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Fuck E-Mail, get the E-Zine!         \   /          The Official FanZine For:
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  C R O S S   OF   I R O N         P   X   A          CULT OF THE DEAD COW
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   DEATH!  DEATH!  DEATH!            /   \            cDc   cDc   cDc   cDc
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      This is the ONLY industry-backed electronic thrash FanZine.  Issue #1 of
C.O.I. is composed of three files, so be sure to get 'em all.  They're too big
to capture in most term program buffers so you're gonna have to download them.
The files that make up issue #1 are:

Filename:  Blocks:  Bytes:    Featured in issue #1: Interviews with INDESTROY,
--------------------------    DEATH, FATES WARNING, NUCLEAR ASSAULT, PRIMAL
 COI.1.1     90     45244     SCREAM, and NECROPHAGIA.  Also: lots of thrash
 COI.1.2     90     45313     album reviews (53 to be precise), articles, gig
 COI.1.3     92     46467     reviews, and more...always more...
 Dealin'    272    137024     GET IT!  IT'LL FUCKING RAIL YOUR ASS!  E-DEATH!

Compare to the last issue of
the MBI 'zine (#6) at 49 blocks...
COI is all original material, too

For the cDc catalog of nice anti-trendical, thrashish tees and some stickers,
send 50 cents to cDc at: cDc communications, P.O. Box 53011, Lubbock, TX 79453.
For free flyers and other assorted death treats, write the cDc Cross of Iron
division at: Cross of Iron/cDc, 145 Rosedale Circle, Winston-Salem, NC 27106.
Enclose 50 cents for postage and handling.

CROSS OF IRON (c) 1988 cDc communications                All Rights Worth Shit!
F.T.P.A. (c) 1987-8 Drastic Productions, Inc.   You are all free to use it tho.