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                                 A FUCKED LIFE
                            (and how to prevent it)                          

                                 by  Swamp Rat

                      >>> A CULT Publication......1987 <<<
                        -cDc- CULT OF THE DEAD COW -cDc-

  This is not a regular file.  It doesn't deal with PBX's, or some game
walkthrough, or more ways to kill your neighbor's dog.  It's simply advice.
Give it a chance, hmm?

  When you get old, the most important thing you must do is not get into a damn
conventional rut about doing what "real adults" are supposed to do..the same
kinds of fucked-up attitudes, thoughts, etc you notice now in parents, pigs, 
teachers, etc...all restricted by being conventional.

  Try to live your life naturally as a real person and enjoy it 'cuz life is
too short to waste being materialistic and all the crap.  If you get into that
rut, if you follow the same path all the fucked old people have (and it's easy
to do), then this is what can happen:

  You graduate from college and marry somebody.  You have some kids, move into 
a house or apartment.  At age 40, you have a mid-life crisis and go have an
affair with some 22 year old hot bitch.  You ignore your wife and she starts
drinking heavily..the kids run wild and get into lots of trouble with
the law and drugs..your wife finds out about the affair, and because of the
bad kids, etc.; your family unit has fallen apart so you end up in a bitter
divorce.  You pay lots of child support.  She starts gambling (and losing)
and has to do work as a call-girl slut to pay off her debts.  The kids are in
jail or out pushing drugs in NYC.  Eventually your ex-wife becomes old, loses
her "selling-features" for the "Rent-a-Fuck" business, and becomes a bag-lady.
She soon dies of malnutrition on a city parkbench.  And what becomes of you?
Well, the "other woman" finds out that you are paying child support and
can't make the payments on her Ferrari anymore, so she dumps you for some
rich stud who buys her furs and diamonds.  You are getting old, but manage
a coupla one night stands with wasted women you meet in singles-bars until
you are too old even for that.  Your life becomes a cycle of working in
the office, going home, drinking beer and watching TV and then falling
asleep in an armchair.  You think how ruined your life is and consider
suicide.  You aren't even motivated enough for that, so you continue
to live out your miserable life this way until you can't support yourself
anymore.  Then the city puts you in an old-hag home where you rot until
the point where you can't even sit up or feed yourself...you lie there,
your mind total mush from the pain-killers, until you die.  Your kids, if
not dead yet, do not know or even care what has happened to you.  No one
shows up at your funeral.  A worthless life, over.
Everything fades from gray to black...

The moral:Don't let yourself turn into a egotistical, materialstic, 
  stupid, fucked-in-the-head (ie:average) adult!

  Now you're saying to yourself, "Yeah, sure, but no way I'm gonna become some
fascist Falwell-loving conservative REPUBLICAN (gasp!)!"

  Yes, but imagine how those people used to be.  They were young once.
They had dreams.  But look what happened.  Shot to hell in a denial of human
spirit, of love & compassion, shot to hell with an orgy of greed and selling 
out, of forgetting what's important in life.  

  Just remember you may wake up some day, with a wasted unhappy life and wonder
why.  Why?  The question goes unanswered.

  If you ever truly get something out of telecom....
  Just don't let it happen to you.

 (c)1987  cDc communications  by Swamp Rat                            0/0/87-16
 All Rights Worth Shit