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  ...presents...            The Greater of Two Evils
                                                         by Obscure Images

                      >>> a cDc publication.......1991 <<<
                        -cDc- CULT OF THE DEAD COW -cDc-

     The morning sun seeped through the cloth shades that covered his windows.
Tim stirred in his sleep as a stray ray of sunlight hit him in the face.  He
woke up and fell out of the bed and on to the floor.  His eyes refused to focus
when he finally opened them.  This had never happened before, so he began to
frantically rub his eyes, trying to somehow bring them into focus.  Eventually
they focused themselves, and he calmed down.

     Tim went into the bathroom and took a shower, and as the water sprayed
down on to him he looked at one of his arms and noticed a bunch of bumps on
them.  His mind was sent reeling at the notion of having some kind of a
disease.  With an act of sheer will, he managed to concentrate on getting
himself clean, steadfastly ignoring the bumps on his arm.

     After he was fully dressed, Tim made himself some breakfast and sat down
to read the paper while he ate.  On the cover of the paper was the
headline: "AIDS Cases In Green Bay On The Rise."  He went visibly pale at the
thoughts that began to form inside his head.  It's very possible, he thought as
he continued to read.  After he finished reading the paper he went to work, his
thoughts still on the AIDS epidemic.  After work he drove over to the free
clinic to have an AIDS test, just in case.  The nurse told him that it would
take about a month to process the blood, and they would have him come in when
the results got back.

     Over the course of the month the panic came more and more often, leaving
him physically and mentally exhausted.  To alleviate the tension, Tim began to
drink to calm himself down.  After a week of drinking, his appearance began to
decline, he forgot to shower and shave, and he was always late to work.

     The third week after the test he was fired from his job, and he couldn't
face a day of work without being drunk anymore.  None of his friends knew what
to do, they were all concerned, but he wouldn't talk about it to anyone.  His
house was getting filthy by now, liquor bottles laying everywhere, and
somewhere in the house the smell of vomit was growing stronger.

     Finally the day that test results were due in came along.  A lady from
the clinic called him to come in to find out the results of the test.  Before
leaving the house Tim drank a couple of shots of vodka, just to calm him down
enough for the bad news.  He was driving across town on the interstate when his
car swerved into the oncoming traffic, killing him and four others along with

     The doctor at the clinic got the news of the accident and sighed as he
threw the folder with the negative test results into the garbage can.
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