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  ...presents...                   cDc core #2
                             original album reviews
                                                         by The Pusher

                      >>> a cDc publication.......1989 <<<
                        -cDc- CULT OF THE DEAD COW -cDc-

Pusher notes: One minor error in cDc core #1.  M.D.C. is from Texas, not San
Francisco.  The Doggy Style album I reviewed was Brian Baker's (gits for Dag
Nasty) Doggy Style, an experimental rap/rock project that sucked big-time.
I'll be reviewing an album by the real Doggy Style in cDc core #3.  Also, I
don't get albums sent to me, and I don't get bio kits.  All information I get
about bands is from reading fanzines, talking to people, hearing stuff here and
there, etc...

-ALL: Allroy For Prez... (Cruz)

For those of you don't know, this band used to be The Descendents.  Lead singer
Milo Aukerman went to graduate school, and Dave Smalley (singer for DYS and Dag
Nasty) became the new lead singer.  A new name and new sound followed.  Eight
songs of pretty nice power pop here.  On this album is "Just Perfect" which was
on the Allroy Sez... LP and was released as a single.  Also on here is "Wishing
Well" which was on the b-side of the single.  As good as these guys are;
getting commercial airplay, being great musicians and all, everyone would much
rather see The Descendents. Neat little instrumental also (Son-O-Qua).


These guys are the best in combining hardcore/rock/funk/reggae.  This is 13
songs from their 1987 "Return to Heaven" tour.  HR's ultra-high vocals, and
Dr. Know's guitar make this hard to not like.  All their hits like "House of
Suffering", "Sacred Love", "The Regulator", and "F.V.K." are on here.  Some
reggae, too, with "I Against I".

-CORROSION OF CONFORMITY: Six Songs With Mike Singing: 1985 (Caroline)

For some reason, hardcore/punk/metal bands don't release "Greatest Hits"
albums, but there's plenty of stuff like this.  This is just to steal some
money from people like me who love C.O.C.'s sound, the ultimate in Crossover.
Half of these songs are from their "Eye For Eye Album".  Aside from making some
money, there's no purpose to this.

-DANZIG: Self-titled (Def Jam)

This is the first solo album from Glenn Danzig, of Misfits and Samhain fame.
Everyone either thinks this is out-dated garbage or amazing.  I think it's
great.  Obviously, Misfits and metal fans will love this.  If you are into 70's
hard rock, which is what this sounds like, you'll wonder what took so long to
get this out.  It's basically a slow album, one word at a time, and I just
wished there was something with some tempo.  One of the best releases of the
year in my opinion.  Unfortunately, it looks like Glenn is becoming major Rock
Star. (Charging 15 bucks for tickets, unoriginal MTV videos, etc...)

ELVIS HITLER: Disgraceland (Restless)

HEE-HAW!  While listening to this you won't know whether to slam dance or
square dance.  Punk and country combined producing some real fun songs.
Thirteen incredible tunes that everyone can love.  Some highlights are a cover
of "Purple Haze" with the words to "Green Acres", "Hot Rod to Hell", and "Black
Babies Dancing on Fire", which I can't listen to without getting up to dance.
Two instrumentals are on this, "Elvis Ripoff Theme", and "Disgraceland", and
"Crush Your Skull" which is a hardcore song.  Cool-sounding fretless bass also.

FLIPPER: Sex Bomb Baby! (Subterranean)

A "Greatest Hits" album from America's answer to PiL.  It's in honor of Will
Shatter, bass player for the group, and latest punk rock martyr (Heroin
overdose in December '87, leaving behind girlfriend and unborn son.  Nice,
dude.).  A whole bunch of stuff on here... singles, tracks from compilations,
live songs.  And, like PiL, you can't compare Flipper to any other group.  Real
heavy material.  A complete discography is included.


First, I'd like to say that their last album, You, was god-like.  I compare it
to things like the first Suicidals album, "Never Mind the Bollocks..", the
Minor Threat LP, albums that you would think are greatest hits albums.  Rock
and Roll.  And this... isn't so good.  John Stabb sounds a lot different on
this album, not as low.  Their overall sound just doesn't have enough "Umph!"
in it.  A good 10-song album, but I hope this as far as they go, lest they end
up like Dag Nasty, and ALL (?).

LUDICHRIST: Powertrip (Combat)

Major line up change (that I won't bother going into), since their last album, 
Immaculate Deception.  The result is a really hot album.  The right balance of
metal to hardcore.  One thing you have to love is that these guys have some
funny songs.  Not disgusting funny (Mentors), or idiot funny (M.O.D.), but
something that should get a chuckle out of everyone.  For instance, "Zad",
about a boy who rids the world of rock 'n' roll, to "One For the Road", a story
about why you shouldn't drink beer slow, and "This Party Sucks", which is the
sequel to "Most People Are Dicks".  And, a cover of "The Barber of Seville"
that even my sister liked.  A lyric sheet is a must, as the vocals are over-
whelmed by the dual metallic guitar attack.

ROLLINS BAND: Do It (Texas Hotel)

I could easily write a file on why this guy is an egotistical ASSHOLE!  But I
won't.  On the first side is 3 cover tunes.  One song "Move Right In" is a Lou
Reed song, another "Next Time" (a blues, R&B song), was written by Richard
Berry, who wrote "Louie Louie".  I have no idea who wrote the title track.
Since these are some great rock tunes, Henry doesn't fuck these up too much.
On the second side is 6 songs (from the Lifetime and Hot Animal Machine LP's)
that were recorded live in Holland in 1987.  If you think Rollins Band=Henry
Rollins=Black Flag, you won't enjoy his solo stuff (I hated it at first).  But,
after a while, it's not that bad.  All you x-boys should note that Ian MacKaye
produced the first side.

WARZONE: Open Your Eyes (Caroline)

Another album from the premier New York City skinhead band.  It's great hard-
core but that's not the problem.  The problem is what these guys are saying.
First they've got the song, "Fight the Oppressor".  Who do they think the
oppressor is?  "Libyan death squads" and "Syrian hitmen".  They've obviously
watched Rambo one too many times.  And there's "The American Movement".
Supposedly these guys are anti-racist straight-edge, but that song could easily
be the fucking anthem for the White Aryan Resistance!  An anti-racist song
called "Racism-World History Part 1" confused things some more.  I suppose if
you just like to "Dance Hard or Die" (another song), the lyrics won't really
bother you.  "Back to School Again" puts out a very positive message however.
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