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                      Lyrics to Both Youth Of Today Albums

                                 by  The Pusher

                      >>> A CULT Publication......1988 <<<
                        -cDc- CULT OF THE DEAD COW -cDc-

YOT in general: Though their straight-edge views are very militant, the music
is why YOT is one of the best bands on the New York City hardcore scene.
Break Down the Walls-Revelation Records
John "Porcell"- 1st guitar
Craig- bass
Drew- drums
Ray of Today- vocals
Ritchie- 2nd guitar

All songs (C) 1986 Youth Crew Jams

Make A Change
I see on the streets
As we walk right by
What little value we place on human lives!

But it's time we get priorities
It's time to rearrange
Won't turn away any longer
It's time we make a change

People so cold
They ignore others' pain
People too proud to realize they're the same

Thinking Straight
Life's filled with many paths
Which one should I take?
When the choice comes, I won't run
I'll be thinking straight!

Life's filled with conflicts...we'll face
We'll overcome them...thinking straight!

Experiment with your mind
You see things I can't see
Well no thanks, friend
Because now it ends when you push that shit on me!

My mind is free to think and see.

Strong enough to resist temptation
We've been strong for all these years
Yes, life gets rough, so we'll stand tough
And confront all our fears!

Stabbed In The Back
We were brothers, you and me
Loyal to our hardcore scene
Our thoughts, our aims, our goals were true
Then something happened to you
You changed

I remember all the things that you said
   Shit you said!
I guess it was just a bunch of fucking lies
   Fucking lies!
Stabbed us all right in the back
   Right in the back!
Don't you dare look me in the eye!

All we stood for, all our dreams
You've forgotten what they mean
I tell you this
My thoughts are real, and I'll never change
The way I feel!

Take A Stand
I see you here
Do you have pride?
Afraid to share what's inside
You've been walked right by
A real nice guy
Overlooked and shoved aside
Can't hear your voice back in the crowd
Move up front and shout out loud!
Take a stand!

Take a stand, say what you feel
Be who you want, but be for real!
Voice your opinion, don't just sit still
Speak your mind at your free will

Take a stand!
Stand your ground
Don't let the world push you around
Take a stand!
Stand your ground
Don't let the world push you around

You steal and take from everyone else
Do you feel good about yourself?
Instead of taking, try to give
And then you'll feel good about the way you live


Too many of us filled with greed
Overlooking those who need
Open your eyes and change your ways
Open your heart and break away

One Family
I have so much hope and anticipation
For the future generations
I think kids today are growing up smart
With open minds and open hearts

We can do it!
We'll put our heads to it
And then we'll be
One family!

A world filled with racial stress
But it seems every year less and less
Those old fashioned statements are going away
Tomorrow will be a brighter day!

We can do it!
We'll put our hearts to it
And then we'll be
One family!

Break Down The Walls
I used to think that labels were just symbols of pride
But over time I've seen they only serve to divide
It's so easy to judge people by the way they seem to be
We must overcome this problem to live peacefully

The Walls!
Yes, we'll break down the walls!

Look beyond the fashion of the crowd they are in
Look beyond their riches or the color of their skin
Look beyond appearance and the truth you will find
Look for what's inside before you make up your mind!

The Walls!
We'll all break down the walls!

Shout It!
Not on this stage to take up space
I'm here to communicate face to face

I'll hold my head up high and...shout it!
Look you in the eye and...shout it!
Hold my head up high...shout it!
Look you in the eye and shout it!

Criticized for speaking out
I guess you don't know what we're about

So i'll hold my head up high...and shout it!
Look you in the eye and...shout it!
Hold my head up high...shout it!
Look you in the eye and shout it!

We're just some friends who want to be heard
Through our music, we'll spread our word
Trying our best to figure what life is about
Seeing the good makes me want to shout!

Shout it!

There's nothing wrong saying my part
The message I cry is from the heart
Won't change my ideas just to please you
You've built the walls, we're breaking through!

