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                           by  Psychotic Opposition

                      >>> A CULT Publication......1987 <<<
                        -cDc- CULT OF THE DEAD COW -cDc-

        We can do it.

        Nearly 40 years after unleashing the most destructive weapon known to
modern humanity, it is not too late to realize that we have made a grave 
mistake in choosing the road to destruction rather than cooperation, apathy
rather than sympathy, global disease rather than world peace.  We can change
this course that leads to war, police state, painful cancer and the highly
probable annihilation of the human species.  Just as we have the technology
and resources available to destroy the world more than 100 times over, we
have everything we need to provide for all the needs and rights of every
living being on the planet, and respect our mother earth as the kind of
provider of life that she is.  Unscrupulous, greedy, money and power seekers
have dominated our lives and earth for too long and today is the day for each
of us to put forth all of our efforts to liberate ourselves and our human
family and our earth from the destructive exploitative slavery we live under.
Short-term gratification and profits threaten to annihilate the existence of
all life on planet Earth!

        Peace, how do we go about reaching it?  NO not just the time between
wars, but peace itself.  The putting together of many different ideas all
working toward one main goal.  Eventually doing away with the evils that 
oppress us, and learning to use our own minds for ourselves.  Also becomming
more aware of our surroundings and realizing when something is wrong, then
trying to change it.  There has been and always will be people striving for
world peace but only time will tell.

        TELL ME HOW....can you pledge allegiance to a nation that causes mass
extermination, crushes hope; determination puts the poor on permanent ration.
We always back the wrong horse then expect to win the race.  Escalate the
body count in hope to save our face.  I see one more Vietnam.  Can we ever
bury the already dead?  Can you substitute an MX Missile in exchange for
daily bread?  Nostradamus was a prophet.  He said a plague would be in our
time.  It cought us with our pants down. It came up from behind.

        If you value your ability to breathe the air; to run, jump and play;
to smile and laugh; to see and smell the beauty of a rose; then join your
efforts with the worldwide efforts for peace so that there will be a tomorrow
for us and our children on this earth.  We are facing the destruction of the
earth due to nuclear military madness.

        We must remember that it has been we Americans who, at almost every
step of the road, have taken the lead in the developement of (nuclear)
weaponry.  It was we who first produced and tested such a device; we who were
the first to raise its destructivness to a new level with the hydrogen bomb;
we who introduced the multiple warhead; we who have declined every proposal
for the renunciation of the principle of "first use",  and we alone, so help
us God, who have used the weapon in anger against others, and against tens of
thousands of non-combatants at that.  Peace is not exclusively a national but
an international issue.  You can't have peace in one place and war somewhere
else.  War anywhere threatens us eveywhere.  The world today is such that
there's no room for a nuclear holocaust anywhere because everyone would be
affected.  The idea is too destructive.

        People everywhere can gain much strength and encouragement from the
knowledge that the overwhelming bulk of governments  -  the non-aligned and
Socialist countries in the first place, stand with them.  They are calling
for the same concrete steps that the millions demonstrating throughout the
world are demanding, such as....1)an immediate freeze and the reduction and
elimination of all nuclear weapons; 2) renunciation of the first use of
nuclear weapons; 3) a comprehensive ban on all nuclear testing; 4) the
establishment of nuclear weapon - free zones; 5) the bannning of space
weaponry, and so forth.

        The wish for peace in the world has never been so great.  Hundreds of
millions of people in the world are marching, demonstrating, participating in
non-violent civil disobediance such as peace camping and vigiling against
nukes, nuclear missiles, and nuclear war. Other people are "underground"
fighting in an armed struggle for economic justice and peace.  We are all
types of people: students, workers, parents, feminists, gays, scientists,
scholars, soldiers, revolutionaries, anarchists, socialists, comunists,
radical, liberals, moderates and even a few conservatives.  The big question
is......... "WHAT CAN I DO?"  Communicate and activate, even though the world
is in as much danger as it's ever been, people working together have won some
battles.  Through non-violent action we can refuse to cooperate with a system
that perpetuates the nuclear arms race, and divorce ourselves from violence
and oppression.

        An evolutionary growth or leap in conscious growth or leap in
conscious awareness is urgently needed to rapidly achieve a nuclear-free,
conventional-war-free, non-exploitive world.  The human rights movement must
continue to grow, to demonstrate the inter-connectedness of all the economic
and political and bloody crimes committed against humankind by greed for
power.  Any reason to use nuclear weapons becomes unthinkable due to the
consequences.  We must use reason and understanding instead of weapons and
violence to settle our differences. (remember....peace or annihilation)

        Get active, demonstrate your opposition and dissatisfaction!  The
media (slanted as we know it is) can often educate people, who in turn
contact politicians and let them know how large blocks of their constituents
feel.  This work can be time-consuming, exhausting and sometimes dangerous,
but the feeling of solidarity built by working together through unity can
make us feel less frustrated and paralyzed.  We can feel less alone, work
with hope in our hearts for a common vision of a safer more equal world.  We
must fight the feeling of being in a hopeless situation.

        By turning our priorities, directions and use of energies, resources
and technology toward peaceful and positive solutions, we can collectively
decide to break down the power and decision heiarchy based upon macho,
might-makes-right power and wealth.  It is time for us to meet, and solidify
and bring into immediate action a plan for world peace which will embrace and
protect and secure the needs and rights of each world citizen and the earth
itself.  Let us lay aside our differences and be willing to sacrifice wealth 
and luxury in order that each and every person on earth may enjoy the
benefits and security of living in a peaceful world.  We must meet to
consolidate our  ideas and stratagies and make use of all available means to
spread this vital message of peace as quickly and effectively as possible to
all the people in the world.

        Our stratagies and courses of action must be built upon the pillars
of honesty, sincerity and respect for each other and our common goal of
securing true World Peace without want, without exploitation, without
repression, and with the highest priority of each individual not being
personal gain.  We can develop a world and personal attitude in which the
highest priority of each person is the happiness and well-being of the planet
itself, using the highest standards of quality afforded us by the science and
technology of this age.

        This is the call for people all over the world to be committed and
concerned enough to talk with each other about the changes that need to be
made in the world society and the act together so we can all live together
and work with each other in peace.  Only by creating a new reality with our
words and then with our actions can we hope to achieve the new world we
desire, so let us start right now.

        P.E.A.C.E. is a Personal committment to giving your Energy and
positive Action to world-wide Cooperation for conscious, responsible

                                                PEACE wants YOU!!!

                                                        PSYCHOTIC OPPOSITION
 (c)1987  cDc communications  by PSYCHOTIC OPPOSITION               0/0/87-10
 All Rights Worth Shit