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                                  HELD CAPTIVE

                          a file experienced by Racer X

                      >>> A CULT Publication......1988 <<<
                        -cDc- CULT OF THE DEAD COW -cDc-

     As you read through this file you may think to yourself, "Why did this guy
write this?"  Well, if you want the truth, it was because I was totally bored
and had nothing better to do.  Just read it and shut up, ok?

     As I sit here in study hall, I begin to realize that this has to be one of
the most boring places in school.  Looking around me, I notice that desolation
and boredom fills the faces of the many youths required to sit at these
enormous tables normally used for lunching.  Examining closer I notice the many
types of folk held captive here.  Today, many girls outfitted in field hockey
uniforms are residing here, along with others you could possibly call girls.
As I look even further I take notice of the "Proud To Be Italian" type gentle-
men (if you can call them that) who concentrate mostly on Italian supremacy.
There is an innumerable amount of black T-shirted types sporting Metallica's
many logos, and well, there are others; but to me, they are unnoticeable.

     The teachers walk up and down the aisles, pacing as if they were expectant
fathers, making it known that "THIS IS A SILENT STUDY HALL."  At odd moments, a
slight noise or two might break the silence.  Perhaps the tearing of paper out
of a spiral notebook, the sickly cough of an ill prisoner not permitted to go
to the school nurse, or even the common scuffing of feet as they walk through
the extremely large cafeteria.  It's not often that I analyze activities such
as this but today I'm getting my money's worth.

     To many, this place is considered a jail of sorts.  At times, it can seem
to hold its common title, but at the moment it just seems to be a place to
think about the world and the people keeping it in a constant rotation.
Actually, at this point in time, I'd like to place many of these study hall
hostages in a jail for a day or so.  Just let them sit, without friends, with-
out life, without anything but a small, empty cubicle; then maybe they'd
realize that this place isn't as bad as their ignorant minds make it. 

     Next time you're sitting in a study hall, or any other class for that
matter, being "held captive" just take a minute and realize how lucky you are.
Some people would give all possessions to frequent your "jail" in place of
their own.

----Racer X, 9/27/88, EST: 09:16:06 AM.
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