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                                   |  \
                                   | | \
                            __     | |\ \             __
      _____________       _/_/     | | \ \          _/_/     _____________
     |  ___________     _/_/       | |  \ \       _/_/       ___________  |
     | |              _/_/_____    | |   > >    _/_/_____               | |
     | |             /________/    | |  / /    /________/               | |
     | |                           | | / /                              | |
     | |                           | |/ /                               | |
     | |                           | | /                                | |
     | |                           |  /                                 | |
     | |                           |_/                                  | |
     | |                                                                | |
     | |      c   o   m   m   u   n   i   c   a   t   i   o   n   s     | |
     | |________________________________________________________________| |

  ...presents...                     POetRIE
                                                         by Obscure Images

                      >>> a cDc publication.......1989 <<<
                        -cDc- CULT OF THE DEAD COW -cDc-

     This is a small compilation of some of the poems that I have written in
the last few months.  There are more then these, but these ones were
conveniently already typed.  Most of these poems are experiments that I have
done to help me relate to the real world.  Rememeber; art is lies, form is
evil, and most importantly of all, rhyming sucks.  Poetry is not haiku.  Poetry
is not dramatic monologue.  Poetry isn't Dada.  Poetry is not anything.  Poetry
is YOU as an individual.  The words on the page are not poetry until you
experience it for yourself.  Poetry is everywhere.  Poets who squabble over
form, style, rhyming, and other mechanics are pretentious fools who like to
hear themselves talk.  I do not apologize for anything in my poems, punctuation
is simply there as decoration as I don't care really where it is.


                "Beauty must be convulsive or it will not be at all"
                                        -Andre Breton _Nadja_


Hope fading fast
Destruction iminent
The global annihilation
We all want
In our private hearts
Is drawing near.
The time is up
We've got thirty minutes left
Say your prayers
To your respective gods
As for me
I embrace the sweetness of oblivion


float softly to the pondlike
An uncovered pit filled with water.
rest on the surface
a gloomy sentiment of rememberance
wasted on a fool
fool fool fool fool


Avarice in birds soars,
But men can not fly.
He wallows in greed,
like a pig eating feed.
Why must there be lust
for a green piece of paper?
They think sex is vulgar
yet thrive on seeing people bleed
what kind of culture is based on death
while shunning life.
The time is at hand
to start again
To destroy the past before it destroys the future
to stop the cycle of decay
Do not stand in the way, my friends
Or you will be destroyed like all the rest.


isnt really that hot
its cracked up to be what its not
sure its a real pit
but the only flames are those in the hearths at night
hell can be quite cold
if you are up north
that isnt to say it doesnt get warm
it does
you dont have to search really hard for hell
it's right outside your front door


tra la la my dog ate your roses
I'm not going to subject subject you to more of my dada ram-m-mblings at the
moment. I would just like to say chucka chucka chucka dwango dwango dwango
chucka chucka boin boin boin. Meet my friends, meet my family, they all have a
hand in my destiny. Damn the roses and pull the stop.  A rose is what I got,
from my darling dead. A red blood rose coming from her head. It wasn't my fault
that she stabbed herself. I didn't believe she'd really do it. I still thank
her for that final flower flowing from her frame. Tra La La La La La ahhhhh.
Boom Bang whubba whubba ching. It's halfway past the mating time for small
animals named Bill. Bill Boring swine sheep sleep slam in the nocturne of my
eroding sulleness. I need a lobotomy, I keep having these dreams, I wish I were
fred. Fred is good. What if everyone in the world was named Bob? Everyone but
me. I would be Paul, and I would be the last nonconformist in the pond. At
least you wouldnt forget a name...ever. Ubu baby come swallow my friend hare.
He needs a cleaning. Cleanser. Scratch Scratch. Rug rub swine. Hey Hey Cicce R
U well? I B FIne If U will E E E Reads a ski. :L EEEKKE raped rodents followers
rodents flowers bitebitebite tickle tickle wubba what. OI OI OI! the head is on
the line, when will you find time when will you find time for love?


Sig Sig Sig My Flashing Forehead

Feel Ye Sorry for the sparrow on the floor lest it rise up and maim your cat
whollop me , banker, or I will have your wallet on my mantle
bleed for me, bleed it green

"Hey guy, I raped your sister before your eyes and then cut your throat, doo wa
doo wa doo wa, shimmmy shimmmy hey!"

