward hours, days, months, even a lifetime of
challenge and adventure!" I swear, that's what the manual says! Sick, isn't it?

Okay, now we're going back to the utility options you saw when you booted
the disk.
R)ecover accidentally lost characters
T)ransfer characters to a new scenario.
B)ackup characters
C)hange character names
U)pgrade to current version
M)ake another scenario disk
L)eave Utility Options
Recovering lost characers:If something awful happens while playing a game that
causes the Apple to crash, such as a power failure (or if you turn it off
when your characters are dying left and right), it is possible that the
current party of adventurers might be lost in the maze. Actually, it's
more than possible, the party WILL be lost in the maze, guaranteed.
If you choose this option, it will ask for your scenario disk (backside)
and then it digs all the characters up out of the dungeon.

Transfering characters to other scenarios:After you have finished Proving
Grounds, you will want to go play Knight of Diamonds next.  Don't hold your
breath though, because it's going to take you a LONG time to finish this one.
Follow the directions, no problems, right?

Backing up your characters:Lets you make a copy of any character you want,
in case something happens to the orginal (like death, for instance).
It will ask to backup T)o or F)rom the backup disk.  The backup disk has to
be preformatted with DOS 3.3 before you can backup anything.  If you can't
figure out what backing up to and from means, then you shouldn't even have
an Apple or IBM!

Change character names:In case you screw up when you first named your  
character, you can always get a name change. 

Upgrade to current version:Upgrades old versions to the current version
(whatever ver. you have) You gotta have 2 drives for this option.

Make another scenario disk:Creats multiple blank scenario disks, each of
which can hold 20 characters.  You also gotta have 2 drives for this.

Leave utiltiy options:Donened
  Once you have started the game, you will be placed in the Castle, but you
really should make some characters before you go off and get them killed,
right?  I mean, it's kinda hard to kill them off if they don't even exist.
(my advanced logic skills overwhelm you, don't they?)
One of the options in the Castle is the E)dge of town.  Press E, and then
you can press T for Training Grounds.  
Ok, the manual jumps around here a bit, so I might as well too.

  There are 6 basic characteristics a character (get the connection?) has:
STRENGTH-affects how much damage you do when you slap a monster upside the
I.Q. AND PIETY-determines ability for spell casting.  I.Q. is for Mages,
and Piety is for Priests.
VITALITY-determines how many hit points you got.  If you don't know what
hit points are, then go play D&D.
AGILITY-determines who hits what first, and a good agility helps your       
connecting abilities. (connecting a sword with a dragons face, for example)
LUCK-helps in mysterious ways (bull, it actually determines if your thief
picks a lock or screws up and gets a trap in his face)

There are eight character classes.  4 basic, and 4 advanced.
FIGHTER-a basic man at arms, need a min. strength of 11.
 They can use any armor and weapons, and can be of any alignment
MAGE-sorcerers.  Need a min. intelligence of 11, have lousy hit points, and
 can only use a dagger or a staff as a weapon.  However, they get some
 pretty decent offensive spells when they gain some levels.
PRIESTS-just like the ones at church(you know, that funny building with the
 pointy thing on top.)  Need a min. piety of 11, have hit points almost as
good as fighters, and may use any armor.  Weapons are limited to special
 priest weapons like staffs and cudgels, but maces work the best
 Priests have the ability to "dispell", which means they can turn a mutated
 skeleton that's atacking you back into a pile of bones.  They have
 mostly defensive spells (magaical assistance for armor, things like that).
THIEVES-Need min. agility of 11 (and luck don't hurt, either).  They
 have slightly better hit points than a Mage, but can only use daggers
 or short swords as weapons, leather armor, and a small shield.  The only
 use for thieves is to open treasure chests with traps on them.
 Thieves cannot be of good alignment.
--Advanced character classes--
BISHOPS-combination of Priest and Mage, have hit points intermediate to both,
 can wear leather armor and use Priest weapons.  They cast both types of
spells , Priest and Mage.  The most useful thing these characters do is to
 unknown items that you find.  If you're lucky, you'll find a bunch of 
 unknown items.
SAMURAI-decent fighters, but not as good as real Fighters.  They use any
 Figher weapons and armor, but learn Mage spells once they reach the 4th
LORDS-combination of Fighter and Priest, learn Priest spells once they
 reach the 4th level.
NINJA-radical dudes, can use any armor or weapons, but at high levels they
 work better with their bare hands.  Somtimes kill someone with one hit.
 They also have to be evil.

ALIGNMENT-describes your character's outlook toward the world, and his
 general ethical status.  GOOD characters cannot be in the same party with
 EVIl characters, but NEUTRAL peoples can go party with either one.
RACE-5 of them, each has advantages and disadvantages
 Human-not good at anything in particular
 Elf-best at being Mages and Bishops
 Dwarf-make good Fighters and Priests
 Gnome-good for Priests and Thieves
 Hobbits-good for Thieves
 After you kill some monsters, your charactes will get experience points.
 When you have a lot of experience points, you can gain levels.
 At higher levels, your ability points will increase, and magic guys will
 get better spells.
AGE-years passed since date of birth
GOLD-precious metal
EQUIPMENT-the stuff you got
ARMOR CLASS-how well protected (or not protected) you are.  Bare skin is 10,
 everything lower than that is better.
HIT POINTS-like I said before, go play D&D if you don't know what these are.
SPELL BOOKS-small set of books each player has where he writes his spells down.
SPELLS LEFT-tells how many spells of each level of power and class you can
 use.  To gain these back, you have to sleep in the inn.
STATUS-either Ok,asleep,afraid,paralyzed,poisoned,stoned, dead, ashes, or
 lost forever.  It is best to be Ok.
Go to the Training Grounds, and type in the name of a character you want to 
make.  It will look for the character, and if it doesn't exist yet, it will
ask you if you want to make one with that name.  Of course you do!  So type
Y.  You don't want a password, because you'll probably forget it.  Just press
RETURN twice.  Then decide your alignment.
You will be shown a row of STRENGTH, etc. These are the base numbers for your
abilities.  Press + to add a point, - to subtract.  Notice that the POINTS
display above the abilities changes depending on if you +ed or -ed.
Press RETURN to skip through the abilities to the one you want.  When 
all your points are used up, press ESC.  Then you choose what class you want
this character to be.  If you like this guy, press Y to save it.  
After you have some characters made up, type one of their names at the main
Training Grounds screen.  Then you have five choices:
D)elete-zap the character
R)eroll-reroll your abilities
C)hange class-change from a basic to an advanced character class.

