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                            Fighting - The Clean Way!

             a cheesy parody of the Neon Knight's "Fighting Dirty"

                                 by  The Pusher

                      >>> A CULT Publication......1988 <<<
                        -cDc- CULT OF THE DEAD COW -cDc-

     So, you're talking with some friends about yesterday's lacrosse game and
about how you're getting tickets to the Tiffany concert, when some geek wearing
a "Mettelica" shirt bumps into you.  What should you do?

1. The first thing you should do is say "Watch it, geek."

2. If he says something back, say "Are you mouthing off to me, faggot?"

3. Then push him.  When he pushes back, say, "You and me, man.  You're dead.
   I'm gonna kill you, motherfucker, you're so dead.  After school.  Me and
   you.  I'm gonna kick your fucking ass.  You're dead."

4. When he walks away tell all your friends how you're gonna kick his ass.

                                - After school -

5. Get to the meeting spot first, and say, "Come on, loser.  I'm gonna kill
   you.  You're scared of me."

6. When he gets there, say, "Let's do it.  Put up your dukes."

           Warning!  Warning!  Warning!  Warning!  Warning!  Warning!

7. Never ever, use any hard objects.  'Cause that's not... Fighting-The Clean

8. If you knock him down, wait for him to get up.  'Cause that's also...
   Fighting-The Clean Way!

9. If he knocks you down, make sure your friends don't jump in.  'Cause once
   again, that's... Fighting-The Clean Way!

10. If you win, say, "You fucking wuss, if you mess with me again, I'll kill

11. If you lose, say, "You got lucky, you better stay home or I'll kill you!"

     So, now you know how to... Fight-The Jock Way!
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