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  ...presents...                 cDc core #2 1/2
                                                         by The Pusher

                      >>> a cDc publication.......1989 <<<
                        -cDc- CULT OF THE DEAD COW -cDc-

Introduction: About a month and a half ago, MTV did a short segment on New York
City Hardcore during their Headbanger's Ball show.  It wasn't that bad, as the
people who wrote it for Adam Curry must have known something.  Anyway, they
talked about 4 albums during that segment, all of which I'm going to review.
Oh, and by the way, M.D.C. is from Texas, but they're now based in San

AGNOSTIC FRONT: Live at CBGB's (In Effect)

     While looking through MAXIMUMROCKNROLL, you'll often see a review say:
"So-and-so has the 'NY heavy' sound."  Well, this band, Agnostic Front, are the
guys who established that sound.  Recorded in August of 1988, this show goes
through every good AF song, from the 3 LP's (Victim In Pain, Cause For Alarm,
and Liberty and Justice For...) and the extremely rare United Blood EP.
Vocalist Roger Miret takes some time out from gurgling to let his little
brother, Freddie (who's in band called Madball) sing "Blind Justice".  So, if
you're looking for the best 'in your face' hardcore possible, than this is for

LEEWAY: Born To Expire (Profile)

     Ya know, I don't hate this stuff like Bon Jovi or Def Leppard, but Leeway
is boring.  This generic metalcore gets no emotional response from me.  If I
want to relax and mellow out, I'll just put on some Pink Floyd.  The singer is
definitely mismatched with this type of music, he'd be better in a straight
hardcore band.  Good songs..."On The Outside" is the best and "Catholic H.S.
Girls" (see the John Landis movie, Kentucky Fried Chicken) is rap-rock, with a
funky bass-line.  They're on Profile so someone must like this.

MURPHY'S LAW: Back With A Bong (Profile)

     I was eagerly waiting for this, and while I'm not disappointed, I was
hoping for a little more.  Right away, you'll see they've got horns on a few
songs (provided by Fishbone).  All the songs are pretty good, with the expected
silliness.  "Attack of the Killer Bears", "Cavity Creeps", "Bong", "Secret
Agent S.K.I.N.".  The songs aren't obnoxious or stupid, just lots of fun.  The
main difference between this album and their last self-titled debut LP is that
this album has no real hardcore in it like last the last one did, and it's sort
of metal influenced.  Not COC or Motorhead, but more AC/DC type stuff.  All in
all, it's a good album.  I'll keep listening to it, and buy every album they
make in the future.

PRONG: Force Fed (In Effect)

     First, this is a domestic release of an old album.  Second, this 3-piece
is a cut above the usual crossover crowd.  They sort of remind me of Coroner,
and Prong has got major-cool distortion, varying tempos, and chainsaw riffs.
In other words, something new for this type of music!  And as the three
instrumentals show you, they can play.

SPECIAL BONUS!@!@12@!2@!!

Five past albums I don't recommend:

The Clash - Cut The Crap.  They should have given it up in 1980 at the latest.
Descendents - ALL. If they were going to make stuff like this, ditching Milo
     was a good idea.
Dr. Know - Beyond The Flesh.  They play a Black Sabbath song Black Sabbath
Gang Green - You Got It.  They suck now, but were they ever good?
T.S.O.L. - Hit and Run.  You're now opening for Guns and Roses.  Whoopee!

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