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                          TED AND DAVE'S ANIMAL FUN

                           Session I: Bunny Lust

                              by  Tippy Turtle

                      >>> A CULT Publication......1987 <<<
                        -cDc- CULT OF THE DEAD COW -cDc-

     Ted and David make their living as syncronized swimming instructors.
Ted and Dave like animals.  You could even say they love animals.  In their
spare time, Ted and Dave express their immense love for animals in their own
"special" way.  In this first episode our two characters (mad with desire) have
broken into a local hospital where they find their first victim.

     Ted and David made their way into the lab where the animal experiments
were conducted.  A cute, fuzzy rabbit had caught their eye...
     The evil duo quickly subdued the little lab rabbit.  They strapped the now
helpless animal's head to the sex table with hot leather.  David had they urge,
and removed his pants, which were now buldging.  After slipping off his briefs,
David tightly fastened the leather straps and was ready to begin.......
     David began to "grease up".  Shoving endless amounts of vaseline and baby
oil all around the rabbit's ass, he slid his purple head firmly into the
rabbit's tight asshole.  Even though the rabbit was slightly unconscious,
screams of pain were constanly being emmited.  Ted reached for the chain whip
and smacked the rabbit's soft nose until its face was soaked with blood.  Now,
with the rabbits head drooped over the edge of the table, David continued his
sex hunt.  His now tingling cock was pushed deeper and deeper through the thick
layers of skin which covered the bowel tract.  Five, six, seven, then finally
all eight and 3/4 inches were plunged deep within the animal's love canal.
     David's manhood tingled with every slight movement of the now half alive
rabbit.  He began rhythmically sliding in and out, moaning with pleasure on
every thrust.  David worked himself into a hot orgasm.  The blood, now coming
steadily out of the rabbit's ass with every thrust of David's pelvis, could be
heard dripping on the floor.  David's rate increased and with a final push, he
spurted creamy white love gel far up into the rabbit's bleeding ass.
     The blood and cum mixed together on the floor, which had now accumulated a
large puddle.  Unknown to David, the semen had acted as a powerful enemma for
the rabbit and out ushered the contents of its intestine.  The stool was loose
and soft.  It fell to the ground with a soft thud and broke into small pieces.
The obnoxious smell caught David's attention, and no sooner had he fallen to
the ground and began licking the large puddle of blood, sperm, and stool. 
Exited at David's enthusiasm, Ted dropped to his knees and also began to slurp
the foul mixture.
     After cleaning the floor with their tongues, David and Ted checked on the
battered lab rabbit.  It was barely able to hold its head up, as it had lost
control of most of its motor fuctions.  Feeling no pity for this sexually
mistreated animal, they unstrapped it and tossed it across the room, only to
make a loud and deep thud against the wall.  Its blood soaked fur left spatters
of red stains everywhere it touched.  Ted reached for his chain whip, while
David grabbed a pair of rusty hedge clippers (one of the many torture devices
carried around for "convenience").  They made their way over to the rabbit.
The rabbit was struggling for every last bit of air it could, just gasping and
       "Awwwww. Poor little thing," Ted maniacally laughed.  He raised his arm
and thrust the cold metal whip down, exposing the rabbit's bloody flesh.
He kept whacking and whacking at the furry bag of blood.  Then, when Ted 
stopped to catch his breath, David stepped over with his rusty hedge clippers.
He knelt over the rabbit who was knocking loudly on death's door.  David took a
quick glance at the clippers, grinned, and then thrust them deep into the body
of the rabbit, obviously hitting many arteries.  As the blood squirted into
David's face he moved the clippers around in hopes to find a thick bone to
crunch. "Aha!  The femur!" he yelled out with excitement.  David wedged the
clippers against the bone.  He opened them wide......then closed down on them
with all his might.  The bone could be heard deep inside the rabbit, being
mutilated.  Death had glazed the bunny's eyes.
     The rabbit lay dead, a bloody mess on the floor.  Its bodily fluids freely
surged across the tiled floor.  Then with a look of extreme satisfaction, both
David and Ted lit up some smokes, gathered their belongings and quietly left
the hospital grounds, knowing with confidence that they would strike again,
somewhere, soon.
 (c)1987  cDc communications  by Tippy Turtle                         0/0/87-18
 All Rights Worth Shit