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  ...presents...                 Unchained
                                                         by Isis

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Editor's note: We don't usually publish erotica.  For one thing, the
vast majority of woman-narrated porn prose is undoubtedly written by men
(or more probably, boys).  This file, however, is written by a woman: an
amicus bovinus in good standing.  You might remember Isis as the
author of cDc #344, the most anticipated expose of the meat-packing industry
since Upton Sinclair's _The Jungle_.

His body is naked on the sheets. Hands swept above his head tied
together at the wrists which are then bound to the headboard. I left his
legs free so I can feel them around me. I like it when I can feel his
ankles pushing on me. The way his thighs undulate when I walk past him.
I like the sight of a man on his back with only his eyes to draw you

I like to watch the rise and fall of a man's chest, they way he
struggles against the ties that bind him to me. To watch his own
personal struggle, the way he's doubting whether I tied his hands up
strong enough. And if he tries to break free will it tell me that he's a
little afraid. But I always know better. I don't have to be told or
shown. After I let him get used to the new role, I change it again. I
want him to see that being bound isn't always about one person being in
control, and the other powerless. That there is power in subservience.
No one can have control over another without them wanting to be
controlled. And knowing that IS power. 

I go over to where he is lying and stand at his feet letting his toes
touch my legs, letting him curl his toes into my panties. Feeling the
warmth that lingers there for us. Just as he tries to bring down my
panties I slip back and walk over to the drawer beside our bed. I open
it and bring out the whip that is curled in the form of a snake. I grasp
the handles and take it over to him. Running the tip of the tails in
between his toes, over his calf muscles and slowly up his thigh.
Hesitating on his cock, I slowly circle the tails around his balls, back
over his cock and up his chest. I do this a few times until I see his
eyes blink and his Adam's apple slide up then down. Quickly drawing the
whip up from him. I turn it around so that the handle is dangling over
his mouth. I tell him to suck on the handle. If he shows me how to suck
off the handle like a cock then I might favour him so later. He runs his
tongue down the handle and around it as I pull it back and forth. I
watch his eyes firmly on me, peering at me to see my reaction. To see if
he is doing it right. But I show no sign, no indication of whether he
will be getting blown later or not. 

When I feel he has sucked off the handle enough I take it and run it
alongside his stomach and down his thigh. Resting it on the side of his
buttocks I push on him with the handle, a gesture that means rolls over.
With his hands twisting harder against the headboard he arches his back
and turns to face the upright mirror adjacent to our bed. I want him to
see himself whilst being teased and spanked. Taking a feather that I
have nestled in my hair I slowly tickle his buttocks as he wriggles away
from me. I prepare the whip for when he  returns. Lifting the whip out
in front of me, and widening my stance I let the whip crack against the
opposite buttock. I have this turn on with symmetry. I never like to
spank the same cheek that caused him to return to me. In this instance I
tickled his left cheek, because of that he moved away from me, but he
also came back. I believe that the feeling of not being tickled was
enough to make him want more. So the right cheek is for pain, for
punishment and the left is for soft teasing and caresses thus balancing
everything.  This keeps him coming back for me even though he never
knows which buttock is going to be tantalised next. Symmetry is

After I have him flinching constantly, to the extent where I don't have
to even touch him (just the raising of one of my hands tends to have him
either wince or jitter). I place the whip and feather on the floor.  I
want him to see how happy this has made me. How thankful I am to be part
of this. Telling him to lie back flat on his back  I straddle him so
that my face is towards his feet and my back at his face. Lying down
against him I urge him to take off my bra with his teeth. I'm left only
with my panties on which I am rubbing back and forth across his abdomen
while I run my hands up his inner thighs. Letting the curve of my hand
rest under his balls cupping them slowly. Applying pressure all around
and slightly raising his balls until they reach my lips. Sliding my
tongue out of my lips and pushing them open I lick the curve of his
balls up until I reach the base of his cock. I think of him lying there
staring at the back of my head. The way my ass must look raised a little
over his stomach. What the arch my pussy must look like covered in lace
with some fine shiny hairs peeking out between the holes of the lace.
And how when I get wet a dark spot appears on the outside of my panties.
As I think of these things I let my tongue course slowly up the shaft of
his cock. Pretending that my tongue is like blood cycling through him.
Until I reach the head, where it curves. I turn my tongue so it curls
round his head, letting the stud in my mouth press down against him.
Then I push him deep into my mouth closing my lips tight against him.
Drawing my teeth back and flattening my tongue underneath his cock. I
continue this over and over again. Imagining myself as part of him.
Like we are on a boat, each feeling the waves at the same time.  When I
sense that he is close to cumming. I pull back from his cock. I turn
around so that I'm facing him. I run my tongue up his abdomen pressing
my breasts against him until my pussy is about an inch above his face.
He asks me to take off my panties but I refuse. I want to have him play
with me through the panties. When he can taste me and I can feel soaked
throughout the lace, only then will I take them off. 

I wrap my thighs around his head so that he can keep his head up with
out having to strain too hard. Guiding his head with my thighs I bring
myself unto his tongue. I sway back and forth with his tongue. I can
feel his mouth pressed against my panties, his tongue plunged deeply
into the crease that has formed there from having the lace pushed inside
of me by his fervent licks and thrusts. I feel the arcs come, like these
little tangents. That come and go quickly, then they come and stay
longer. I start grinding down against him, wanting to grind so hard that
it hurts. Right as I feel myself about to peak I snap my legs shut and
push his back onto the bed with my knees. I stand up on the bed and put
my hands on my side an lower my panties until they fall down onto his
mouth. Telling him to suck on them, I place myself so that the tip of
his cock is against the outside of my pussy. Like a bee buzzing
persistently at the petals of a flower trying to get to the pollen.
After rotating my hips around a few times I slowly descend onto him.
Making sure that his cock is being helped up by my outer pussy lips.
Watching him with his hands still tied and sucking on my panties. I let
myself plunge down all the way on his cock. Moving from an upright
position I lie down against him so that my head is under his chin, and
my body squeezed tightly around him. I glide up and down, then as I come
down again I flex the lower part of my body so I can deepen the
position. As I rise up I clench the muscles inside my pussy so that I get
tighter as I near the head. 

I love the feeling of being like a vice. I have all these holds I can do
that can alter the feeling of his cock, and can make it really intense
when we cum. As long as he flows with it we should be able to cum quite
close to each other, if not on time. 

I look up and raise myself a little, I see the panties have been pushed
aside but I don't care. I want to feel his tongue on mine. Kiss him,
bite around his neck and whisper my thoughts at this very moment. Hear
our moans resonate on the walls around us. I tell him how I feel.  What
It feels like, and how hard I'm gonna cum and sometimes even when.  As I
grow nearer I feel our bodies quicken and the spasms come through us
sending our chakras into a frenzy. When the last few waves pulse within
us, I slow down and drag them out with calm and tranquillity. Lying flat
on top of him I reach up and untie the hands that bind him to me and
this moment.

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