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  ...presents...                   cDc core #3
                                                         by The Pusher

                      >>> a cDc publication.......1989 <<<
                        -cDc- CULT OF THE DEAD COW -cDc-

DEAD MILKMEN: Beelzebubba (Enigma)

     It's the 4th LP from these Philadelphia retardos, and despite the fact
they've got horns, strings, and keyboards on this album, and regular airplay on
MTV, they're pretty much the same.  The first side is great, "Brat In The
Frat", the very humorous "Stuart", "Bleach Boys", and their smash hit single,
"Punk Rock Girl".  In a happy mood, I flipped it over to the second side.  Out
of 10 sides of the 5 Dead Milkmen albums (including the Instant Club Hit EP),
this is definitely the worst.  All 8 songs on the side are horrible.  Why?
Well, lets face it, the Dead Milkmen's appeal is based on the fact that they're
funny.  Like the "WEIRD" AL YANKOVICs of punk.  And the 2nd side is not funny.
Buy the album anyway, its good enough.


     Remember their last album, Liveage!, their greatest hits, recorded live in
Minneapolis during the summer of 1987?  Well, this is the rest of that show,
plus some songs recorded 2 months earlier live in Berkeley.  But you're not
being ripped off, because the songs on this are completely different from the
ones on Liveage!  The best way to describe this is to call Liveage! "the best
of", and Hallraker "the rest of".  But the songs on this album are by no means
bad, they show how the group tried some different things near the end of its
existence.  And you'll definitely like Bill Stevenson's history of the band and
ALL inside.

THE DICKIES: Great Dictations (A&M)

     How could anyone who calls themselves a punk rock fan not like The
Dickies?  They're one of those bands like THE ANGRY SAMOANS and REDD KROSS,
who've been around forever, and released very little vinyl.  Ya know, back when
punk was punk, and no gave a fuck.  40 minutes, 17 songs of their greatest hits
from 1978-1980 covering "The Incredible Shrinking Dickies" and "Dawn of the
Dickies" LP's, plus some singles.  This has got their covers of "Paranoid",
"Banana Splits", "Silent Night", and "Sounds of Silence".  Every song is great,
get it, its just too bad their more recent stuff isn't so hot.

DOGGY STYLE: Don't Hit Me Up (Triple X)

     This starts off great with the song "I Like You".  One of the lines is
"You're my friend... I'm gonna beat you up."  Everything after this is boring,
sometimes rappish, rock, with a lame guitar solo for every song.  You could
compare it to the "Balboa Fun Zone" LP by The ADOLESCENTS, another band that
went to pieces with its third LP.  I think these guys, once one of the best
hardcore bands around, should give it up.  This stinks.

HALF LIFE: Never Give In (Skyclad)

     Are the same old generic bald kids yapping about "the streets" starting to
get you down?  Then pick this up, it gives new blood to what we like to call
"Hardcore".  One positive point, is that they play AT DIFFERENT SPEEDS.
Wowzers!  What a radical concept, eh?  They keep it fresh, by playing hardcore
one song (old "Charged" G.B.H. style), and '77 punk the next.  Sincere,
anti-authoritarian lyrics, and the overall simplicity of it all, makes you
wonder why more bands can't do stuff like this.

M.D.C.: Elvis In the Rheinland (Important)

     25 songs from a live show recorded in Berlin in November '88.  The first
side is stuff from "Smoke Signals", and "Millions of Dead Cops".  It's
incredible.  But the real treat comes with the second side, where the play some
modern folk songs (which to my surprise I enjoyed), and a cover of "Jailhouse
Rock", (re-written as "Dead Cops Rock").  It's a must, as I feel M.D.C. is one
of the bands like MINOR THREAT and THE MISFITS, that everyone should like. 
Dave Dictor sounds real gruff... I dunno why.

THE MEATMEN: We're The Meatmen...And You STILL Suck!!!

     Recorded February 1988 during The Meatmen's final tour at the 9:30 Club
(Washington, D.C.), Maxwell's (Hoboken, N.J.), and The Channel (Boston, M.A.).
Put away those stupid MENTORS albums, here's the real champs of obnoxious rock.
"Tooling For Anus", "Lesbian Death Dirge", "Wine, Wenches, and Wheels" and
Tesco Vee's between song ramblings.  It'll make you laugh, and it's great rock
and roll, so buy it.

M.O.D.: Gross Misconduct (Caroline/Megaforce Worldwide)

     Their last record, the Surfin' M.O.D. EP was one of the worst things ever
released, so why did I buy this? Well, the first album "U.S.A. For M.O.D." is
one of the best Metal/Punk albums you'll ever hear.  So let's look inside the
album.  A picture of the band shows leather jackets and long hair, ok, they're
a metal band now, no question about that.  And the lyric sheet.  At the end of
each song on the lyric sheet, they put what it was about.  Let's see... 
"Meaning: Doing Something For Yourself", "Meaning: Being A True Friend",
"Meaning: Substance Abuse".  Don't be fooled, the lyrics suck, the songs are
garbage metal, and their cover of FEAR's "I Love Living In The City", is just

NO FOR AN ANSWER: A Thought Crusade (Hawker)

     This straight-edge band is from California, but they fit right in with the
NYC bands.  But don't be turned off by that, because NFAA is way above the
usual straight-edge bit.  Lyrics that cover more than "the scene" and your
friends, and diverse hardcore songs.  "I Spy", and "Without A Reason" are the
best tracks, powerful and solid.

WRECKING CREW: Balance of Terror (Hawker)

     Boston mosh band that is pretty much a CRO-MAGS type thing.  Ok, but
sounds all the same.  "But if fear is the only way that peace can be made...
then isn't it already done?", from the title track.  Think about some of the
things being said.

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