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  ...presents...                What is cDc?
                                                         by Caliban Darklock

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What does cDc stand for?

I hear this from a co-worker, who sees the sticker on my car.

And I got the sticker in Georgetown, and I don't know who put it there.

And I remember being a little thrilled that someone else who was into cDc
decided to vandalise my car.

And three or four other people, the smokers who have come outside to feed
their little drug habit, also seem interested.

And I say it's sort of a hacker organisation.

And they ask me if I'm a member, and I say no.

And they ask why not, and I say because they have never invited me.

And then they say I should go and ask to be a member, and I tell them that
would be lame.

And they ask why.

And I don't know how to explain it, so I tell them if they don't get it,
they don't get it.

And then they repeat themselves, what does cDc stand for?

And I tell them it's the Cult of the Dead Cow.

And they say no, what does it *stand* for?

And I tell them it's about being who you want to be and thinking what you
want to think.

And they say oh, anarchists.

And I don't know how exactly they define anarchists, so I ask them what
they mean.

And they say something vague about radical libertarians, which tells me
that they don't know what an anarchist is either.

And they ask if it's a gen-X thing, and I'm tired of talking about it so I
say yeah.

And then they ahhh, and nod their heads knowingly, like that explains

And then they ask if I'm not just a little... OLD to be involved in things
like cDc.

And I tell them I'm not really involved, I just like what they stand for,
and have the sticker on my car.

And they ask what cDc stands for again.

And this confuses me, because this is where we started.

And I try to give them an analogy.

And I say, imagine that you are a farmer.

And they say, okay.

And I say, imagine that you raise cows.

And they say, all right.

And I say, then when the cows are grown, you have them slaughtered and
dressed by a butcher into nice clean cuts of steak.

And they say, gross.

And I wonder why people always feel compelled to say that, but I don't ask.

And I say, now you take those steaks to the market, and people buy them.

And they say, uh-huh. They're wondering where this is going.

And I say, they don't just eat it raw, they take it and barbecue it and put
sauces and spices and things on it.

And they say, mm-hmm. They still don't get it.

And I say, this is what happens to ideas.

And they say, huh? They don't understand.

And I say, when you have an idea, it is a cow. And when you present it to
someone else, it is a dead cow.

And they nod, stupidly.

And I say, then whoever you presented it to, he pretties it up and makes it
something nice and clean.

And they nod again.

And I say, then he gives it to someone else, and they pretty it up and make
it something they think is good.

And they scratch their heads.

And I say, so what you see on the news, that's a steak dinner. It's pretty
and clean and tastes better than raw beef.

And they look even more confused.

And I say, but in the beginning, that was a dead cow, it was raw
information exactly the way it started out.

And then they seem to start getting the picture.

And I say, that's what cDc is about. You don't go to cDc and get a steak.
You get a dead cow. It's fresh and raw and not always pretty.

And then recognition dawns in their eyes, and they seem to understand it,
and they nod, and smile, like it's a big accomplishment.

And then they go about their happy little lives, and they watch the news,
and occasionally they think of that analogy.

And they laugh, and think it's amusing, while they watch the butcher's best
work; all the fat trimmed, all the bones removed.

And I sit around on the net, and I read the things you have to say, and the
things other people have to say.

And sometimes I think about these poor people with their steak dinners, who
don't know what the dead cow really is.

And they get their little pre-packaged meat products and think they're
plugged into the world's news.

And I know better.

And they don't.

And it's sad, but I can't really fix it.

And I know that someday, this whole thing will happen again, with different
people, asking what cDc stands for.

And I leave the cDc sticker on my car anyway, and I hope someday someone
might see it and understand.

And instead of asking what cDc stands for, I hope someone will tell me
someday that they like cDc too.

And maybe we can go sit in a coffee place that's not Starbucks and drink
real black coffee that costs 89 cents with free refills.

And we can talk, and maybe I can trade a few dead cows with him, and we'll
both go away a little smarter.

And I look at the sticker when I get in the car, and I think, maybe I *am*
too old for this.

And I think about it some more, and I think perhaps it's not worth
suffering fools just on the off chance someone will understand.

And I think about it even more, and I decide to take the sticker off.

And I get home, and I forget to take the sticker off.

And then I remember later, and I don't feel like getting up and doing it.

And then I go out to the car to go back to work, and I see the sticker.

And I like that sticker, dammit.

And I leave it on.

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