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  ...presents...         Electronic Masturbation (FAQ)
                                                         by Erik the Rude

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Note: We cannot vouch for the accuracy of this material, and we do not know
anyone who has tried it. We urge you not to take even the slightest risk
with your personal safety.


  1. Synopsis
  2. Why bother?
  3. Warnings
  4. Details on the amplifier method
  5. Other methods

1) SYNOPSIS. This textfile describes self-stimulation for men by means of
electrodes and low-power, carefully controlled electric current. When you
talk about running electricity through someone's genitals, most people think
of torture. However, we have found that low power, high frequency (audio)
current can produce some very interesting tingling and throbbing sensations.

2) "WHY BOTHER going to all this trouble when anyone can masturbate using
only his hand?" This is a common and reasonable question. Electronic
stimulation creates sensations that are different from anything you will get
from your hand or from intercourse with other people. You can keep yourself
close to orgasm for quite a while. In fact, orgasm sometimes seems like an
anti-climax after a really good session of electrical stimulation. (But we
must admit, just like with "real sex," some electronic experiences are
better than others.)

We believe electronic masturbation could be very useful for relieving
tension in certain situations: in prisons, aboard submarines, and so forth.
Because it can be more satisfying than ordinary masturbation, you can use it
to reward yourself (or someone else) for completing a difficult task or
exhibiting the desired behavior. Athletic coaches, military trainers and
others who need to harness the wild energy of young men should look into
this. 1/2 :-)

3) WARNINGS. Like everything that feels good, this method has risks. It can
cause tissue burns; molecules migrating from the electrodes can
theoretically cause heavy metal poisoning; if you use a plugged-in amp and
tone source (instead of battery powered) there is a chance of getting
shocked or electrocuted. Use of electrodes that have not been sanitized
could spread disease or cause infection. Not recommended for persons with
high blood pressure or heart trouble. Proceed at your own risk. Because we
have no control over the manner in which this information is used, we assume
no liability for damages resulting from its implementation.

If you are electronically illiterate -- if you've never handled a wire
stripper and soldering iron -- DO NOT attempt to perform the experiments
described below. Get a person with electronic experience to help you.

4) DETAILS on the amplifier method

Let's start out with a simple test to see if you find these sensations
interesting, then move on to more advanced methods for making the sensations
more complex and intense. You will need the following items:

  1. A stereo audio amplifier, with 1 to 5 watts per channel of output
     power. Battery-powered is best for safety reasons, although I have used
     plug-in amplifiers since 1976 with only one unpleasant accident. Do not
     use an expensive, high-power amplifier; they can be damaged by short
     circuits and by being connected to loads of unusual impedances (which
     is what we'll be doing).
  2. A tone generator of some sort. An electronic music synthesizer will
     work (Casio and Yamaha make inexpensive, portable keyboard instruments
     that do the job nicely); or you can use a tone generator like those
     found in an electronics workshop. A battery-powered tone source is
     safer than a plug-in unit. Do not use an electric guitar, or any other
     device that could provide a pathway for current to travel through your
     whole torso.
  3. Insulated, solid (not multi-strand), 18-guage copper wire.
  4. Soldering iron, solder, wire stripper, maybe some connectors. Use
     solder that doesn't contain any lead if possible; Radio Shack sells
     some solder which is 98% tin and 2% silver.

Cut a piece of wire 10 feet (3 meters) long. Strip 3/4 inch (2 cm) of
insulation from one end. Try not to nick the wire while you're taking the
insulation off; you don't want to create a weak spot in the wire. Form the
exposed wire into an elliptical loop. Solder the loop closed with a single,
rounded bead of solder. You want a nice smooth loop of wire and a nice
smooth bead of solder holding it closed -- no rough spots. Strip a bit of
insulation from the other end of the wire and connect it to the left channel
"hot" output of the amplifier. (The "hot" terminal is usually color-coded
red. If the amplifier output uses RCA phono-plug outputs, the "hot" wire is
attached to the center conductor of the jack.)

Cut another piece of wire 10' long. Strip 2 inches (5 cm) of insulation from
one end. Make it into a loop, as above. Connect the other end of this wire
to the left channel "ground" output of the amplifier. (Actually it is better
to make this electrode out of a larger-diameter wire, if you have any handy;
but with larger wire you need a more powerful soldering iron to get a solder
joint that won't come apart.)

