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  ...presents...              Like Father, Like...
                                                         by Krass Katt

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     Well, it's been a while but the Krass Katt you all knew and loved is 
here with the stories that make you want to puke.  Here's one I wrote for a
creative writing course that made someone cry in class.  Enjoy!


     "Please, mister, please don't hurt me!"  Gary looked dully down at the
small child cowering before him.  It was a girl of about five years of age,
wearing a little yellow dress that matched the color of her hair and a blue
sash tied around her waist that matched her eyes.  Gary reached towards her.
She tried to move away, but her back was against a wall.

     "Cut that out!" Gary pulled his hand back guiltily and turned towards the
door.  Julian was standing there, one hand holding a large bag, the other hand
clenched tightly into a fist.  He strode over to Gary and hit him in the face.
Gary fell backwards with a whimper.  Julian glanced at the girl.  "We don't
want to scare her."  He smiled at her without humor and gently stroked her
hair.  "Not yet, anyway."

     Julian walked over to the table in the middle of the room and emptied the
bag onto it.  Gary saw what the older man had brought home and started to
laugh.  It was an ugly laugh, and the girl began to cry.  She wanted her mommy.
She knew that she was being punished for talking to the tall man.  Mommy had
always told her not to talk to strangers, but he looked like a nice man, and he
said that he knew her mommy.  She just wanted to be home in her nice bed with
her blankie and Mr. Teddy.

     She didn't know that she would never go home again.  Julian eyed the
crying child with growing anger.  "Damnit kid, shut the fuck up!"  This only
made her cry all the louder.  He stood up in fury.  "That does it.  I'm going
out again.  Gary, you can have fun with her now."  He stalked out of the room.

     Gary leered at the child and pulled her towards him.  She tried to get
away, but Gary was too strong.  His face broke out into a lopsided smirk as he
put one hand up her dress and started to unzip his pants with the other.


     Julian drove down Northern Boulevard in his 1986 Mazda 323.  It had a
hatch, which was extremely useful for his "collecting."  He usually didn't go
collecting in the day time, but he felt the need growing on him and he just
couldn't wait until night.  That young female specimen would have done nicely,
but Julian was smart.  He knew that he had to give Gary something to play with
every once in a while, or he wouldn't be as useful.

     He made a left onto Francis Lewis Boulevard.  It was almost 3:00, and
school would be letting out soon.  He drove down to the elementary near the
7-11 and put his car in park in front of the schoolyard with the engine
running.  He rolled down the window and waited.

     A few minutes later, the school bell rang and kids started pouring out
into the yard.  He picked up his binoculars and aimed them at the main door.
After a little while he saw it the object of his hunt... a girl with a
lunchbox.  He focused in on the lunchbox and made out the name "Katie" written
on it in big black letters.

     When the girl was a few feet away from his car, he called out to her.
"Hey, Katie!"  She turned towards his car.  "Hi, Katie.  I'm Julian, a friend
of your mom.  She's a real busy, so she asked me to come and pick you up."

     Katie, only seven years old, was too young to know about deception, or
artifice, or the evil that can lurk in the most seemingly-safe places.  She got
into the car.  Julian grinned at her.  For some reason, Katie felt a little
scared, but she shrugged it off.  Pretty soon she'd be home with her family.
She was thinking this right before Julian clamped a chloroform soaked tissue to
her mouth and nose.  She passed out almost immediately.  Julian put the car
into drive and sped away.


     Gary was panting by the time he was finished.  Drooling, he pulled up his
pants with a blood-covered hand.  He felt a strange sense, dim in his memories,
of his mother.  Pleading.  But this wisp of recollection was torn by Julian's

     The old man walked in, dragging an unconscious Katie behind him.  "Looks
like you've been enjoying yourself while I was gone, Gary."  One of his rages
suddenly came upon him without warning as he looked around the room.  "Clean up
this fucking mess!  Why can't you remember to put the plastic sheet out before
you start playing, you fucking retard!"

     Gary cringed back.  He didn't like it when Julian got like this.  Julian
was scary when he got angry, and Gary was afraid that Julian might hurt him
like he did the other day when Gary had forgotten to lock the front door.
Julian had torn Gary's clothes off, tied him face-down to the bed, and had done
things to him.  Bad things, that Gary didn't even want to remember any more.

     Luckily, Julian's rage went away as quickly as it had come, as he
remembered all the fun he had waiting ahead of him.  "Just clean it up, OK?
I'm going down to the playroom, and I don't know how long I'll be.  Remember,
don't leave and don't open any of the shades.  Got it?"

     Gary nodded his head in affirmation.  Julian left the room, pulling his
new plaything after him.  Gary remembered his own toy, and got back to work on
the little girl's limp body.


     Julian entered his "playroom," a small room with no windows.  He had
soundproofed it himself and was the only one allowed in.  Gary had never seen
the inside.  He stripped Katie and laid her face-down on the metal gurney in
the center of the room.  He pulled his pants off, climbed onto the gurney and
entered her.

     He had put a sheet over the floor, and the gurney was easy to hose down.
He wasn't stupid like Gary.  He thought about that moron upstairs for a moment.
He'd have to get rid of that guy, he was making too many mistakes.  Mistakes
they couldn't afford in their "hobby."  But for now, his thoughts went back to
Katie.  She was starting to wake up again.  She saw Julian and started
screaming anew.  He laughed at her wailing.

     "Don't worry, it'll only hurt a little at first."  He started to smile.
"After that, it'll hurt a lot more!"  He laughed a nasal little chicken-laugh.

     Hours later, Julian was satisfied with this one.  She had proven to be
sturdier than most.  Too bad they couldn't all last as long as this one.


     "Gary!  Where the fuck are you!"  Julian was in a terrible rage, and now
it was time to clean up the loose ends.  He would have to be rid of Gary once
and for all.  He held an old pistol behind his back.  He couldn't wait to see
it spit at that useless hulk.  "Get the fuck out here now!"

     Gary was hiding in the closet.  He was afraid that this time, Julian might
not stop at just hurting him.  When he heard Julian go into the kitchen, he
snuck out of the closet, grabbing a hunting knife from the top shelf.  He
stood, apprehensive, to the left of the doorway.  When Julian stormed through,
Gary drove the knife into his back as hard as he could.  Julian cried out and
staggered forward.  He fell to his knees and reached for the handle, but it was
beyond his grasp.  He looked towards Gary with intense hatred in his eyes.  He
opened his mouth to say something, but only warm blood came from his lips.

     Gary crept towards the supine body warily.  He nudged the head with the
toe of his boot, and then kicked it.  Then he kicked it again, hard.  And
again, and again.

     His stunted mind finally grasped the fact that Julian was gone forever,
and he was hit with the enormity of what he had done.  Gary curled up on the
floor next to the body of his father and began to moan.
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