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  ...presents...            Amazingly True Things #2
                                                         by Swamp Ratte'

                      >>> a cDc publication.......1993 <<<
                        -cDc- CULT OF THE DEAD COW -cDc-
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     Hoe-de-doe-doe.  Here's some bizarre religious texts to read and BE AMAZED
at 'cause that's what this series is all about.  Stuff to make you bug.  For
the sarcasm-impaired, that's what this is intended as.  Thanks to the person
who put up text on Mindvox, 'fraid I didn't have your handle.  Well, here we


     Did you know that God ordained the Holocaust?  A tremendous amount of
Satanic propaganda has fooled almost everyone into thinking the Nazi Holocaust
against the Jews was an evil atrocity committed by sadistic lunatics.  The Holy
Bible, however, makes it clear that the Holocaust was a divine punishment of
rebellious sinners!

     God made the terms of His relationship with the Jews perfectly clear in
the sacred scriptures He inspired their holy men to write.  According to
Deuteronomy 28:1-3: "And if you obey the voice of the Lord your God, being
careful to do al his commandments... Blessed shall you be in the city and
blessed you shall be in the field."

     On the other hand, Deuteronomy 28:58-59 warns: "If you are not careful to
do all the words of this law... the Lord your God will bring on you and your
offspring extraordinary afflictions, afflictions severe and lasting."

     These scripture are so clear a child could understand.  God promises the
Jews blessings for obedience, but SEVERE PUNISHMENT if they disobey!

     Now the gassings, burnings, starvation and disease of the Nazi death camps
were not blessings on the Jews.  They were not getting the blessings God
promised for obedience, so it is obvious that they must have been DISOBEDIENT!
And as disobedient sinners, they fully deserved the SEVERE PUNISHMENT God
promised to bring upon them and their offspring!

     How obvious it becomes then, that Auschwitz, Dachau and Treblinka were
divine punishments for sin - the "EXTRAORDINARY AFFLICTIONS" that God warned of
in the Bible!

     Oh, how warped can human minds become to label as "atrocities" the just
and righteous punishments of God?  How far from the clear teachings of inspired
scripture can we stray?

     May God forgive us for ever considering His divine Holocaust an

                           The Lord Loves Holocausts!

     Now many so-called "Christians" would agree that the Jews who suffered and
perished in the Holocaust had been disobedient sinners, but still quibble about
the Holocaust being "too severe" a punishment to come from a God of Love and

     What an absurd argument, since we all know that God sends all unsaved
sinners to a flaming Hell of eternal torture much worse than any Nazi
concentration camp!

     Also, the Holy Bible makes it perfectly clear that Holocausts are the
Heavenly Father's favorite way of dispensing with unrepentant sinners and their
despicable children.  Indeed, the righteous Hebrew ancestors of todays' Jews
were the Nazis of Biblical times - the Lord's willing instruments of genocide
against various sinful peoples of the past.

     Joshua 10:40, for example, sums up the Hebrew conquest of Canaan as
follows: "So Joshua defeated the whole land ... He left none remaining, but
utterly destroyed all that breathed, as the Lord God of Israel commanded."

     In I Samual 15:3 we find the Hebrew prophet Samuel relaying God's order to
exterminate the Amalekites, because their ancestors had opposed the Israelites
centuries before: "Now go and smite Amalek, and utterly destroy all that they
have; do not spare them, but kill both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox
and sheep, camel and ass."

     As these scriptures clearly show, God's loving and merciful nature is
perfectly manifested by His orders to slaughter sinful peoples and their

     Instead of moaning about Holocausts being "atrocities" we should thank God
for them on our knees!  Instead of calling Hitler a villain, we should accord
him the same honor as a servant of God that we accord to Josuah and Samuel!

                     Death to the Sinners!  Death!  Death!!

                          Help Spread Holocaust Truth!

     Once we are scripturally enlightened about the Holocaust, it becomes our
Christian duty to help smash Satan's LIE and spread the truth!

     How can we sit back and let the good name of our Creator be smeared by
those who arrogantly call His divinely-ordained punishment an "atrocity"?

     How can we tolerate the implication inherent in that LIE - the implication
that God would permit millions of people to suffer and die unjustly without
lifting a finger to help them?

     We must spread the Biblical truth about Holocausts being God's way of
punishing sinners and their children!

     We must pave the way for more and more Holocausts against sinful peoples
by smashing the delusion that Holocausts are evil!


     Did you know that God favors slavery?

     In the Satanically-fostered confusion of our age, most people view slavery
as a horrible violation of "human rights."  We learn from the Holy Bible,
however, that slavery is part of God's wonderful plan for our lives!

     Yes, our loving creator has made it abundantly clear that His people are
entitled to the services of heathen slaves.  After all, why should God's people
have to do unpleasant menial labor when there are millions of heathen sinners
on earth to do it for them?

     The Jews used to be God's chosen people, and they had his divine sanction
to own slaves from the sinful Gentile nations around them.  The Bible says in
Leviticus 25:44-46 that God told them: "As for your male and female slaves whom
you may have: You may buy your male and female slaves from among the nations
that are round you... You may bequeath them to your sons after you, to inherit
as a possession forever."

     Now isn't that beautiful?  Isn't it wonderful to know God wishes to spare
His people the pain and drudgery of hard physical labor by letting them own

     It also brings joy to realize we can kill our slaves without fear of
punishment, provided we don't give them the unmerited mercy of a quick death.
According to Exodus 21:20: "When a man strikes his slave, male or female, with
a rod and the slave dies under his hand, he shall be punished.  But if the
slave survives a day or two, he shall not be punished: for the slave is his

     How happy it must make the Lord to see us clobber an uppity slave a good
one, leaving the subhuman creature to die slowly in agony!

     Some misled "Christians" would like to think that God changed his divine
mind about slavery somewhere along the line, but there is absolutely no
biblical evidence to back that up.  Indeed we are told in Leviticus 25:46 that
the Lord intended the blessed institution of slavery to last "For Ever!"

                              A New Chosen People!

     Since the Jews rejected Christ they are no longer the Chosen People.  Only
true Christian believers are God's people now, and only they have the right to
own slaves.

     Fortunately for sincere seekers of truth, it isn't hard to tell who the
true Christians are.  The Lord addresses us as follows in Romans 8:15: "You did
not receive the spirit of slavery to fall back into fear, but you have received
the spirit on sonship."

     True Christians aren't slaves to fear!  They aren't afraid to tell the
truth, no matter how unpopular it might be!

     Now what church has had the courage to tell you the wonderful truth about
God favoring slavery?  Is not Word of Truth Ministries the only church which
has dared speak out, while the Catholics, Baptists, Mormons and other so-called
"Christian" churches have remained silent in the face of the Liberal-Communist-
Satanic LIE about slavery being evil?

                           Be a Master - Not a Slave!

     Yes, members of Word of Truth Ministries are the new Chosen People, the
rightful slavemasters of the entire heathen world!

     Surely God will soon set us in our rightful position, but he is now
testing people for worthiness to be members of His elect.  He wants only those
with enough courage to join before we attain power.

     If you want to crack the whip instead of feel it; if you want to be a
master instead of a wretched slave, then [go away quickly.]
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