Dali is dead. I am not happy at all. My Dog! WHY HAVE YOU FORESAKEN ME!
Demons from my nostrils climb the face and enter the tainted eyeballs
dont touch my skin. It isnt really there
bend over and pick up that soap
I'll grind you that peanut butter in my veg-o-matic
Tear me apart with a pick axe
I'm not really in the mind
it JUstLooKs Likeit
You will pay in pain
pre-menstrual syndrome
the pain is all mine
i hurt with the battlemarks of my distant past
the clawing out of my young eye
glass bitten forehead screams for mercy
there is no hope
there is no hope
there is no hope for the future
there is no hope for the past
there is no past
there is no future
there is only pain
there is only pain
there is only the dishwater of my imagination
I am the one in control
Please dont bite the hand that hits you
rip it off rip me off
I am held by something else
something inhuman
lest meat become maggotswarmed
fill me with bitterness
fill me with butter mess
I'm involved in a greater reward
by my green candle rip my hair off of my brow
tell me there is no past
tell me there is no future
tell me what you will, I will refuse
I will Refuse and defacate on my rat
rat rat rat rat rat rat r=at r-a*t
I'm involved in a greater reward
1000 dollars for the man who kills me
rock my body
stone my soul
Sucking the silt from the bottom of your river honey
my mind is clouded with the sins of my ants
farming her cropland
Irritate Irritate
Slam bam thank you ma'am
Yvette is my god
Art is dead
God is art.
You can never go home again
you can NEVER go ((home))[{AGAIN}]
Rip the foetus from the WOMB
Barumba Barumba MECCA MECCA BOOM
Don't tell me that my name is paul
it is not Bruce.

                                    The End

                              Of Reality Is Near

                        Broken Heads Crumble At My Feet

                                 Good Evening


Desperate Gleam
Ripping open your skull
Tunneling in your brain.
Meandering Circumstance
Killer Decoy
The worms all dance
On their feast of man
The worms are crawling through
The plate glass venue of your brain
Your soul belongs to them
Where is your beloved now?
Why doesnt he save you?

Scream Twist
Taunt Wrist
Scream Taunt
Twist Wrist



I was thinking "What can I do to illustrate the moment of illumination when
your adolescent consciousness turns into an adult one, and how can I fit power
tools into the picture"


Fortunately screams DROWN you in pools of noise.
Gasping for silence only to gag on more.
There is no escape.
You are MINE.
Thrashing and Frothing,
In my deep brown eyes.
You are mine.
You are not in control,
living as a swan.
You are a puppet,
yet I am a pawn.
Slaving and slavering for your interest
Burning my flesh for one healing glance
from your powerful eyes
Melting and reforming
Internal blessing
you are mine


   _   /|        There is no power in this world         ___|___
   \'o.O'      greater then lies and manipulation.        __|__
   =(___)=                                               ___|___
      U                                                     |


My love is like a rusty nail.
The bright crimson sweetness flows down its length
when it cleanly punctures the deperate heart.
Punctured and pure in the beginning
Time causes it to fester
leaving a rotting malignancy rotting through my heart.


I am drawing a picture,
hunched over my drawing table-

My head implodes.
I am in the land of the gecko lizards.
They swarm around me and call me god.

I draw a picture of a dog.


Your suicide was
The fashion statement of the year.
Everyone clamored to be like you.
Conformists to the end.
Ten million died before the trend changed


The charcoal grey ruins of the small
town in southern california,
down a bit further then L.A.,
were full of broken memories.
Twisted and mangled corpses
lay on the ground, where the blast
sent them in their final moments.
I dare you to find any life here,
all you will see is decay.
A government test of a new terrorist weapon.
A nuke the size of a ball-point pen.
Small enough to fit in a pocket,
big enough to gut this town.
The town that was blown up to entertain the men
in the occult pentagon of Washington.


The secret behind closed doors.
Five floors of death, doom, and party supplies.
This store has everything
a young arayan could want.
Guns, bombs, blow up black men, and torture toys
only a Nazi could love.


I will traverse the lines that border insanity
If only to save your soul.
Insanity is reality
seen through a child's eye.



The open wound spits out a burst
of irridescent synasthetics,
with the mirthful destruction
that proceeds the creation 
of something new.

Laughing a perverse little tune, 
the cobalt-blue landscape
is plowed over by glowing, blood-red

The molten life cools,
turning brownish-red 
like the color of blood
found on the scene of a day old accident.

The crusting flow crumbles from within.
A shape is formed,
the supple curvatures cause the crimson light to flow from them
like molten wax.
The pink form stretches like a rubber band,
and all is good.


