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     | |                                                                | |
     | |      c   o   m   m   u   n   i   c   a   t   i   o   n   s     | |
     | |________________________________________________________________| |

  ...presents...               Wet-Mount Slide
                                                         by Tequila Willy

                      >>> a cDc publication.......1991 <<<
                        -cDc- CULT OF THE DEAD COW -cDc-

     Rubber Duckie wants to go swimming.  Where can he swim?

     Can Rubber Duckie swim in the pond?   Too cold!

     Where can he swim?

     Can Rubber Duckie swim in the pickle jar?  Too sour!

     Where can he swim?

     Can Rubber Duckie swim in the paint?  Too messy!

     Where can he swim?

     Can Rubber Duckie swim in the bath?  Ahhh... just right!

     See Rubber Duckie float in the bath?  He likes it!

     Stacy likes the bath too; that's why she fixed one!

     See Rubber Duckie float in the bath?

     Stacy is taking off her sweater and exposing her nipples to the cold air.

     See Rubber Duckie bob on the ripples in the bath?

     Stacy is unsnapping and wiggling out of her jeans.  Now she's testing the
water with one finger and turning off the water.

     Look at Rubber Duckie adjust to the newly-stilled water!

     Stacy is slowly pushing her panties to the floor.

     Hear Rubber Duckie gasp as her bush comes into view?

     She's got them off now and is joining Rubber Duckie in the bath!

     See Rubber Duckie swim?

     Stacy is soaping herself and stretching in the water.

     See Rubber Duckie swim?

     Now Stacy is lying still with her eyes closed.

     See Rubber Duckie swim?

     See Stacy smile?

     See Rubber Duckie swim?

     See Stacy pet Rubber Duckie?  Hey!  He's trying to swim -- why is she
taking him out of the water?

     See Rubber Duckie looking down at the water?

     See Stacy admire Rubber Duckie's soft pliable bill?

     Stacy's spreading her legs and reaching down, using her fingers to pull
her pussy wide open and revealing the pink folds inside.

     Look at Rubber Duckie's confusion!

     See Stacy slowly stroking her pussy with her fingertip?  She's slowly
letting the tip of her finger delve down into her crack, tickling her hard

     Oh, look!  Rubber Duckie doesn't understand!

     See Stacy hold Rubber Duckie in her mouth while she uses both hands to
pull her pussy wide open, fully revealing the juicy pink interior?  Stacy's
using the forefinger of one hand to rub her clit, and the other to slide a
fingertip down into her cunthole.  Stroking and fingering she's getting more
and more excited!

     See how Rubber Duckie is trying to see?

     Stacy is releasing Rubber Duckie from her mouth and pushing his head and
soft pliable bill towards her wet slit!

     Oh!  Rubber Duckie can't breath underwater!

     Stacy is groaning in passion!  She can feel Rubber Duckie's soft pliable
bill sliding up and down her slit!

     See Rubber Duckie's head and bill going up inside Stacy's cunt?

     Stacy is pushing Rubber Duckie gently up inside of her pussy!  She's
groaning and now she's pushing him hard!

     See Rubber Duckie's head disappear into Stacy's pussy?

     Stacy is pulling Rubber Duckie out slightly and now she's pressing him in
all the way!  She can feel her pussy stretching to adjust to the invading
Rubber Duckie!

     Rubber Duckie is in!  He's in all the way up to his shoulders!  See Rubber
Duckie's amazement at how hot and tight she is?

     Stacy is sliding Rubber Duckie in and out of her hole!  She's pulling him
so he almost falls out, and then pushing him back inside again!

     Oh!  Rubber Duckie can't breath inside of a cunt!

     Stacy is pushing Rubber Duckie in and out of her hot oily vise!  She can't
 believe how good it feels!

     Rubber Duckie wants air!

     Stacy's getting very red in the face!  Stacy's climaxing, arching her back
and jerking while she's shoving Rubber Duckie all the way up into her pussy!

     Rubber Duckie is spasming as Stacy's cunt grasps him firmly!

     Stacy is motionless for a moment in a silent scream!  Now she's slowly
relaxing and withdrawing Rubber Duckie from her soft pussy as she relaxes
completely in her warm bath.

     See Rubber Duckie float dazed in the water?
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