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                                  cDc core #1

                             original album reviews
                                 by  The Pusher

                      >>> A CULT Publication......1988 <<<
                        -cDc- CULT OF THE DEAD COW -cDc-

--BOLD: Speak Out (Revelation)

This is generic NY straight edge.  Same dull lyrics, same dull guitars with
metal riffs here and there, same dull vocals.  The usual Revelation release.
In all, it's ok, but nothing new here.  **

--THE CLASH: The Story of the Clash Volume 1 (CBS/Epic)

The Clash.  The most commercially successful "punk rock" band, and one of the
first "political" bands.  This double album seems to have set a new trend in
the music business, releasing a whole bunch of old songs and B-sides as
albums.  The first tape contains songs from '77 and '78.  (The first album and
Give 'Em Enough Rope).  The second side is songs from '79 on which includes
London Calling, Sandinista, and Combat Rock.  There are no songs from Cut the
Crap, their dreadful 1985 release.  On the third side is a segment of
interviews with the band that seem to be thrown together.  I don't understand
why they called this "Volume 1" since they've put EVERY good song on this
album.  I'm assuming that Volume 1, means a Volume 2 in the future.  There's
also a picture of Mick Jones, Joe Strummer, Paul Simonon, and Topper Headon, in
the inside cover, which was the band's best line-up.  (Other members included
guitarist Keith Levine, drummer Terry Chimes, keyboardist Micky Gallagher and
drummer Peter Howard. ***

--DAYGLO ABORTIONS: Here Today, Guano Tomorrow (Fringe)

The first thing you have to say about this is the inside jacket picture.  I
wouldn't want to spoil it for you, but I think its the greatest album picture
of the year.  (Note: This album is hard to find now, because of people going
berzerk over the picture.)  Now for the music.  This album is speed metal,
which made it hard for me to like, despite the hilarious lyrics. The only song
I liked on the first side is "Hide The Hamster", another "buttjammer" song
similar to MOD's "A.I.D.S."  The second side is a lot less metalish, and I
enjoyed every song, especially "Kill Johnny Stiff".  Whether or not you will
like this depends on your tolerance for metal. **

--DOGGY STYLE: The Last Laugh (National Trust)

I have always thought of Doggy Style as a pretty interesting hardcore band.  
However, I have no idea what the hell this is.  It sounds like the Beastie
Boys, rock/rap stuff.  1/2

--MDC: More Dead Cops 1981-1987 (R-Radical)

This is the fourth album (Millions of Dead Cops, Smoke Signals, and Millions of
Damn Christians being the other three) from this San Francisco band.  Like The
Story of the Clash, this isn't new material, just things from the Multi-Death
and Chicken Squawk EP's, and the "John Wayne" 7".  However, MDC is a great
band, pretty simple songs, but it's hard to not like this.  Unfortunately, a
lyric sheet is not included which is too bad, because MDC has some great
DK-type lyrics.  ***

--NEW YORK CITY HARDCORE: The Way It Is (Revelation)

This is an incredible compilation.  New York has one of the best HC scenes, and
this album proves it.  It includes material from the following bands: Bold,
Nausea, Warzone, Gorilla Biscuits, Trip 6, Breakdown, Youth of Today, Sick of
It All, Krakdown, Side By Side, Youth Defense League, and Supertouch.  Warzone
and YOT have two songs each, and they are the two best bands on this album.  In
general, most of these bands are very fast, and metal-influenced (No pop-core
like ALL is on here.)  But take note, this is not the best of New York.  You
could probably fill another album with NY bands that would be just as good or
better than this one.  ***

--PAGAN BABIES- Next (Hawker)

This is the debut album from this Philadelphia band.  There's nothing new here,
but they play well, and the lyrics are pretty good.  The cover of "The Bitch"
by Slaughter and the Dogs is done quite nicely.  There's not much here for
vocals though.  Poppy singer, all talking.  ** 1/2


Another great compilation, with the emphasis being on California bands.  The
following bands are on this: D.I., Corrosion of Conformity, Doggie Style, Raw
Power, Attidude, Naked Raygun, Verbal Abuse, Mojo Nixon a & Skid Roper, White
Flag, Sacrilege, Adrenaline O.D., Frontline, and The Adolescents.  The best
songs on this are by D.I., Verbal Abuse, and the Ad's cover of "All Day and All
of the Night" by the Kinks.  Every band on this is good, pick it up.  ***

--SEX PISTOLS: We've Cum For Your Children (Skyclad)

Yet another Sex Pistols album!  I don't think they'll ever stop.  But, while
the other albums have basically been "Never Mind..." in a different order, this
is a lot different.  It includes: TV interview with Malcom McLaren, studio
version of "Suburban Kid", Steve Jones singing "Here We Go Again", a live
version of "No Lip", a live version of The Stooges "No Fun", studio version of
"Pretty Vacant", studio version of "Revolution In The Classroom", a live
version of "God Save the Queen", the infamous Bill Grundy interview, a studio
version of "E.M.I", a T.V. talking about the "punk cult", and a studio version
of "Submission".  All the studios were done while Glen Matlock was still
bassist, so the versions of "Pretty Vacant", "E.M.I", and "Submission" on here
are different from the ones on "Never Mind..." (the only album the Pistols did
as a group).  A "grab bag" of stuff.  ***

--SUICIDAL TENDENCIES: How Will I Laugh Tomorrow When I Can't Even Smile Today?

This album is a lot different than the first two.  They've progressed from
skate rock to thrash metal.  I don't like this album but I will say that the
Suicidals have great lyrics and musically, they're 10 times better.  ** 1/2

--TOKEN ENTRY: Jaybird (Hawker)

All the 'zines have been praising this album, and Token Entry certainly
deserves all the praise they get.  This is much better than their last album,
Beneath the Streets.  A small personnel change occurred, as they dropped a
guitarist.  TE is a straight edge band, but you'd never know it because instead
of the typical moronic straight-edge lyrics, Token Entry sings about variety of
things from skating to pornography.  The production is incredible thanks to Dr.
Know, guitarist for Bad Brains.  Timmmy Chunks, the singer, is one of the best.
Killer guitar licks are to be heard everywhere, and the cover of "Born to Be
Wild" is simply amazing.  My favorite album of this issue.  *** 1/2

--WARZONE: Don't Forget the Struggle, Don't Forget the Streets (Caroline)

This is a NYC straight-edge skinhead band.  The five members are Italians from
Queens, and this makes the dialogue before "Nitro Jam" humorous.  They've got
that NY "heavy" sound, along with a vocalist who sounds like he should be
singing with the Beastie Boys.  The lyrics are basically pro-American and
straight-edge rubbish.  It's fast and raw which makes it pretty decent album
overall.  ** 1/2

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