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  ...presents...             Amerika's Most Wanted
                                                         by Lady Carolin

                      >>> a cDc publication.......1991 <<<
                        -cDc- CULT OF THE DEAD COW -cDc-

     Today I was bored enough to turn on the TV, which is pathetic enough in
itself.  But what is even more depraved is that I found myself voluntarily
going through one of the most painful experiences in my life.  I allowed myself
to watch an episode of "America's Most Wanted."

     That show is TOO fucking scary.  It's scary because it's actually
successful.  They catch the people they show on there.  With the help of your
good neighbor and mine, Mr. and Mrs. All-American-Snoopnose-GoodyGoody-
Fundamentalist-Christian-Fuckhead, who have nothing better to do than sit
around making phone calls to law enforcement television programs.  (Funny that
the word "Fundamentalist" has the word "mental" in it because obviously these
types of people don't use their brains.)

     What Amerika's Most Wanted is, boys and girls, is televised Rat-On-Thy-
Neighbor.  Crimestoppers is sort of like this too, just not as bad.  With
Crimestoppers, you pay some shmuck $1000 because they witnessed a crime (or
think they did) and they can only find the courage to report who did it when
you offer them money.  Ok.  Maybe we'll get a few car thieves off the streets,
or stop some little street kids pushing coke so they can feed their younger
brothers and sisters.  At least Crimestoppers is localized and confined to a
small region.  But Amerika's Most Flaunted goes beyond this.  Way beyond.

     What frightens me is the way that pictures of people are shown to a
nationwide audience in order to find the people in the pictures.  The pictures
are often crude sketches or dark, fuzzy, unclear photographs.  Anybody could
look like the victim, ahem excuse me, the suspect.  I wonder, too, how many of
the ACTORS paid to play the part of the "fugitive from justice" get beat up as
they go about their daily business (in the grocery store, perhaps, or just
picking their kids up from school or something) by moronic hicks who think
they're the REAL criminal instead of simply the actor chosen to portray the
suspect in the TV show's scenario.  "Duh, they look just like the person on TV.
 Must be him!"  Anybody remember Ramirez, the "Night Stalker," who was caught
by a hysterical mob of people who chased him down?  It could have also happened
to anyone who vaguely resembled led him.  His picture was shown all over the
fucking country.  I'm sure there're lots of guys out there who look kinda scary
and scraggly and hairy just like him.  Maybe somebody did get beat up for
looking like him and we just didn't hear about it.

     This encouragement of fucking over the life of your fellow citizens - by
an easy, even anonymous telephone call to the AMW 1-800 hotline, of course - is
similar to the techniques used in Nazi Germany to round up traitors, Jews,
nonconformists, gays, etcetera.  Except back then they didn't have television. 
But that was ok, they till had posters, flyers, bill-boards, round-ups,
door-to-door searches, etc.

     What happens when this turn-in-anyone-who-looks-like-the-picture-and-they-
will-go-to-jail-and-you-will-be-a-hero mentality (I use the word "mentality"
lightly) becomes a tool for the government?  Say you're some big hefty
politician-type dude and you've got someone on your case about some issue - be
it nuclear disarmament, the dolphins, the fucked up budget, $245 military
hammers and nails, you name it... this person's doing a good job, getting
public attention, and generally being a pain in your bureaucratic fat lazy ass.
Ok, no problem, so you decide to waste 'em.  You call up the Gestapo, oh,
excuse me, the CIA (insert FBI, Secret Service, Masons, Mafia, whatever's
applicable) and put out a contract on them.  But, oops, the person's wise to
you and you can't find them.  You cruise all the local bars, free speech areas,
town meetings, community centers, drug hangouts, etc. and finally give up. 
Until your buttocks are resting on your cozy rich couch about 8 p.m on a Sunday
night and you see AMW on TV.  Aha... you get the great idea to call up AMW and
push a few buttons.

     On the very next show, your enemy's picture is displayed.  Week after
that, you got him/her and 15-20 people who look like him/her captured.  Because
you were able to convince the American public (with no evidence whatsoever)
that this person is a danger to them, their children, their house, their beer,
their flags, their gun-racks in their pickups, their ugly plaid shirts, their
way of life, and to American society in general.  Twenty or thirty people, say,
across the nation, called in to help, reporting anybody and everybody who might
just squeeze into the description of Amerika's Worst Enemy.  You got 'em, you
let the other 15-20 people go (With a warning of course, maybe thron in a bit
of light torture and scare tactics here and there as preventative measures, you
know....)  And then you do whatever it is you do to captured war criminal

     It made me wonder, when I saw the fugitives' pictures, if they really did
all that thieving and murdering and raping and pillaging, etc., etc., that they
are supposedly wanted for.  I had to take the announcer's word for it, of
course.  But I wondered... perhaps that person just somehow managed to find out
something the government didn't want anybody to know?  Did they really steal
that car or did they find out how to cure cancer and the cancer research
societies want them dead 'cause they'd rather have the funds for "research" and
stretch out the cure 10 or 20 years until they're all rich?  Or something along
that vein?  Maybe I'm just paranoid.  But....

     When America was built it was built by a community of people who helped
each other.  Not people who turned each other in.  Then somehow it all started
to disintegrate, and it got really fucked up, and a bunch of witch hunts
started.  Although of course the people who were hung for witchcraft weren't
witches, just politicals on the wrong side, in the wrong place at the wrong
time... that sort of round-em-up atmosphere persists to this day in the
Nazi-like tactics encouraged by Crimestoppers, the 10 Most Wanted List, and by
America's Most Wanted.

     Need I say more?  I think you get the point.  America's turning fascist,
with the help of Amerika' Most Wanted.  Fuck the show and fuck anyone who
watches it.  Kill anybody who calls up and reports on somebody, kill the
producers, kill the creator, kill the cameraperson, kill the fuckhead of an
introducer.  Save us before we're ALL rounded up.  Preventative measures, that
sort of thing.  You know....
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