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  ...presents...                    Inject Me
                                                         by Obscure Images

                      >>> a cDc publication.......1990 <<<
                        -cDc- CULT OF THE DEAD COW -cDc-

        The man turned out of the worn-looking grey metal door into the alley.
The garbage piled on the ground was swarming with vermin.  The rats scurried
around in the darker areas of the alley.  The man looked around briefly and
then walked down the alley onto the busy street.  The street was the same as
the rest in the city, everything was illuminated with a neon glow from the
signs that were everywhere.  The people walking around him were dressed in the
new fashion.  Harry would have none of that.  Harry wore his ancient trenchcoat
as if it were a king's robe.  The rain beaded on his coat, keeping the water
from Harry's skin.  The package in Harry's inside pocket rustled a bit when he

        Harry began the journey that would take him to his apartment, if you
could call it that, on the other side of town.  He walked with the southbound
crowd of people, moving swiftly with the others along the sidewalk until he
reached his subway station.  Harry looked at his hand and shuddered.  The skin
appeared to have a few bubbles surfacing just under the skin.  "Damn, it's
starting already," he thought.  He picked up his gait and started climbing down
the slick stairs.  "Damn that calypso music, and those fucking bats too," Harry

        At the bottom of the stairs he bought his ticket and found that the
next train wouldn't be for another 30 minutes.  He went to the news machine and
punched for a copy of ToxiLife Magazine.  He stuck his credit chip into the
slot on the machine and it printed up the latest issue.  Harry sat down on the
bench closest to him and began to read.  On the cover this month was Sherri
Walthers, the media's newest sensation, staring out of the paper into Harry's
eyes.  The irises suddenly glimmered, then began to swirl with a neon blue and
black pattern.  Harry shook his head and the eyes were back to normal.  He
opened to the table of contents and decided to look at that article on the new
chemical disaster, this one in Haiti.  "Great pictures on this one," thought
Harry as he looked at the corpses of a mother and child.  The picture of the
corpses began to move, Harry closed his eyes, and when he opened them he was
staring into the horribly charred face of the mother from the picture.  Her
face was half-melted, and her eyes were rotting away - she opened her mouth and
whispered, "Hello Harry, come join us, come join us...."  Harry screamed, a
passer-by stopped and asked if he was ok.

        "Yes, I'm ok now, thank you," said Harry.  He threw the magazine away
and stood waiting for the train.

        "Fucking lizard monkeys, always plaguing me.  Harassing my doggie, who
only complains about it to me.  Fuckers.  I hate them all."

        The old train rolled into the station.  Harry climbed into it and sat
down near the door.  Next to him was a drooling old woman who looked at him
with a curiously vacant look.  Harry shrugged his shoulders and looked away
from her, focusing on the beautiful woman sitting across from him.

        "Hello my dear penguin, have you anything for the bears?" asked Harry.

        "Why certainly, my dear hippopotamus.  Do you like to frolic with the
cod?" she said.

        "Most of the time I just have to look at the pictures of the
politicians, if I can walk that far you know."

        "You are an interesting man, for a bread salesman that is.  Would you
like to go to my cave and have some iced tuna?"

        "I must be going to my own apartment, perhaps I could bring you with.
That is only if you hit my doggie on the way in."

        "Sure, I can and will.  Would you jump on my puppy?" she said,
extracting a cat from her blue vinyl bag.

        Harry reached out and gave the cat a pat on the head.  The head rose up
and became a knife that threatened to spear his hand at the next pat.  His hand
kept going only to pat the head of the cat again.  "Oh christ, I better get
home quick," he thought and continued to talk to the girl with the blue bag.

        The train stopped, leaving Harry and the girl with the cat behind in
the gloom as it began its trek to other parts of the city.  The girl followed
Harry through the streets towards his apartment.  The cat curled up in the blue
bag and fell asleep.

        Harry was not paying attention to the girl.  He looked at his watch,
stepping a bit faster as he saw it melt down his arm into a splatter on the
ground.  The girl pulled on Harry's sleeve to get his attention and said, "Oh
look!  A fish sauna!  Can we stop there Harry?" pointing to a curved building
with a red neon goldfish floating in a smokey mist.

        "Have to get home, I'm running out of time," said Harry.

        "Time for what?"  Harry ignored her again.

        They passed a 24 hour weapons shop when Harry began mumbling, "My
fingers are long, I keep tripping on them."  The girl scratched her head,
unable to see Harry's fingers grow long enough to trip over.  If there was
anything that was worth seeing it would be 3 foot long fingers, she thought

        The wind started to pick up and before too long it was sending a
biting chill through Harry and the girl.  He couldn't think of anything other
then getting home.  Wind and cold were meaningless.  Very little time.  Harry
started to experience system malfunctions at an increasing rate.  There would
be no way to get home.  Stopping suddenly he took the package out of his pocket
and ripped off the wrapper.  The two vials and a syringe that were in the
package were all that was important.  It had to be the right dose; if he were
at home the computer would calculate how much was needed.  Too little and his
skin would shred itself, but too much would kill him just as badly.

        Harry guessed at the amount of drug to pull into the syringe and then
bared his arm to the needle.  "Here goes nothing," he said while plunging the
needle into his vein.  Unfortunately, there wasn't enough in the syringe to
halt the disease and Harry managed to mutter a "shit" before his skin shredded
itself off.  The girl watched the scene with horror and ran away, but not
before emptying his pockets and taking his valuables.

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