Time To Forgive
In the back of my mind
It keeps me on edge!
A soul filled with love
But I can't help but feel contempt instead

So let's forget the past and
The grudges that we hold
If we don't do it soon you
Know it will explode

Let's shape a better way of life
Time to forgive!
I'm sorry for the bottled up anger
What was it about?
It's time to forgive
I'm glad that's all over now

Positive Outlook
Through the clouds I see the light
My conscience tells me what's wrong and right
Morals and goals deep inside
A bunch of feelings I can't hide, but that's me
It's the way I live
My outlook on life is positive!
So why should I hide or try to conceal
All of these feelings that I feel
I like to sit and talk about them
I want to stand and shout them!

Standing Hard
Proud of who I am, what I say, and what I do
Proud of who I am, what I say, and what I do!
I'm standing hard!

Free At Last
The world is filled with competition and greed
A disgusting way of life
But we'll try to break...

Free at last!

From the animals in the slaughterhouse
To the drugs on the streets
They'll pollute our minds, our bodies
But I know we'll break...

We've got to break free!
We'll try...No!...we'll do it!

The monotonous of the working class
We'll never fall into that rut
We'll keep fighting until we are free at last!

Youth Of Today
The kids will make it happen
We're starting a new way
People helping people
In the world today

Physically strong
Morally straight
Positive youth
We're the youth of today

Never fight with each other
Use our hands before our fists
Then we'll kick down all the barriers
Of hate and prejudice

Live fast die young
was just a fad
For a bunch of losers
Who didn't care

I'm gonna live my life
Breathe every breath
Look towards the future
And move straight ahead


We're Not In This Alone-Caroline Records

Porcell- guitar
Walter- bass
Ray of Today- vocals
Sammy- drums

Flame Still Burns
Made their threats
Ruin your name
Thought I was broken
But the spirit remains

And this flame will keep on burning strong
And I will still continue to sing this song

Bad mouthed behind us
Taken their shots
But this tattered body will never be stopped.

And this flame will keep on burning strong
And I will still continue to sing this song

We've heard it all before and we're ready for
Some more
If you think I'm gonna break, it's gonna take
More than what you've got!

Don't count me out
Cause I've got some more
And I'm back with more strength
And vigor than before

And this flame will keep on burning strong
And I will continue to sing this song
My feelings in the music and the words are written
In stone
And I know I'm not singing this song alone!

Slow Down
Lost the time to live
No time to take
Caught in a cycle that won't give you a break
Tensions running high
I can see it in your eyes
You call that success I call it a lie

Slow down

I've got to slow down
Cause I want to see
All of what this world has to offer me
Take a break
Before this lifetime slips away
Slow down

Try to think back
A long time ago
When life was for living and the pace was slow
Wasn't it worth it? Will you stay?
I hope I don't let it slip away

Choose To Be
Not gonna
Keep up my guard
To prove I'm hard
Or put on some act
To earn your respect

Cause that's not the type I want to live
And that's not the type of energy I want to give!

I guess I'm not cool
According to you
For having some friends
Who don't seem to fit in

Well that's not the type of life I want to live
And that's not the type of energy I want to give!

I guess you don't see
Cause you seem to be
Real tough
But living in misery

Put It Aside
Maybe I shouldn't have spoken
Just kept my mouth shut
Maybe all the effort didn't help much
Singing for better conditions and hoping
For better days
Not saying we're perfect of looking
For some praise

Gossip, rumors, just plain lies, and we're on the same side
Gossip, rumors let's put it aside
Fuck, we're on the same side!

Knowing if I stumble, aware if I fall
I don't need fingers pointed at me if you're not trying at all
Not trying to come off righteous, just always tried to be sincere
Didn't mean to come off so well learned cause I'm just another peer

I know what I'm shooting for
I know how I felt
And I don't have to prove it to anybody because
I already proved it to myself
No matter where I am in this world
I'll know exactly where I stand
I thought we were on the same side
But at least I know I've tried

Wake Up and Live
Wake up and live your life
See what there is to see
I won't sit around all day
Cause life means more to me

So many kids content
To sleep their lives away
But I'm gonna try
To make the most out of this day

It takes some motivation
It takes some love for life
Why just sit complacent
And let life pass you by?