A corpselike pallor came over my face
When I saw you laying there,
The gash in your abdomen spewing blood,
I was ripped to shreds,
As if I had fallen into a combine.
At that instant I felt your pain.
My life ended on the day that you died.


I've been inflicted with the disease.
It is not the one that shrivels your skin.
It is not the one that rots your bones.
It is not the one that makes your left hand fall off.
It is not the one that is spread by sexual contact.
I've been inflicted with the disease,
the one that comes from the flag.
God Bless America.
Yeah, right.


Stop tearing me apart as if I were a plaything
for a 2 year old.
Stop fucking with my mind, like you do to all the others
Stop taking advantage of me you filthy worm.
Crawl back into your hole and drown.
I'm not fishing you out this time.


There is no reason for the wholesale belief
in the existance of a being of higher order.
What good has there been that hasn't been done by ourselves?
What evil has there been that we haven't done by ourselves?
Thank you very much, Herr Jehovah, we're doing fine all by ourselves.


Take Take Take Take
We all need to take from someone.
The world is not give and take.
There is only take.
We all need to take from someone.
There is only take.
Take from my pocket and call it a gift.
I'll take from your purse, and do the same.
We beg, we steal, we heist, we borrow. 
Every single one of us.
Anyone who tells you any different is a liar.
A true thief is one that won't admit his thievery.
These are the truths of the world,
so live with them
and take what you want, it's yours for the taking.


Razorblade kisses
so sweet and so sour.
how true indeed is that which cuts and bleeds.
An honest wound , the gash that hurts
but feels good.


I pledge allegiance to the flag
of the united states
and true to the
for which it stands
with liberty and justice for those who can pay for it.


I refuse to die for something I don't believe in
I don't believe in my government.
I don't believe in your government.
I don't believe in the corporations that really rule.
I will die for the things that matter.
I will die for my freedom to speak as I wish.
I will die for my girlfriend.
I will kill for my belongings
I will kill for my beliefs.
I will kill and I will die,
can't you see it in my eyes?


Life is but a glimmer in the pool of twilight sewage.
A stick in a vat of shit.
Once in a while the stick comes to the surface,
but it mostly is towed under by the turbulent currents 
that race through our lives.
I'm drowning in a pool of rotting offal
that was dumped from the people up there.
If I can drag myself out I will kill them all.


I will hold you down.
I will tear you up.
I will spit you out.
I will take you in.
I will love you.
I will
I will
I will
I will help you live.


I was sitting under a table in an abandoned room,
not a light in the house.
Curled in the corner like an abused child.
Too many people,
too much hostility,
I have failed.
I lost face in a crowd of people.
I must get away before I tear myself apart.


My nature isn't the green and yellow of the trees.
My nature is the bloody red that flows around in us all.
A young sapling chopped down before his time,
Roots still forming,
ready to engorge upon the earth.
Blood runs down the hill from the sapling boy,
forming a pool at the bottom.
The ducks wade through, coloring their webbed feet crimson.
A squirrel runs around the growing pool on its quest for a nut.
A dog laps at the puddle for a moment, taking his fill.
There is only the sounds of the birds 
performing their cheery little dirge.



Churning, Burning it.
Water buffalo sitting.
Rice paddies go grey.

Tell Thee Thine Weasel,
Wherefore art thou running to?
Away from thee man.

Wilting, Baking the
obnoxious fumes that come from
the steaming volcano.

Escape thee rowdy
Ramrod; Flee, into the still
nighttime forest, flee.

Ripe ( Into The Lake )
Spells of demonic charm wait
to prey upon you.

Waddle to the shore
my friend, don't allow them to
plant you like a tree.

                         The Morning
                         Air Sings w
                         ith the che
                         ery songs o
                         f the birds
                         .  A breeze
                         sways the m
                         an-made tre
                         e. The stre
                         ets are sta
                         rting to fi
                         ll up. Hous
                         es are rele
                         asing their
                         nighttime c
                         aptives. Th

