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OK, most of this is straight from the book, so it will sound strange.

     Now suppose that a group of people exists today which has the means to
alter the outcome of D-Day in such a way that the group will benefit.
Using time travel, members of the group will take soldiers and modern weapons
to the Europe of 1944 to influence the Battle of Normandy so that the group
will gain enormous political and economic power forty years later.  Their
desire is to change the past so that they can rule the present.  The danger
to you -to everyone- would be enormous.  If these people should succeed in
their plans, you would be under absolute domination, at the very best.  At
worst, you would never have been born at all. (really nice guys, huh?)
This is the premise of Rescue Raiders.  The group of terrorists does exist;
they have a time machine; they are determined to use their technology to
change the course of World War II so that they can control...YOU. (ooh! drama!)

     Rescue Raiders is a strategic war simulation game (and a damn good
arcade game, too).  You command aircraft and ground forces to advance toward
the enemy and destroy him.  Unlike other strategic war games, Rescue Raiders
lets you see and control what happens directly.  You will actually see
helicopters, ground vehicles, soldiers, and missiles.  You do not see a set
of odd symbols on a map.
     To win Rescue Raiders you must use both tactics and strategy.  Tactics
is the "shoot-'em-up" part of the game.  To succeed tactically, you must use
your weapons, men and equipment to win fights against the enemy.
     Rescue Raiders is divided into eight battles.  If you win a battle, you
will automatically proceed to the next battle.  Each new battle is more
difficult than the last.  Your loss of any of the battles will end the game
in total victory for the enemy (not good).