Now wait for a time when you're feeling horny and you need to release all
that tension. Connect the output of the tone generator to the amp's input.
Set the amplifier's volume control to MINIMUM. Set your tone source to
produce a continuous tone of about 440 Hz (cycles per second). That's the
"A" above "middle C" on a musical keyboard. Insert the small loop electrode
just inside your urethra -- don't shove it very far in. Insert the big loop
electrode just inside your anus. SLOWLY turn up the amplifier's volume
control. Experiment with different tone frequencies and waveforms. If you
produce some sensations that you like, welcome to the club, you are now an
"electro-sexual." If none of these sensations feel good to you, this method
is not for you; sorry.

WARNING: Don't touch any plugged-in appliances while you are wired up!
(Reaching over to adjust a lamp is how I had the "one unpleasant accident"
mentioned above. I was unable to let go of the lamp and suffered a
dislocated shoulder. Not to mention that I could have been killed.
Fortunately I was able to unplug everything with my free hand. Let this be a
warning to you; have some kind of a "panic button" i.e. power cut-off switch

If you liked this simple test, you'll eventually want to try full stereo
operation. For this you need two tone generators and more electrodes. (If
you thought the test described above felt "okay" but not especially
spectacular, I urge you to give the full stereo method a try. Its sensations
are much more interesting.)

The amp's left channel "hot" output is connected to a small loop electrode
just inside the urethra, as before; and also to a large loop electrode
around the "neck" of the sex-noodle (where the glans meets the shaft). Use
some sort of conductant around this external electrode, such as skin
moisturizing cream, to get a more pleasant sensation.

The amp's left channel "ground" output is connected to a small loop
electrode 2.5 or 3 inches deeper into the urethra than the "hot" electrode.
Make this electrode carefully, and test it to be sure that it won't come
apart (i.e. that the wire loop won't come open). If the loop comes open when
you're trying to pull the electrode out, the wire will scrape your urethra
-- a bloody, painful experience which can be avoided by proper electrode
construction. Once again, be careful not to nick the wire while stripping
the insulation; you don't want to weaken the wire because the loop might
break off.

The amp's right channel "hot" electrode is connected to a scrotum (balls)
electrode. There are at least 2 types of scrotum electrode; you need to be
sitting down to use either type. One method is to use the handles (not the
cutting blades) of a pair of all-metal scissors; lightly clamp them onto the
scrotum, between the two sex-nuts, and apply some conductive liquid such as
skin moisturizing cream.

The other method (which feels better, in my opinion) uses a rectangular
piece of synthetic sponge, 1 to 1.5 inches wide and 3 to 4 inches long. Use
a nail or something to poke a hole through the middle of the sponge (the
long way) when it's dry, and thread some exposed wire through that hole. Dip
the sponge in salt water, put it on a coaster or small plastic tray, then
sit down in a position that causes the sponge to gently press into your
sex-nuts. (The key to getting a good sensation here is to arrange things so
that only the sponge and not the wire is touching your skin. The electrode
should be in the middle of your scrotum, with one testicle on either side.
You want the current to travel between and past your nuts, not through
either one of them. You might need to re-moisten the sponge from time to

The amp's right channel "ground" output is connected to a big loop electrode
just inside the anus.

(I've heard from several guys who were afraid to put a ground electrode
several inches into their urethras. If you suffer from this phobia, try the
following configuration: tip of urethra = left channel hot; neck of penis =
left ground; nuts = right hot; anus = right ground. That configuration
doesn't feel as good as the one described earlier -- the left channel
sensations will be way too intense, from my point of view; but it's better
than nothing. It seems odd to me that anyone willing to try this technique
would balk at the idea of urethral insertion. The classic book _Baby and
Child Care_ by Dr Benjamin Spock mentions that boys often insert things into
their urethras while masturbating -- I owe my whole discovery to that one
line of text in a book that I was reading only because I was bored silly and
it was the only book in the house that I hadn't already read!)

The output of one tone generator is connected to the left input of the
amplifier; the other tone source is connected to the right input. By playing
two slightly different tones on the two tone sources, you can produce some
very interesting sensations.

For example, play the "A above middle C" on the left channel, and play the
"A" an octave lower on the right channel. Or play "C" on one channel and the
adjacent "C sharp" on the other channel. Play a steady tone on the left
channel and do a downward "glissando" or "pitch bend" on the right channel.
Play a continuous tone on the left channel while rhythmically turning the
right channel's tone on and off. There are many possibilities...