Boredom is a choice
I choose not to make
Unlock that door, strive for more
There's a better path to take

Wake up and live-breathe every breath
Wake up and live-until my death
Wake up and live so much to do
Wake up and live-all of you
C'mon...open your eyes

No More
Meateating, flesheating, think about it
So callous to this crime we commit
Always stuffing our face with no sympathy
What a selfish, hardened society

So no more just looking out for myself...
When the price paid is life of something else
No more I won't participate!

We've got the power we've got the might
To take what ever is in sight
Not even worried, it's an unfair fight
Well we've got a heart to us what's right so...

Our numbers are doubling in '88
Cause the people are starting to educate
Themselves, their friends and their families
And we'll have a more conscious caring society

What Goes Around
A half ass commitment, a casual act
Shows me the decency that you lack
You're fucking with feelings and fucking with heads
And "live for the moment" is all that you've said

What goes around comes around so watch yourself
Cause you're falling down

Abusing, misusing you're out of control
Your mind, spirit and body will take their toll
A slave to your senses, I see nothing more
Cause temporary pleasure is what you strive for

Taken what you've wanted, stepped on what's in your way
But there will be a price that you'll have to pay
Easy acquaintances, broken friends, happy now
But the loser in the end

Broken promises, broken hearts
Walk away when the pain starts
You take what's yours you still want more
If you only knew what's in store...

Potential Friends
Here I sit so shy
Wondering what's going through your mind
Or what you're even like
As time ticks quickly by

A life so short, incomplete
So many people I'd like to meet
Feeling awkward, afraid
Potential friends I could've made

Why do we keep to ourselves
And dare not leave our shells?
Let our feelings and emotions blend..
We could be the best of friends

A Time We'll Remember
This is a time that we can live our dreams
And a time so pure, at least it seems

A simple life a modest one where money plays a minor role
And I pray and I'll try to keep this spirit inside as I start to grow old

This is an era of creativity, good music, and good friends
And the dreams that we reach for seem to be at the tips of our hands

And it's getting too late to appreciate and it soon will be the past
But I'll still have these memories, but why can't they last?
Maybe they can!

This is a time we'll remember

This is a time with a lot of hope and very little fear
And a time where every move we made seems so sincere

But when the song is sung and the moment's gone only you'll
Know all we've shared
And I hope that you can rekindle too, this sane feeling in the air

Live Free
Waving your flag, a blind patriot
Can no longer see cause your eyes are shut
"Love it or leave it" is your sentiment
Instead of working for improvement

But I want to live free
And I won't settle for this mediocrity

Waving your flag, we're number one
Societies got you under their thumb
Too ignorant to see through their subtle attack
To make us content but we must fight back

You don't love your country, you just love yourself
Because you sit complacent like everyone else
If you fight for freedom, then do what's right
Put down that flag, protest, and come join the fight

I'm caught in a rage
I'm ready to fight
My stance is so strong but I've lost my clear sight
Your thoughts and your actions make me want to attack
But I'll try to understand, I'll try to step back

Takes more strength to
Put down your hands
I've fought before and I know I can
I don't want to get hostile, I'd rather
Understand you
And try to figure out
Why you do what you do

Cut out that act, better step back
You know we can understand
You feel it inside, you know it's not right
When you know we can understand
Each other

Arguing your point about which race is best
Think you've got some insight, well it's just prejudice
And the more that you argue the more mad you get
Well I don't want to fill myself with hate like that

You're prejudice..just look at you
You're prejudice..and you're going to be judged too

You've taken your stance, you've split us apart
Let's see how many bad feelings you can start
Trying to make hatred seem real cool
Keep talking those "facts" you come off the fool

Unite the race?  What?  Listen...
We may be the same race but we're not the same
You're cowards looking for someone else to blame
And you're just a few cause most are too smart
To listen to all the shit that you start

Keep It Up
You know it causes more problems
You're not happy at all
Every time you indulge
You realize you fall
All that you've learned
Don't take the wrong turn
If you keep it up you're gonna get burned

Go ahead keep it up
I hope you don't keep it up

A position of respect, live up to it
You never liked the trend, that's why you quit
You know what is wrong
You know that you're strong
You knew the whole time that you didn't belong

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