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  ...presents...               Hung Like a Horse
                                                         by Krass Katt

                      >>> a cDc publication.......1994 <<<
                        -cDc- CULT OF THE DEAD COW -cDc-
  ____       _     ____       _       ____       _     ____       _       ____

     It so happens that I work at a Emergency Vet place where we deal with a
lot of morons and a lot of strange/gross/tasteless things.  It was a normal
day, normal dog poisonings, normal neuter operations, normal spade slicin',
just a plain ol' normal free-basing fiberglass day, when a man came in quite
frantic.  He had a garbage bag in his hand and was flustered.  Julie, whom
which I work with asked the man what was wrong.  I was dreading a dead
something or another that this man might want us to do mouth to mouth on, but
nothing that good was in our future.  As it turned out, this man was with his
horse in the pasture when the horse tried to jump a fence.  Unfortunately
for the horse it had just been urinating and as most of you horse fanatics
know, when a horse has done something like this, it has the sized member to
brag about.

     Not just thick, but long.  Anyway, to cut to the chase, the horse leaped
over the fence and got Mr. Johnson stuck in the fence where it proceeded to rip
right off.  The man was telling the story as Julie was reaching in the bag, and
by the time he had finished, she had the horse's still-erect penis in her hands
(yes, she needed both hands) and she was looking at it in an analytical way.
Me, I was too preoccupied with sympathy pain to notice as Julie put the penis
back into the bag and then into the freezer where we keep various things of
animal nature.  Why she did this will become apparent in a little bit.

     The man had trucked along his wailing horse (as a horse who had lost his
manhood to a fence would wail) in his horse trailer.  So, we went out, sedated
the horse, and lugged it inside.  Now, mind you lugging a horse with no penis
may be a little easier than lugging a horse with one, but it is still quite the
load.  We had the man with the horse, Julie, myself, and about five other
people bring rip-dick into the operating room where we proceeded to do what you
normally do in this situation, which is to say you put a tube in where Johnson
used to be so that the horse can still urinate without serious problems.
We then lugged the horse back into the trailer and brought him home to live his
penisless life.

     As expected, the rest of the day was boring compared to that morning,
until later that night.  I went home after we had closed up shop and did what I
normally do until around 8:00 P.M. when I realized that I had forgotten my
homework at the office.  Being that my assignment was due the next day and work
isn't that far away, I drove on back and let myself in.

     What I saw next was... interesting.  I went in and headed straight back to
the supply room where we hang up our coats and leave our belongings.  I opened
the door and found Julie lying on the countertop with her pants off, no panties
on and the horses penis lodged in her cunt so deep I shook my head in
disbelief.  It seems as though I had walked in on her pleasuring herself with a
decapitated, frozen horse's dick!  Right as I came through the door, she
herself, by the looks of her eyes rolled back in her head and the shivers
rippling through her body, had orgasmed.

     My surprise was audible, as she heard me and was surprised into either
another orgasm, or a heightened one from before.  Though disgusted, I was
excited (embarrassingly so) and was rational:

     "Isn't that cold?" I said, casually.

     "It's warming up now, obviously," she replied, obviously said a little
snidely to someone who had walked in on such an act.

     "I would ask what you're doing here, but I think I know," I said as I
moved to my bag where I had left it earlier.  She had by now removed the still
hard, dripping horse's cock and quickly put on her pants, forgetting her
panties in the process.  She replaced the decapitated penis into the trash bag
and put it in the freezer while trying to gain control of the situation and
make me think that what I had seen wasn't what I thought.

     I said, plainly, "Listen, I don't care what I saw, just do what you want
to do, I don't care.  I'd just soon forget this."

     She nodded her bent head, obviously embarrassed that I had caught her
not only masturbating but doing it with a severed penis from a horse.

     I left without saying anything else, and I presume she left after me.
The next day at work I found out from my boss that she phoned in and quit.
Two hours into my shift she called again, asking to speak with me.  She was
VERY embarrassed on the phone again, but managed to get across to me that she
had left her panties there and wanted me to get them and throw them away before
anyone found them and got any ideas (through my head whizzed the thought,
"Ideas?!  WHO gets ideas?  Man!").  I told her that I HAD already and that was
it, she hung up....  Pretty nasty!
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