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                                THE QUEEN IS DEAD
                                     a poem

                                   by  Sunspot

                      >>> A CULT Publication......1988 <<<
                        -cDc- CULT OF THE DEAD COW -cDc-

You know there's something that I really must do,
And if you want I will tell it to you.
Are you ready cuz here I go,
If I go too fast, tell me to go slow.

I have a mission that I must complete,
If I don't I'll be in the water with concrete shoes on my feet.
I must go to England and after one night in bed;
I have to leave with the knowledge that the queen is dead!

I'm gonna take a gun, shoot it in her head;
Only then will I know that the queen is dead!
I'll take a knife and puncture her skull through her brain;
I will laugh as she screams in everlasting pain!

I will beat her to death with a wooden stick,
Then when she is gone, I will give her a kick!
I will put her in the water and watch her drown,
And when she is dead, I won't be wearing a frown!

I will choke her to death with some nylon rope,
And if it goes well, I might decide to kill the pope!
I will put bamboo shoots under her fingernails;
I will laugh in her face when she screams and wails.

I will hit her in the head,
Making sure she's dead.
Stick a knife in her chest,
Right through her breast.

Cut out her heart,
And tear it apart!
Grab hold of her arm and rip it off;
Make her stay there thinking, "I ain't so tough!"

She must learn a true fact that she didn't know before;
She will learn it as she's crossing over death's door!
A bullet will kill a man, woman, child or baby;
There's no ifs', ands', buts', or even a maybe.

A bullet will go through a pauper as well as a prince;
The same for a peasant girl or queen, they both shall wince!
Death comes to all, and to all comes death;
I will spit in your face as you take your last breath!

And when all is done, I will do it again;
Rape and pillage, kill and maim!

I will laugh at your pain, I will spit on your blood;
I will leave you to die in a puddle of mud.
I will kill all your children, and also your wife;
Make you watch this before I also take your life!

I am death, I am life, I am both into one;
Only when I am killing can I really be having fun!
I do not keep count of how many have died,
Of how many people watched me and cried.

And to all of them I laughed, and I am laughing still;
Because when you least expect it is when I make my kill!
I will watch you squirm like a dying worm, with your blood all over my hands;
Then you I will beat, from your head to your feet, it will be your final stand!

All of this because the queen must die;
It is now known to you, as was known to I.
Oh, I will take a gun and shoot it into her head,
And only only then will I know - the queen is dead!
Call Milliways to meet a deranged guy who gets off on writing these types
of files...(me! Sunspot!)  Happy May, I hope you die by June 
 (c)1988  cDc communications  by Sunspot                              5/1/88-49
 All Rights Worth Shit