Various waveforms produce different sensations: a sine wave is good for a
tickle or a tingle; square and triangle waves are good for buzzing,
throbbing, pulsing, squeezing and "roller-coastering." Discovering all these
sensations is like gaining a new sense, like becoming able to hear music
after many years of deafness, like regaining your vision just in time to see
a spectacular fireworks display.

Another possibility is to tape-record the voice of someone you find
attractive, and listen in headphones while playing the tape through your
apparatus. I find this a bit painful, but if you have a masochistic streak
you might enjoy it.

After a lot of experimenting, you'll find out what sorts of tones feel best
to you, and you can use a stereo cassette recorder to put together a taped
"program" of stimulation for yourself. Maybe you can eventually swap tapes
with a friend. Perhaps eventually we can all pool our favorite tone
sequences and publish a compact disc. If you live in North America, I can
mail you a cassette of some of my favorite tones; just transmit your
snail-mail address to me. I will throw your address away after mailing the
cassette, to protect your privacy. (This is a relatively new way of getting
one's rocks off, and a lot of narrow-minded people {electrophobes} would
ridicule and bash us if they knew who we are.)

The electrodes do corrode after a few uses. I've often wondered if having
the electrodes gold-plated would prevent this, but so far I haven't been
able to get up the nerve to take them to a jeweler or a metalworking shop to
have this done.

* advanced experimentation

If you have a lot of time on your hands, you can get 5 or 6 toggle switches
and a 'project box' and build yourself a little control panel that allows
you to turn each electrode on/off or switch it from "hot" to "ground" or
vice versa. If you really want to get elaborate, you can put a variable
resistor (potentiometer) in the feed to each 'trode so that you can adjust
their intensities one by one. (Personally, I use a 6-electrode set-up; in
addition to the 5 electrodes described above, I put another small loop
electrode about 6 inches into my urethra and connect it to the amp's right
channel "ground" output. Not for the faint of heart; this allows current to
tug at the balls from two directions at once, or you can switch or
cross-fade between the two right channel ground electrodes to create some
neat "panning" effects.)

If you want to wire up a group of people, you need a 'distribution
amplifier' (or a mixer with several outputs) to feed the signal to each
individual's amplifier. It is NOT a good idea to hook several people up to
the same amp.

What does one fantasize about while using electrodes? This is an important
question, since an electronic session can last from 5 to 90 minutes (in my
experience); plenty of time to work on a really elaborate, detailed fantasy.
Well, you can fantasize about sharing the electrode experience with
attractive people, or about having attractive people control your
electrodes. (With some adaptation, it should be possible for women to use
electronic stimulation. Let us know if any of you invent suitable

One of these days I'll get a sound card for my computer and come up with a
protocol for transmitting stimulation "programs" over the phone lines via
modem. The programs could also be broadcast on stereo radio stations and via
satellite TV; really good players could give live concerts! Compact discs of
stimulating tones might make it onto the Top 40 charts someday.

5) OTHER METHODS: I've heard that the technology exists to cause ejaculation
in men who are paralyzed, but for the life of me, I cannot find any articles
in medical journals or books describing the apparatus or current used -- if
anyone can provide info or bibliographic pointers, please e-mail me.

Cattle breeders use electrical devices to extract semen from animals for
artificial insemination. I don't know if any of these devices are suitable
for use on humans.

There have been messages posted in alt.sex.masturbation indicating that
medical TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) units can be used
in masturbation. An anonymous correspondent reports: "They are supplied
with sort of conducting rubber electrodes and a transparent slightly blue
contact gel. The TENS machine I own is normally operated by a 9V block
battery (but can be used with external NiCads after some modification - this
is necessary because the battery lasts not very long at maximum output). The
frequency range is 0-50kHz and can be varied, as the intensity and the pulse
width. This model has an additional burst mode at fixed frequency which is
only useful for treating a very badly hurting back where all other modes are
too aggressive. The red electrode (plus?) gets placed on the backbone, about
2cm above the asshole, using some of the gel. The other black electrode gets
placed where you want the effect."

paularcher@delphi.com posted the following in 1994: "I ran across a device
once called a Vag-a-stim or something like that. It was a dildo-shaped
device covered in latex, with two metal rings on the dildo part, and a
curved bit with a control knob on the opposite end of the dildo. It was made
to basically give small electric shocks to a woman's vagina to tone it, via
the two metal contact rings. I found that inserted anally, it gave the most
delicious sensations, along with involuntary contractions of the anus.
Unfortunately, I no longer have it. Maybe someone out there knows of this
product, or one similar, and give us more information about the manufaturer
or availability..."

-- Erik the Rude

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