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  ...presents...            Amazingly True Things #1
                                                         by Swamp Rat

                      >>> a cDc publication.......1991 <<<
                        -cDc- CULT OF THE DEAD COW -cDc-

     Zow...  Lady Carolin mailed this thing from a newspaper to the P.O. box. 
You people had better take this cDc stuff seriously, 'cause check this out:


     The violent spook has also thrown people and heavy objects around rooms,
broken highly sensitive equipment and caused near stampedes!

     But nothing angers dairy owner Ken Turner more than the 3,500 gallons of
fresh milk that went sour overnight for unexplained reasons.  "Our refrigerated
tanks were on all night," says Kenneth.  "And according to the tests we ran,
there was absolutely nothing wrong with the milk.  Nevertheless, it had a
terrible rotten smell, like someone's sweaty feet."

     The haunting at the dairy began suddenly, with ghostly mooing sounds
echoing through the building.  Cows sensed the presence of the phantom and had
to be prodded into the milking stalls.  But that was only the beginning.

     "I was walking through the milking area when a force threw me up against a
wall and pinned me there," recalls Ken.  "The heavy smell of cow manure entered
my nostrils and I started suffocating.  It released me just before I lost

     Soon, the ghost was causing equipment to go haywire.  Tubes would shatter,
sending razor-sharp shards of glass flying through the air.  The floor was
flooded with milk when pumps failed.

     When 3,500 gallons of milk suddenly went sour, furious Ken contacted famed
psychic investigator Jason Dinwiddie.  Dr. Dinwiddie claims the ghost of a dead
cow is supernaturally entering the storage tanks of the Nelson, New Zealand
dairy and fouling the milk.

     "I've tried to reason with the spirit, but it's determined to drive the
dairy out of business," states Dr. Dinwiddie.  "Until we conduct an exorcism,
all we can do is to pray."


     Here's another AMAZINGLY TRUE THING.  Remember; if you see it in print, it
must be true....

     Though they dig into hell, thence shall mine hand take them; though they
climb up to heaven, thence will I bring them down.  Amos 9:2.

     In December, 1989, Paul Crouch read excerpts from the following letter
over the Trinity Broadcasting Network:

     "Scientists are afraid they have opened the gates of hell.  Geologists who
have been drilling a nine-mile hole through the crust [of the earth] heard
screams of the condemned souls coming from the world's deepest hole."

     "The second surprise was the extreme heat that was noticed in the depths
of the earth.  'Our calculations indicate temperatures of 2,000 degrees
Fahrenheit,' points out Doctor Azzakov.  'This is about ten times higher than
what was anticipated.  It almost seems that a fiery inferno is raging in the
center of the earth.'"  [Ed. note: Really?  I think it's called "the mantle".]

[For a fire is kindled in mine anger, and shall burn unto the lowest hell, and
shall consume the earth with her increase, and set on fire the foundations of
the mountains.  Deuteronomy 32:22.]

     "The recent discovery was made when they attempted to listen to the
movements at different layers of the crust of the earth by highly sensitive
microphones lowered through the drill gorge."

     "There was a faint, high sound that we thought was caused by our
equipment,' explains Doctor Azzakov.  'But after some tuning, we perceived that
it really came from the center of the earth.  And we could hardly believe our
ears.  Voices!  What we heard was evidently a human voice that was screaming in
pain.  Although one voice was distinguishably separate, we could hear the
screaming of thousands-maybe millions of tortured souls in the background.' 
Hopefully what we have found down there will stay down there,' adds Doctor

     On January 19, 1990 Paul Crouch, TBN, read a letter from Mr. Row Randalen
of Oslo, Norway.  Mr. Row Randalen is a special counselor to the Minister of
Justice in Norway.

     Mr. Randalen was in the United States during Christmas of 1989, when he
had heard Paul Crouch share on TBN about this expedition.  He didn't believe
one word of it; and he had laughed as Mr. Crouch and said the Americans were
gullible to believe that hell would be in a hole in the ground.

     When he returned to Norway he was shocked to find that Norwegian
newspapers were full of reports about the incident in Siberia.  They reported
the same information that had been reported on TBN and several radio stations
in America.

     The chief seismologist on this expedition was Barn J. Nummedahl, a
Norwegian.  An interview with Mr. Nummedahl was printed in Norway's largest and
most respected newspaper.

     The following is excerpted from the article Mr. Randalen translated into
English and sent to Paul Crouch.


     The man who leaked the information about the recent seismological
expedition to the Soviet and its shocking discoveries, Mr. Bam Nummedahl, aged
sixty-five, still fears for his life.

     Were he to go back to Russia, he would receive at least fifteen years in
prison.  The discovery of human voices down in that cavity so shocked the
Soviets, that at first they did not know what to do with the foreign crew
members.  'If this had taken place in the Brezhnev era, I have no doubt that we
would have been executed,' says Mr. Nummedahl.  'We were all dismissed and sent
out of the country two days after we struck that pocket in the interior of the
earth.  The Soviets greatly feared that we would spread the news of this
discovery, and threatened us with our lives if we did.'

     Although, the Soviet Union has undergone dramatic changes under Mikhail
Gorbachev, the nation still remains firmly atheistic in orientation, and
according to Mr. Nummedahl, the expedition's discovery was extremely unwelcome.
'The next day (after the discovery) a spokesman from the Ministry of Religious
Affairs in Russia called in the foreign crew members and outrightly offered us
bribes.  We all felt compelled to go along with it, as we feared for our lives.
When I came home I donated the entire amount to charity.'  For the sake of the
other crew members, who have been unwilling to go public, Nummedal will not
reveal the amount of money handed out by the Soviets, but it is believed to be
a six-digit number.

     What really unnerved the Soviets (apart from the voice recordings, which
the ministry spokesman tried to dismiss as geological noise distortion) was the
appearance, that same night, of a fountain head of luminous gas shooting up
from the drill site; and out of the midst of this incandescent cloud-pillar, a
brilliant being with bat wings, revealed itself, with the words in Russian
'I HAVE CONQUERED' emblazed against the dark Siberian sky.  The incident was
absolutely unreal.

     'The Soviets cried out in terror,' says Mr. Nummedahl.  Later, that night
he saw ambulance crews circulating in the community.  A driver he knew told him
they had been told to sedate everyone with a medication known to erase short
term memory.  The Soviets use this drug in the treatment of shock victims."

     When Mr. Randalen read these reports; he knew then that there was a hell
and that he would end up in it.  Fear griped him and for two nights he dreamed
of seeing fires and hearing screams all night long.  He finally committed his
life to God.

     He wrote to Mr. Crouch and encouraged him to continue to warn people and
not to be intimidated by the mockers and skeptics.


     Hell was not prepared for people but for the devil and his angels (Matt.
25:41b,46), but all men are sinners and destined for hell if they have not
accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.  But God in His great love for
us has made a way to us to live eternally with Him.
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