                    e central square gathe
                    rs up the aimlessly wa

                    ndering people. The wh
                    ispering of the formin

                    ging crowd grows large
                    r.  A certain yearning

                    is building up amongst
                    the common rabble. A d

                         oor opens ,
                         causing a r
                         ipple in th
                    e crowd.As if by magic,
               the crowd parts like the red sea.
          That is what                  they really w
     ant to see.                             The red sea.
     Figures app                             ear in the d
     oorway. A m                             an  in black
     with a bibl                             e leads a pr
     ocession. T                             he second ma
     n is Sherri                             f Brown. Beh
     ind the ste                             rn police of
     ficer is th                             main attract
     ion. The ou                             tlaw Jimmy J
     ames. He ha                             s been found
     guilty of r                             obbing the r
     ich bankers                             of town. The
     crowds surg                             es around fo
     a gimpse of                             Jimmy's face
     . They just                             cannot see t
     hat he wont                             conform to t
     he visage o                             f terror the
     y all deman                             d to see. Th
     e group get                             s to the gal
     lows. Jimmy                             climbs up th
     e the stair                             s. Sherrif B
     rown motion                             s him to the
          knotted rop                   e hanging abo
             ve a trap door. The crowd chants. The s
                herrif takes hold of the lever an
                    pulls. Jimmy gasps once a
                       nd is left swinging
                           in the wind


Revolution sways the flow of the psychic energy flowing from
the inner beings that reside inside your head. 
Have lunch, lets do lunch, baby.
Tell me where you keep your money.
I'm dying to get away from it all.
I can't stop the twitching in my toes, they are
green green brown green
with some kind of rotting disorder.
Anarchist clubs, a contradiction in terms,
group together, yet another contradiction, and smash small animals with large
wet dogs.
Trained seals die in an auto accident,
they most certainly were drinking that ol Brazillian rotgut
since they were preserved without the help of Mr Undertaker
.......!!!STOP THIS SHIT!!!........
No , No I will not, you cannot stop these fingers that are typing through the
mystical man from beyond my forebrain.
Neural cortex, tasting like grey cheese spread on a bread of bloody skin.
Watch out for the bones y'all.
Head stompin' to that old time religion
Whitemeat skin
Chicken of the worshippers of the man down below.
Ho Ho Ho, Old Nick
Transfer the blame
maybe the shame of the wholloping will tickle
your memory.
Maybe not.

Kill or crunch, dive or bite the bullet.
Take me from this evil land
I need escape I need release
Release me!


Just For The Fun Of It

The blue sky yawns,
as the twilight creatures sink back into their homes.
A peep of light, coming up from the horizon
producing a red-orange mist to form at its edges.
The yellow globe rises further into the sky ,
Burning up the mist easily.

"Roger , High command.  We've got a Defcon 2"
The crevice in the far away mountain yawns and
then closes it's maw,
leaving the world behind.

"Situation developing at an accelerated rate, Sir."
"Move it down to DefCon 1."
The planes are launched , the silos are awakened,
all is in readiness.

Children climbing from their wooly cocoons,
their parents drinking their coffee,
televisions turn on,
to spout some useless garbage.

"We interrupt this program for a special report.
The Department of Defense has just alerted us that 
the Soviet crisis has accelerated to DefCon 1"
Defcon 1
Defcon 1
Get the children to the basement.
Get out of town.

"Sir, satelites see a launch."
"Get me the president."
"Yes Mr. President, we'll launch"
Sending word to the silos.
Defcon 0.
Nuclear war.

30 minutes left.
Highway is jammed.
Evacuation is useless.
Move out onto the lawn.
Watch it all end.

Star wars failed.
They're all coming in.
"At least we're locked up tight"
Planetary fireworks show.
Sure looked pretty on the satelite.

Time passes, and the dust settles.
One thousand years of recovery.
The world is new again.
A fuzzy little animal scurries behind a rock.


   FLAG                         There is only Black
                                AND WHITE no
                                GREY AREA. you
                                are all RIGHT
                                OR ALL WRONG.
                                THE LAW WORKS
                                FOR THOSE WHO
                                CAN pay FOR
                                IT. The concept
                                of the old flag is
                                abolished. there is no
                                justice. there is no
                                liberty, unless your
                                CREDIT iS Good...


The Running Days.
Innocence dies in the street.
A former friend lies on the road,
Blood streaming from his eyesockets.
Cleansing the pavement,
Washing away the sins.
With another sin.
Just turned nine years old,
He told the police what he saw.
Gangboys gouged his eyes out
And left him to die in the street.


The twitching stops sometimes.
It always starts again.
I try to stop it, but it just keeps doing it.
I gnawed on my arm for a while,
Just to feel the blood flowing from me.
I have no mind for repeating myself.
Repeating myself. Repeating myself.
My doggie likes the taste of blood,
I must taste like a steak.


The Beginning is the end,
The End is near.
Come over the river my friend,
Let's kill people until the end is here.

Obscure Images   1989
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