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  ...presents...               Mudhoney Interview
                                                         by G.A. Ellsworth

                      >>> a cDc publication.......1990 <<<
                        -cDc- CULT OF THE DEAD COW -cDc-

     Interview with Mark Arm of Mudhoney with appearances by Steve and Dan
(of Mudhoney) and Blag Jesus (of the Dwarves) on July 17th, 1990 in San
Francisco.  Interviewed by G.A. Ellsworth.

Me: Are the rumors true?  Are you breaking up after this tour?

Mark: Ask Steve.

Me: Steve?

Steve: Why's everyone asking me, man?

Dan: Not after this tour....

Steve: (cutting off Dan) Yeah we are ok?  Ok?  Ok?  Dan's the new drummer for
oops sorry there Dan.  Dan's the new drummer for Nirvana, and I'm in a band
called Sad & Lonelies, and I'm going to be paid a LOT of money to do it.

Mark: And I'm helping to revive Catbutt.

Steve: Sad and Lonelies is like this band like it's like this kind of studio
thing, but they got fucking like signed to Epic.  And like I'm on a fucking
payroll starting January 1st, fucking $5000 a month, fucking figure that out
huh?  Jesus Christ I'll do it.  Fucking LATER MUDHONEY, bunch of LOSERS.

Me:  I was just going to ask you for some dirt on Catbutt knowing how they
fucked over Subpop, but if you are going to be working with them, I guess you
don't wanna give me any dirt.

Mark: Uh, no.

Me: Where's the last Mudhoney show gonna be?

Mark: Probably in somewhere in Australia or maybe Seattle or something I don't

Steve: There is no last show as such.

Mark: Yeah, there probably may never be a last show.

Steve: We're gonna keep getting back together once a year because the money
will be good enough.  It really all comes down to dollars and cents.  That's
the way I like to put it.  Rock n Roll is dollars and common sense.  If you
play it right, you fucking got it.

Me: Is that Subpop philosophy?

Mark: No.  That's ours.  It's probably a lot more than just ours too.

Me: How much stuff did Green River release?

Mark: Apparently not enough because I'd be a lot richer if we did.  And the DRY
AS A BONE thing and the REHAB DOLL thing and there was the single we did

Groupie: Address go..

Mark: 600 East Dollan St #307, Seattle, Washington...(turning to me) You're not
going to start sending me weird packages are you?

Me: Tell me about Bruce Pavitt of Subpop.  Did he really blow all those people?

Mark: Oh yeah, those T-shirts that say BRUCE PAVITT GAVE ME HEAD.  Well, he
gave some of us head.  Once you get a T-shirt out there's a couple people who
are gonna be wearing it for the show aspect of it.  Bunch of posers and shit. 
People posing as like Bruce Pavitt penile desires.  But, he has given a lot of
people head.  But not as many people as there are T-shirts.  In fact, I don't
have a T-shirt and he's given me head.

Me: Do you know anything about computers or hacking?

Mark: The only thing I know about computers is that when we started, Bruce and
Jonathan and us like all went together and we figured out what would sell in
the underground market.  We were thinking like Stooges, a little Blue Cheer, a
little Discharge here and there, Minor Threat you know.  Stuff that's gonna be
cool.  We plugged it into the computer and it started writing songs for us. 
And that's how we came about really.  Also, in terms of like personnel of this
band, after Green River broke up we plugged in a bunch of names and we figured
out who would be best to play what instrument and we asked them and...

Me: So Subpop started out as a magazine right?

Mark: Yeah, it originally started out as like a fanzine in the early '80s.  And
every few issues it would do this cassette issue with all these bands from
different areas of the United States, like it had Wipers and Pel Mel(sp) like
Boston, different scenes.

Me: How many were there?

Mark: I think there were 9 or 11 of them.

Me: Are you aware of all the Mudhoney bootlegs that are circulating?

Mark: Yeah, I've seen a couple.  I'll bet they suck.

Me: Have anything to say about Barry Hensler? (From Big Chief/Necros)

Mark: Barry Hensler likes Anna.  She's originally from Ann Arbor.

Steve (talking to Mark): Ok check this out, tomorrow night, the Dwarves can
make it back in time to cameo appear onstage while we're onstage.  We stop
playing a song, give them all our instruments-

Mark: OH NO!  They're gonna break everything!

Steve: Without any kind of announcement they play two songs, they get off, no
announcement, nothing is said about it, we just then resume our set.

Mark: In the middle of it?  That'd be great.

Dan: If you guys fuck our equipment up you'll never play Portland!

Blag Jesus: We wanted to open the show anyway... so you want to do that?

Mark: We should do it right in the middle where I change guitars!

Steve: Yeah, that'd be great!  The cue will be, "Go!"

Me: Thanks.

Mark: Yeah, see ya later.

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