     Rescue Raiders contains a number of stationary and mobile elements.
Stationary elements include time machines (headquarters) for you and the
enemy, helicopter pads and bunkers.  Mobile elements are helicopters, tanks,
soldiers, engineers, anti-aircraft-missile carriers, and demolition team
--* TIME MACHINES  The time machine located at each end of the field serve as
headquarters for both sides.  A battle is won or lost when you or the enemy
succeed in moving a Demolition Team Vehicle to the opponent's time machine.
Only the Demolition Team Vehicle will destroy time machines, which are 
impervious to all other machines.
--* HELICOPTER PADS Helicopter pads serve as the starting point for new
helicopters.  They also serve as refueling, re-arming and repair stations for
helicopters during combat.  A helicopter is automatically (but not
instantly!) refueled, repaired and loaded with a maximum weapon supply
whenever it lands on a helicopter pad.  A helicopter pad is located by each
time machine
--* BUNKERS There are different types of bunkers in Rescue Raiders.  Some may
be destroyed if hit by weapon fire, while other types can only be destroyed
by a very high number of hits, or cannot be destroyed at all.  A bunker can
be controlled only by placing soldiers in it.  Bunkers are found at different
locations from one end of the field to the other.
--* BARRAGE BALLOONS Barrage ballons are "semi-stationary" elements which are
moored to some of the bunkers.  Helicopters will be destroyed if they strike
an opponent's balloon or its mooring line.  Helicopters can fly safely past
any friendly barrage balloon or its mooring line.
--* HELICOPTERS Helicopters serve as primary observation platforms, as
fighting vehicles, and as troop transport vehicles.  Helicopters are the most
heavily armed and destructive game elements, and are also the fastest moving
of the game's mobile elements.  You will have four helicopters at the
beginning of play.  If you run out of helicopters, you will loose the game.
The enemy has an unlimited supply of helicopters (all's fair in love and
war).  Helicopters are armed with machine guns, high explosive and "smart"
missiles at the beginning of a game.  Helicopters are lightly-constructed and
can be damaged or destroyed by any opposing fire.
--* TANKS Tanks are heavily-armoured ground vehicles equipped with cannon and
machine guns at the beginning of play.  Tank weapons are effective against
any other mobile game elements, including other tanks.  Tanks resist enemy
fire better than any other mobile element in the game
--* SOLDIERS & ENGINEERS Soldiers or men are airborne infantry.  They are
equipped with parachutes, and they wear body armor which provides some
protection against light weapon fire.  They are equipped with automatic 
Engineers are military construction specialists.  They can repair or replace
certain installations which may be damaged or destroyed in combat.  Engineers
fight as normal soldiers first.  Engineers become soldiers if they are
transported by helicopter.
Missile Carriers are jeep-like vehicles.  Each is equipped with a single
smart missile.  This missile is automatically launched when an enemy
helicopter is in range and will seek and "home in" on the helicopter.
Missile carriers will only attack helicopters.  The carriers have no
defensive capabilities, and can be destroyed by fire from any other
element.  A missile carrier is a "one shot" item: it self-destructs after
launching its missile.
Demolition Team Vehicles look like vans or ambulances.  They contain
electronic devices which allow them to neutralize and destroy the time
machines.  DTVs have no other offensive or defensive capabilities and are
vulnerable to fire from any other game element.
--* MISSILES "Smart" missiles are carried by helicopters and by anti-aircraft
missile carriers.  They are the fastest, long-range and most powerful weapons
possessed by either side.  A smart missile will seek and "home-in" on the 
target it is launched against.  Smart missiles launched by the Anti-Aircraft
Missile Carriers will attack only opposing helicopters.  A smart missile can
be launched from a helicopter against any opposing element.
--* BOMBS High-explosive bombs are carried by helicopters only.  An element
struck by a bomb will be damaged or destroyed.  High-explosive bombs must
score a direct hit to be effective
--* MACHINE GUNS  Machine guns are carried by helicopters, tanks, and
soldiers.  They have a high rate of fire, but they have the least power and
range of any weapon in the game.  Tanks and soldiers have an unlimited supply
of machine gun ammunition. 
--* ANTI-AIRCRAFT & TANK GUNS Anti-aircraft guns are ground-based rapid-fire
cannons.  They are effective against helicopters and in some cases may be
turned against tanks.  Anti-aircraft (or anti-tank) guns fire automatically
whenever the opposing element is in range.
Some bunkers are equipped with machine guns which can be used by the side
occupying them.
**==IMPORTANT NOTICE!!!==** Technological development is very rapid during
wartime.  Some weapons may change as you progress from battle to battle.
>>>>>-----PRESS "S" FROM DEMO MODE TO START THE GAME!!!!!-----<<<<<
     The play area in Rescue Raiders is a long battlefield.  Your
headquarters, consisting of a time machine and a helicopter launch pad, are
located at the right end of this battlefield, and the enemy's headquarters
are located at the left end.
--* THE GAME SCREEN The game screen is divided into two main areas from which
you can obtain information.  The larger area, consisting of most of the
screen from the bottom up, is a television-like display.  This display is
roughly centered on your helicopter, and shows objects, equipment and men in
the immediate vicinity of your helicopter.  The smaller area stretching
across the top of the screen is your "tactical radar" display: it depicts
every element on the battlefield, including missiles.  You use the large
display to maneuver your helicopter in combat and on reconnaissance missions.
Use the tactical radar display to obtain an instant summary (or "map") of the
positions of all the elements belonging to you or the enemy.  One important
use of the tactical radar is to detect enemy weapons which may be homing in
on your helicopter.  Objects in the tactical radar display are color-coded
according to what type of element they are.  The helicopters are represented
as white squares which are larger than any other element on the tactical
--* HELICOPTER MANEUVERS AND OPERATIONS Your helicopter is the only game
element which you directly control and operate.  You use your joystick to fly
the helicopter: simply push the stick in the direction you want the
helicopterto go.  Helicopter weapons are controlled by the joystick buttons.
Button 0 fires the machine gun.  The machine gun will continue to fire as
long as button 0 is pressed or until you are out of ammunition (you have 50
rounds) Button 1 drops bombs.  Bombs will be released as long as button 1 is
pressed.  You can carry up to ten bombs at a time.
Press both buttons simultaneously to trigger the helicopter smart missiles.
The helicopter must be at the same altitude as a target before the missiles
will launch.  The missiles will "lock in" on the closest enemy element at the
helicopter's altitude, which may not be the target you wish to hit.  Your
helicopter carries a maximum of two smart missiles at a time.
     No weapons can be fired or launched while your helicopter is on the
ground or on a pad.  If you press button 1 while on the ground, bombs will
not be released, but men who are in the helicopter will get out and begin to
march toward the enemy.
     Your helicopter can carry up to five men at a time, in addition to the
pilot.  If you land in front of any group of your men, they will climb into
the helicopter as they reach it, until five are on board.
     If you press the space bar while the helicoptr is flying and carrying
men, one of the men will bail out and attempt to parachute to the ground.
You can drop a full load of men by pressing the space bar five times.
Sometimes a parachute will not open, and the man will fall to the ground and
be killed.  If your helicopter is destroyed in the air, a man will sometimes
survive to bail out and parachute safely to the ground, where he will fight
as an infantryman.  This man may be the helicopter's pilot or an infantryman
that is being transported.
     Your helicopter will be damaged if it is hit by enemy weapons, even if
it is not destroyed.  You can tell when your helicopter has been damaged,
because it will emit puffs of smoke from the lower rear part of its fuselage.
These puffs of smoke will increase in size as damage becomes more severe.
     If your helicopter is destroyed and you still have additional
helicopters remaining, the screen will continue to show the helicopter's last
location for a few seconds, then will switch to your headquarters helicopter
pad.  At times, you may wish to continue watching the action taking place at
the site where your helicopter was destroyed:holding down either joystick
button will allow you to see events occurring after the destruction of your
helicopter.  Releasing the joystick button(s) will then return the screen
view to the new helicopter at the right end of the field.
     Return your helicopter to the launch pad if you want to replace depleted
weapons and ammunition, or if you wish to refuel or repair damage.  When the
helicopter has been completely repaired, re-armed and refueled, a green bar
will appear across the top of the screen immediately below the tactical radar
display.  The more supplies and repairs your helicopter requires, the longer
it will have to wait on the pad before the green bar appears  If men are on
board the helicopter, they may be able to make repairs without returning to
the launch pad under certain circumstances.
     When your fuel becomes low, the "Low Fuel" message will appear in the
center of the display screen.  When fuel becomes dangerously low, an audible
warning will begin to tick, and a fuel gauge will be displayed at the top of
the screen.

