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  ...presents...                A Moment In Time
                                                         by Obscure Images

                      >>> a cDc publication.......1989 <<<
                        -cDc- CULT OF THE DEAD COW -cDc-


        Just as the scientist can see a fragment of life through a microscope,
I can see random events.  Endless moments in time swirling before my eyes just
like so much mist.  The images are real to me.  I read about some of them in
the newspaper.  They aren't my moments, but they are part of me nonetheless.  I
have to think....


        The man bent down and kissed his daughter on the cheek.  "I'll be back
in a few days, dear, be good for your mother."
        "Goodbye daddy."


        The door slammed as the man in the black trenchcoat left the small
house in which he lived.  The dogs barked, a cat yowled, and in a house down
the street a camera clicked.


        In the woods outside of a small town in Pennsylvania the leaves are
rustled by a small boy running.  The boy, clad only in his underwear, was
panting, his face turning a bright shade of red.  Not as red, however, as the
wound he was about to receive when his father shot him in the back less then 30
seconds later.


        The tall man watched his young daughter run back into the house before
getting into his car.  The fireball that erupted from his house flashed in his
eyes as he drove down the street.


        The camera is always watching.  Liz ignored the constant clicking that
came along with sex with her husband.  "The sex is great, but I wish he would
get rid of the whip," she thought as he put the camera down and came to bed.


        The father carries the dead little boy back to the car and puts him in
a garbage bag that he will throw into the furnace when he gets to work.


        The man in the black trenchcoat steps off of the bus onto the busy
sidewalk.  He walks for 2 blocks where he enters a building, gets into the
elevator, gets off at the 5th floor, walks into his office, takes off his
trenchcoat, and sits down at his desk.  "Delores, could you get me some


        Finally satisfied, Larry falls asleep.  Liz climbs out of the bed and
goes to the bathroom to wash herself off.  The blood swirls down the shower
drain, mixing with water and semen.  "He was better then usual tonight, I
wonder if he got a promotion."


        A moment in time is full of more things then a person could ever hope
to live through.  All one can do is take his or her piece of that time and use
it until it is burnt out and gone.  When you are out of time, you will do what
you must, liking it or not.  It is impossible to tell when you will have
exhausted your time on this planet, so spend your time as well as possible. 
You only have one moment, make it a bright one.

 This story is for Dina who understands me less then she could ever imagine.
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