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  ...presents...                Smurf Impalement
                                                         by Tequila Willy

                      >>> a cDc publication.......1993 <<<
                        -cDc- CULT OF THE DEAD COW -cDc-
  ____       _     ____       _       ____       _     ____       _       ____

     Fa-la-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la!

     The happy sounds of the Smurfs could be heard echoing throughout the
forest as they cheerfully collected the berries which composed their vegetarian
diet.  Brainy Smurf stopped to admire a butterfly flutter by in that special
way that only butterflies could do.

     "A berry here, a berry there, a berry to make you smile!" sang the Smurfs
as they filled their baskets.

     Lazy Smurf nudged Brainy Smurf and motioned to Smurfette, "Wouldn't you
like to pop her in the ass?"

     "Lazy Smurf!  What a terrible thing to say!"

     "C'mon, Brainy Smurf, she's got what you and I both need... puss!"

     "I can't believe I'm hearing this from you!  I simply can't stand for it!"
But then Brainy Smurf's gaze caught a glimpse of Smurfette's blue smurfy ass
under her smurfy dress as she smurfully picked berries.

     "Eh, like what'cha see, Brainy Smurf?" asked the approaching Meaty Smurf.

     "Ain'tcha ever wondered if she's used that thang, Brainy Smurf?" pressed
Lazy Smurf.

     "She is kinda smurfy," commented Brainy Smurf after a long pause.

     Smurfette was surprised when an arm grabbed her from behind and dragged
her to the ground.

     "Don't make a noise," commanded a voice which Smurfette immediately
recognized as Meaty Smurf.

     Fear pulsed through Smurfette's body as she was quickly subdued and
dragged behind some bushes away from her berry-picking friends.

     Brainy Smurf and Lazy Smurf held Smurfette down while Meaty Smurf pulled
Smurfette's dress down and off.  The Smurfs gasped in unison at the sight of
Smurfette's smurfy body.

     Meaty Smurf explored Smurfette's smurfy breasts with his hands and tongue.
At first she was afraid and angry, but there was something about being subdued
in this smurfy manner which made her feel smurfy.  Smurfette was surprised to
hear a gasp escape her lips and she felt her nipples being pinched and pulled.

     Lazy Smurf rubbed his hands over her smooth body.  She parted her thighs
as he made his way down to her smurfy cunt lips with his tongue.  Brainy Smurf
sighed as Smurfette reached up and tugged his pants off.  Brainy Smurf lowered
himself on his knees and slipped his smurfy cock inside Smurfette's eager
mouth.  Smurfette moaned loudly as she felt Lazy Smurf's tool work its way into
her sopping smurf box.

     By this time all four Smurfs were naked and grinding.  Meaty Smurf was
straddling Smurfette and fucking her tits with his cock.  Lazy Smurf was slowly
working his dick in and out of Smurfette's pussy.  And Smurfette was sucking
off Brainy Smurf like it was her last meal.

     Brainy Smurf was gasping short breaths and thrusting his member deep into
her juicy mouth.  Smurfette ran her tongue in slow circles around Brainy
Smurf's cock and then across the bottom of his throbbing shaft.  This action
made him moan in smurfy ecstasy.

     Smurfy seamen leaked from Meaty Smurf's shaft and oiled Smurfette's smurfy
breasts as he stroked them.  He held her tits by the nipples with his hands as
he moved his cock between her smurfy soft melons.

     With all three smurfable cocks smurfing on her, Smurfette knew she was
going to smurf any moment.

     Lazy Smurf thrust deep into her aching honey pot.  Smurfette could feel
his smurfy balls slapping against her ass as he buried himself deep within her
pink smurfable folds.

     Moans escaped from all the Smurfs as they began squirting in unison.
Brainy Smurf began spewing his spurfy load down into Smurfette's throat.
Meaty Smurf gave Smurfette a smurforific pearl necklace as his wad shot from
his little blue tool.  As Smurfette came, her cunt squeezed Lazy Smurf's
payload from his member and sent gobs of jism oozing from her oiled cunt.

     After a moment they all began to stand.  Brainy Smurf helped Smurfette to
her feet.  They all agreed that it was the most fun they'd ever had and decided
to meet again for another hard-pump session soon.

     Unbeknownst to them, Fundamentalist Smurf had been secretly watching and
beating off to their gratifying orgy.  Fundamentalist Smurf quickly ran off and
told Missionary Smurf what he had seen.

     "It sounds Smurfanic," gasped Missionary Smurf as he stroked his bulging
hard-on through his pants.

     "It was despicable," Fundamentalist Smurf agreed.  He licked his lips as
he watched Missionary Smurf sinfully touching himself.

     Missionary Smurf and Fundamentalist Smurf both stood and pushed their
pants to the floor.  "We're fucking, that's an order," said Missionary Smurf.

     A smurfy smile smurfully spread across Fundamentalist Smurf's face as he
dropped to his knees and pulled Missionary Smurf's cock into his mouth.  He
sucked Missionary Smurf to the edge of smurf and then smurfully eased off with
smurfy skill.

     "On all fours!" commanded Missionary Smurf.

     Fundamentalist Smurf did as he was told and gasped as he felt Missionary
Smurf's cock working his smurfy anus.  "Oh yes!" cried Fundamentalist Smurf.

     Missionary Smurf could feel Fundamentalist Smurf's love channel begin to
open up as he smurfully pushed his tool deeper into his spreading smurf butt.
Fundamentalist Smurf was beating himself off as Missionary Smurf groaned
with smurfy passion.  Missionary Smurf began bucking him like a raging bull, 
driving as far in as he could.  They smurfed in unison.

     Within hours, Fundamentalist Smurf, with Missionary Smurf as his witness,
told Papa Smurf about the Smurfanic sins committed by Smurfette, Lazy Smurf,
Meaty Smurf, and Brainy Smurf.

     Not wanting to jeopardize his seat in the great blue yonder, Papa Smurf
knew he had to find a fitting punishment for the sinful Smurfs.  Nothing like
this had happened before and he couldn't decide upon a way to settle the
problem.  Missionary Smurf suggested a punishment which Papa Smurf should

     "Don't you think that might be a little extreme?" Papa Smurf smurfully

     "We need to set an example," Missionary Smurf unsmurfully answered.  "They
hast committed a sin before our Blue Creator."

     A hearing was scheduled for that same day as the four Smurfanic smurfs
were taken into Smurf custody.

     Papa Smurf gave the court order, "That each of you, Brainy Smurf, Lazy
Smurf, and Meaty Smurf, be taken to the place from whence you came, and from
thence be drawn on a hurdle to the place of execution where you shall be hanged
by the neck not till you are dead; that you be severally taken down, while yet
alive, and your bowels be taken out and burned before your faces - that your
heads be then cut off, and your bodies cut into four quarters.  And Blue
Creator have mercy on your souls."

     And then it was done.

     As for Smurfette, she was encased in a coffin-like box, from which her
head, hands, and feet protruded, through holes made for that purpose; she was
fed with milk and honey, which she was forced to take, and her face was smeared
with the same mixture; she was exposed to the sun, and in this state she
remained for seventeen days, until she had been devoured alive by insects and
vermin, which swarmed about her and bred within her.
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