     You must advance ground forces to take ground and to win the game by
destroying the enemy time machine.  Ground forces include all mobile elements
except helicopters.
Ground forces are deployed by using the keyboard.
 T         Tanks
 M         Men (soldiers)
 E         Engineers
 A         Anti-Aircraft Missile Carriers
 D         Demolition Team Vehicles

Pressing T, A, or D will bring one vehicle onto the field.  Pressing M will
deploy a squad of five men, and E will deploy two engineers.  You must
wait until a vehicle or squad is on the field before deploying something
else.  You will hear a click as an element is deployed, and the lines above
and below the tactical radar display will change from blue to white while
elements are moving onto the field (this change is visible on a monochrome
monitor, although the colors are not).
Ground forces advance and fire on enemy forces automatically.  A ground force
element stops moving forward only when it is actually firing at an enemy
Ground forces should be deployed in such a way that they will overcome
resistance on the field.  Remember to anticipate normal losses and
casualties.  Your helicopter is an invaluable tool for supporting and
defending ground forces.


     Like a real army, your forces require money to operate.  Everything you
use, except for your initial allotment of helicopters and the fuel and
weapons for them, must be paid for.  Every time you press a key to deploy a
mobile ground element, the price of that element will be subtracted from your
balance.  You may purchase additional helicopters by pressing the H key if
you have sufficient cash.
     You receive money according to the time you spend in combat.  Every
fifteen seconds, one small bag of money is added to your account.
You will be charged at the following rates, in small bags of money:

Item (quantity)                         Price
1 Helicopter                            20 bags
1 Tank                                  4 bags
5 Men                                   5 bags
2 Engineers                             5 bags
1 Anti-Aircraft Missile Carrier         3 bags
1 Demolition Team Vehicle               2 bags

     If you do not have sufficient cash to pay for an item, pressing the key
to deploy it will have no effect.
     The game imposes limits on the total number of each mobile element which
can be on the field at one time.  If you attempt to exceed these limits,
pressing a key will not deploy a new element, even if you have enough cash to
buy it


     You can obtain a report from your command computer at any time by
pressing C.  This report shows you the amount of cash you have and displays
your helicopter combat readiness.  The amount of cash is displayed first,
followed by the number of bombs, smart missiles and men aboard your
helicopter.  Last, the number of helicopters remaining to you is shown.
     Cash is displayed as moneybags of two different sizes.  One large bag 
represents four small ones.  The prices of equipment and men listed above are
listed in small bags.
     You will see the symbols for bombs, missiles or men only if they are on
board your helicopter at the time of the report.
     A guage showing the fuel supply for your helicopter will be displayed
across the top of the screen just below the tactical radar display during a
Computer Status Report.  On a color monitor, white represents fuel remaining,
and red represents fuel already used.  The white bar will shorten to the left
and be replaced by red as fuel is consumed.  You will be able to see the
difference between the "white" and "red" portions on a monochrome monitor,
even though the actual colors are the same.


     The objective of Rescue Raiders is to win battles.  The only way to
achieve total victory and truly win the war against the Time Terrorists is to
defeat them on all eight Rescue Raiders battlefields.  To help you measure
your progress and your achievement even if you fall short of this goal, a
point score is provided.  Rescue Raiders is scored according to two
factors:The amount of damage done to the enemy; and the cost of damaging the
     Your point score is an indication of how well you have achieved the
objectives of Rescue Raiders.  Your goal should be the highest possible point
score while winning the eight battles.
     War, however, is not a black-and-white issue.  the winner of a war pays
an enormous price for victory.  There are the obvious financial burdens
involved not only in the purchase of weapons and equipment, but in the
shifting of a nation's production from consumer goods to military supplies.
The civilian population must bear the cost of this production directly, in
the form of taxes, and indirectly, in th form of goods and services which
become scarce or unavailable in a wartime economy.  Even so, the financial
cost of a war is less important than its moral cost.  No amount of money will
restore those who are killed.  A nation at war has a moral obligation to
balance the advantages of victory against its costs.
     Points are deducted from your score for each mobile element which you
deploy.  Points are also deducted for time spent in battle: the longer it
takes you to win, the lower your score will be, with all factors equal.
     Press ESC to pause the game and view your score.


Save game-press ESC to freeze, then type SAVE.  
To restore saved game, press ESC to freeze, then CONT.

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