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                                 THE COLD TRUTH

                               from 2600 Magazine
                                  August, 1987
                          @1987, 2600 Enterprises, Inc.  

                      >>> A CULT Distribution.....1987 <<<
                        -cDc- CULT OF THE DEAD COW -cDc-

they got us in a heatwave
playing in the arcade
one too many login
on the government line....

all around the country
they descended in a rage
making sure we couldn't talk
putting locks upon the cage
but willy got a tip-off
and he said this just won't do 
there's way too much to lose
and there's so much more to do

willy man willy
where did you go wrong
shoulda listened to your parents
shoulda left the toys alone
but hacker sees as hacker does
you did it all the time
you made it to the histroy books
your life was just a crime

now jimmy used a credit card
he made up in his head
and freddy was a gangster
with the telephone they said
connecting 50 people
for a trans-atlantic fling
the robin hoods of wires
that was just our kind of thing

we accessed information
that was not for us to see
and we knew the day would come
when we'd have to pay the fee
but none of us knew willy
had got so far along
no none of us knew willly
had unearthed the secret song

always such a quiet kid
he never made a scene
and what he did inside his room
it seemed just like a dream
manipulating satellites
and turning wrongs into rights
electronic terrorists
the baddest gang in town

willy man willy
where did we go wrong
shoulda listened to our parents
shoulda spent the nights at home
instead we hung out with a bunch
of teenage kids who thought too much
we never seemed to realize
what it was we always knew

he told me of a super-VAX
he scanned in Fort George Meade
all the defaults seemed to work
we hacked away with speed
nuclear ambitions
and plans for future kings
graphic expectations
of the day the bell would ring

this was no war game picture
we were moving through a brain
every room had thirteen exits
and at least a dozen names
a digital translation
of everything we say
is being stored and catalogued
in rows of little crays!

our buffers couldn't capture it
was way too much to groc
some sleepless nights to analyze
before there was a KNOCK
and willy had his printouts
he stayed out late that night
descrambling the evidence
preparing for a flight

the A train it ran all night
and willy so did you
til they holed you up
on an uptown number two
the smartest motherhacker
that ever ever was
your voice is silent now
and your terminal is lost

willy man willy
where did it go wrong
shoulda listened to our parents
shoulda sung a different song
but I got off so lucky
and you ya had to run
so instead of being happy
you're 3-4-2-9-1-1

i lost some bits of memory
my thinking cap's on tight
i'll never understand
how you thought you'd win the fight
when they kill the first amendment
will the second be the first?
what's the point of even thinking
if your brain's about to burst?

willy man willy
where did you go wrong
just another johnny too bad
that the world will never know
i wish the clock could turn around
and run the other way
but i've had too much to drink
and there's nothing i can say

 (c)1987  2600 Enterprises, Inc. / dist. t-file cDc communications   9/20/87-21