Minimum required abilities for advanced classes:
Character        Strength   Vitality  IQ  Piety  Agility  Luck
Lord             15         15        12  12     14       15
Samurai          15         14        11  10     10       --
Ninja            17 or 18 in all abilities
Bishop           --         --        12  12     --       --
S)et new password-lets you change a characters password
I)nspecting characters-lets you see all of your character's statistics.
Read spell books under above to see the list of spells you know.
T)rading-lets you trade gold or equipment to someone else in your party
E)quipping-decide what armor and weapons you want to use (you gotta use this)
Casting S)pells-lets you cast non-combat spells
U)se an item-use magical equipment to cast spells
I)dentifying-only for Bishops, lets you find out exactly what something is
L)eave-returns to wherever you were before you inspected.
*Roster-shows list of characters on disk

The castle is the starting and ending point of all expeditions.  In the castle,
you can rest, create parties, get help from the gods, buy and sell equipment,
or go to any other part of the game.
There are five main options:
Gigamesh's Tavern-assemble a party of up to 6 characters, you can also
 inspect any party member here
Adventurer's Inn-place where you can rest to gain back used spell points, or
 heal damage for alot of gold.  Overnight resting does nothing but gain your
 spell points.  To get hit points back, you will have to pay.  The more  
 expensive rooms heal faster than the cheap rooms.
 The Inn is also the place where you find out if you have gained a level.
Temple of Cant-Whenever a party brings back characters that are less than OK,
 they are removed from the party and taken to the Temple of Radiant Cant.
 Type in who you wanna help, and who's gonna pay.
Boltac's Trading Post-buy, sell, have identified, and un-curse equipment
 If the item says UNUSABLE beside it, that means it isn't possible for your
 character to use it.
The Edge of Town-From here you can go to the Training Grounds, leave the game,
 or enter the dungeon.

CAMP-as soon as you enter the dungeon from the Edge of Town, you will be in
 camp.  Being in camp means that you have stopped somewhere and can do the
 little details (like healing spells, trading, etc.).  You cannot be attacked
 while in camp.  You will need to Equip the party if you haven't done so
 individually in Gilgamesh's Tavern.  Reorder lets you select the order in 
 which your characters will go through the dungeon.  Only the first 3
characters can make physical attacks and take physical attacks, so put some
 good fighters up front.  Keep the Mages and Thieves in the back.

MOTION COMMANDS-for when you are actually in the dungeon, not in camp.

F-moves you forward
L-turns you left
R-turns you right
K-kick through a door in front of you
S-updates the status area
C-enter camp
T-change combat message display time.  1 for instant, 5000 for 5 seconds
Q-toggle quickplotting of the maze (for LOMILWA spell)
I-lets you inspect the current area for dead bodies
Instead of the F, L, and R, you can use the W-A-D cluster for movement
 If you encounter monsters (and you will) it will show you a picture and the
name of the monster(s).  For each GROUP of monsters (4 possible groups at once)
you will be told the number, what they appear to be, and in parentheses, show
how many are able to attack (if they're asleep or paralyzed, they can't attack)
F-fight a monster.  If there is more than one group, you'll have to specify
 which group you want to fight
P-use your weapon for defense
S-cast a spell
U-use an item
R-run like screaming testicle-less wonders
D-dispell undead things

 Once you've killed some monsters and found a chest, the obvious thing to do
is open it.  Here are the options:
O-open the chest.  If it's trapped (most are) then the character who opens
 the chest gets the trap, too.
I-inspect the chest (a wise choice).  Let a Thief do this, and you can
 probably tell what trap it has
C-calfo spell.  use a Priest spell that identifies the trap
D-disarm the trap.  You have to know what trap to disarm for first, so be
 sure to inspect it.
L-leave the chest.  Let the chest you risked your life for just sit there.

After a chest has been openened, the stuff is distributed.  Gold is evenly
 divided, and items are distributed randomly.
After combat and the chest has been opened, it's a good idea to camp and
 cast healing spells.

When starting out have 2 fighters, a priest, a thief, and 2 mages.
 As soon as possible, change one of the mages to a Bishop.
Be sure to map!
with a Bishop, identify #9.  Keep doing this until it says SUCCESS!.
 Then go up to the castle, into the Inn, and rest.  You will have tons of
 experience points.

NOTICE:  To actually play Wizardry, you're also gonna need the file
 WIZARDY.SPELLS  by yours truly.

 (c)1985  cDc publications  by SWAMP RATTE'
 All Rights Worth Shit