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  ...presents...           Slough Off That Pagan Lust
                                                         by Obscure Images

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     The sun rose into the sky to illuminate the toll ways.  Crammed with cars,
the tollway lived a life of its own.  Each car was filled with little people
staring blankly at the car in front of them; the only relief from tedium was a
car crash.  It didn't happen enough to stave off the boredom.  One of these
little people was named John.  He was driving in to work, where he would spend
his entire day.

     His job wasn't bad.  In fact he thought it was a really good job, at least
most of the time.  It was the time of year that he really hated.  The time
where his concentration was constantly drifting, and his work wasn't getting
done.  Around this time of the year everyone was beginning to lose efficiency,
as it was getting close to Lustkill Day.  Until then, John had to grit his
teeth and bear the distraction of being a walking hard-on.

     His cubicle was waiting for him when he got there.  John sat down in front
of his workstation and started the wheels rolling.  They didn't roll.  Thoughts
of naked women flaunting their disgusting appendages at him tore through his
imagination.  "I need a cup of coffee," he thought.  Tomorrow was LustKill Day,
and it would be a relief when it was over.  On the way to the kitchen, John ran
into Mary, who was talking to one of the other secretaries.  God, I'd love to
touch her naughty bits, he thought as he said "hello."  She looked at him
strangely, as if possessed.

     John couldn't sleep well that night.  He kept picturing the look in Mary's
eyes, all musky animal under barely-restrained humanity.  It was 3 in the
morning before he masturbated himself to unconsciousness.  He woke up sore and
hardly able to wait until he got to work for the shots that would get rid of
the feeling.  In the elevator on the way up to the office he met Mary.

     "Hi Mary, how're you doing?"

     "I don't know... I didn't sleep well last night."

     "Me neither, I can never sleep the night before LustKill," he said, his
eyes wandering down to her blouse, which seemed to be barely restraining her

     "Yeah, it's a real bitch for the last week before," she said, somewhat
distractedly.  She seemed to be eyeing him up.  He turned slightly, hoping she
wouldn't notice his erection.

     The elevator finally reached their floor, so they got out and walked down
the hallway to the office door.  As they were passing the store room she
grabbed his hand and pulled him into the room.


     She started talking to him in a guttural voice, a tone that was filled
with an animal's passion.  Desire shrieked inside his brain, "DO IT!  DO IT!
DO IT!"  He was about to give in to the shriek when the door opened, and one of
the other secretaries walked in.  She looked surprised to see them there.

     "Errr... just getting some paper clips," John stammered and walked out.

     "Me too," said Mary, trying to regain her composure.

     A half an hour passed before John caved in.  He left his cubicle to find
Mary.  Her eyes flashed as she saw him.  She smiled.

     "Meet me at lunch," he whispered to her, hoping nobody else heard him.

     She nodded her head in agreement.  He went back to the workstation and
started on a new design.  He couldn't get into it, he was too distracted by
what he pictured himself doing to Mary at lunch.  Then as he was just drifting
into a daydream, his boss announced to all employees that they should report to
the conference room for their shots.  John panicked.  They never do it before
lunch.  He was raging as he stomped down the hallway to the conference room.
Next to him in line for the shots was Mary.  He whispered, "We don't have to do
this, we can just leave."  She looked as if she were about to jump on him.

     The line was growing shorter when she said, "But we'd lose our jobs.  We
can't work anywhere without the LustKill."  The fear of unemployment dampened
his passions.  He made his decision; he was going to grab her and take her out,
and they would do all the vile things he was thinking about.  He was about to
move when a voice said, "NEXT!"
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