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  ...presents...              The 2:00 O'Clock Bus
                                                         by Tequila Willy
                                                         and Bambi the Usurper

                      >>> a cDc publication.......1993 <<<
                        -cDc- CULT OF THE DEAD COW -cDc-
  ____       _     ____       _       ____       _     ____       _       ____

     Helga sat at the bus stop waiting for the 2:00 o'clock bus that would soon
bring her to her granddaughter from school.  Though her hands and feet were
sore and tired from manipulating the walker that brought her from her one room 
apartment, she hardly noticed because today the mail brought her social
security check.

     As the noisy cars choked and bustled by the bus stop, Helga thought of how
she might spend her money this week.  She had already paid the rent and there
were plenty of hot dogs, macaroni & cheese, and Top Ramen(tm) to last.  She
thought of the young bag boy that had delivered those groceries, how his tight
ass fit into his jeans, though she was unsure what a tight ass was anymore.

     As Helga gazed off into the banal smog-choked sky, she daydreamed of the
bag boy while rubbing her inner thigh with her walker.  Because of her
mesmerized gaze, she did not notice the shadow in front of her.  As she became
aware of it, she glanced at it only to find a man naked, except for an overcoat
and an erect penis.

     She eyed his penis uneasily.  She was unsure what to make of it.  She knew
what she was looking at, but was unsure what to do next.  Of course she knew
what it was for, but couldn't remember what it felt like to have something like
that between her varicose-veined thighs.

     As she sat there staring, unsure what to do, the flasher began to get
nervous and look around..  He started to cover himself when Helga stopped him.
She pushed her walker out of the way and said, in a hoarse voice, "Come to
Mamma, Sonny."  The flasher, uneasily at first, backed up a little, looked
around, hesitated, and came towards the polyester-covered mound of wrinkling
white and blue flesh that was Helga's body.

     She felt her dentures shift uneasily in her mouth and removed them as she 
reached out with her knotted hands towards the cock that would soon be hers.
All the time the flasher held his overcoat open so that the busy traffic would
not notice the ghastly scene.

     His erection grew ever larger as Helga gummed his cock savagely.  Helga's
breathing, with her throat choked by the cock, became increasingly labored.
She paused from her whorish activity to gasp for air.

     The flasher looked down in surprise and uttered, "Why did you stop?!"  He
quickly grabbed her head and slid his cock back into her mouth, sighing at the
feeling of those toothless gums.  Helga did not resist.  Her cunt was creaming.

     The flasher guided Helga off the bench and onto her knees, he reached
behind her, lifted her dress up, and slid his hand under her Depends(tm) to
feel her behemoth ass.  With a forceful jerking motion, the Depends(tm) hit the
cold pavement with a slopping noise.

     The Depends(tm) lay still on the pavement, steaming with excrements of
Helga's feces, urine, and vaginal creams.  A stray dog trotted by and sniffed
the Depends(tm) queasily.

     The flasher began to fondle her sagging snatch.  He could feel his cum
building within his manly instruments.  Suddenly he felt a tongue on his
fingers.  Opening his eyes in surprise, he saw it was the stray dog.

     The dog was licking Helga's pimpled-covered ass eagerly.  Excited whimpers
escaped from the dog as he clumsily tried to mount Helga.

     As the stray mutt's penis entered Helga's creamy slit, the bus could be
heard approaching in the distance.  Helga, caught up in sexual ecstasy, did not
hear the approaching bus; but the flasher did.

     The flasher withdrew his penis from Helga's mouth just as he came;
splattering big gooey gobs of white cum all over Helga's face and hair.
Helga's face was a mass of smeared make-up, saliva, and warm jism.  The now
satisfied flasher fled from the repulsive orgy.

     The dog, now with his penis fully inside of Helga, began a frenzied and
clumsy attack on Helga's eager cunt.

     "Fuck me, fuck me, you stud!" Helga gasped, not knowing her mysterious
lover was a stray mutt.  Her pussy clenched the animal's penis tighter as she
neared orgasm.

     Just then the 2 o'clock bus pulled up.  The door opened and a young girl,
eight years old, disembarked.

     "Gramma?  Gramma, is that you?" she asked.

     Helga shuddered with an orgasm as the dog pumped his jism into Gramma and

     Helga opened up her eyes and smiled a toothless smile.  Cum dripped from
her nose, chin, and vagina.

     "Honey!, you're home from school!  Help your gramma up, and hand me my
walker.  Today is a special day, so let's go have some ice cream and
celebrate," Helga said as she picked up her granddaughter and kissed her with
her cum-covered lips.
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