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 ...presents...                WarezZz Courier
                                                        by Krass Katt

           __//////\   -cDc- CULT OF THE DEAD COW -cDc-   /\\\\\\__
 Est. 1984   \\\\\\/ cDc paramedia : text #373-04/08/2000 \//////   Est. 1984

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"And when ye shall hear of warez and rumors of warez, be ye not troubled:
for [such things] must needs be; but the end [shall] not [be] yet. ...
But all these things are merely the beginning of birth pains."

                                                -- Book of Cow

Session Start: Sat Mar 18 18:46:07 2000

[MaRbz] isnt there ANY OTHER WAY??

[krasskatt] well maybe

[krasskatt] do you have a sister?

[MaRbz] yeah

[MaRbz] but i cant SEND heR!

[MaRbz] sorry

[krasskatt] i don't want you to send her

[krasskatt] how old is she?

[MaRbz] 16

[krasskatt] is she pretty?

[MaRbz] well to me she isnt but in school all my friends want to 
HUMP her

[MaRbz] why?

[krasskatt] is she your older sister or younger sister?

[MaRbz] barely older

[MaRbz] she is 2 months older

[krasskatt] 2 months?

[krasskatt] do you have different mothers?

[MaRbz] yeah ( i was adopted )

[krasskatt] cool.

[MaRbz] thanx

[krasskatt] what part of the country do you live in?

[MaRbz] West

[krasskatt] anywhere near CA?

[MaRbz] nope

[krasskatt] what state?

[MaRbz] Montana

[krasskatt] i'll be in montana in about 6 weeks for a business
trip.. here's what i'm thinkin

[krasskatt] if you can talk your sister into spreading her legs for 
me, i'll sub-contract some couriers to you...  is your sister 
easy?  Does she like chix?

[krasskatt] what i like to do is role play

[krasskatt] she can be a police woman and me a criminal

[krasskatt] or she can be a hooker

[krasskatt] and i can be her lesbian client

[krasskatt] something like that

[MaRbz] how old are YOU?

[krasskatt] 19

[MaRbz] i dont know man how the hell can i trust you 

[MaRbz] when do i get the sites ??

[krasskatt] as soon as i get the pussy

[MaRbz] shit fuck that

[MaRbz] thats 6 WEEKS!!

[krasskatt] well okay here's the deal

[krasskatt] i can fly up this weekend

[krasskatt] my dad's a pilot for delta and i fly for free

[krasskatt] i'll bring you 3 t3 sites with full info and you'll have 
your sister tied up and shit

[krasskatt] i want her tongue to run my body up and down

[krasskatt] deal?

[MaRbz] man i aint gonna tell you shit until i get some fuckin 

[MaRbz] till then 

[MaRbz] peace out

[krasskatt] fine

[krasskatt] no pussy, no sites

Session Close: Sat Mar 18 18:53:42 2000

Session Start: Sat Mar 18 19:09:25 2000

[MaRbz] hey  man is there ANY OTHER WAY AT ALL!!!?!??

[krasskatt] other than drugs and sex?

[MaRbz] yeah

[MaRbz] please

[krasskatt] i think we can work something out

[krasskatt] first though, whats your sisters name?

[MaRbz] Tracy

[krasskatt] cool..

[krasskatt] well let's see...

[krasskatt] you want YOUR name to be assoicated with cDc, correct?

[MaRbz] yeah and also i want to DISTRUBUTE all your cDc warez to 

[krasskatt] okay that sounds cool

[krasskatt] i think we can work something out

[MaRbz] ok now what?

[krasskatt] but you are going ot have to give me something in 

[MaRbz] well like what?

[krasskatt] not your sister directly...

[krasskatt] but maybe some pictures

[krasskatt] do you have any?

[MaRbz] NAKED???

[krasskatt] well no

[MaRbz] ok good

[MaRbz] cuz i dont have NAKED ones

[MaRbz] thats kinda nasty

[krasskatt] can you mail me a picture?

[MaRbz] i dont know man

[MaRbz] why you always gotta have somethin in return??

[krasskatt] i don't always

[MaRbz] (-- just wonderin

[MaRbz] =)

[krasskatt] but when something this big is going down

[MaRbz] i know man

[krasskatt] will you mail a picture to me?

[MaRbz] dependz 

[MaRbz] like when i get the sites and we get roollin and shit

[MaRbz] then when i start gettin to know you better 

[krasskatt] i don't believe that though...

[krasskatt] here's what i need

[MaRbz] then i will have her fuckin CALL YOU!!

[krasskatt] 1) a sexy picture of her  2) some creditentials and 

[MaRbz] if she wants

[krasskatt] cool you wanna talk about this voice?

[krasskatt] i think we can work something out

[MaRbz] na i cant

[MaRbz] sorry

[MaRbz] but anyway man

[MaRbz] i want to get to KNOW YOU FIRST


[krasskatt] cool man whats your email address/

Session Close: Sat Mar 18 19:16:06 2000

Session Start: Sat Mar 18 19:16:28 2000

[MaRbz] at AOL?

[krasskatt] yeah

[MaRbz] SoZ MaRbz@aol.com and SmOkeZ NeW@aol.com

[MaRbz] why?

[krasskatt] COOL


[krasskatt] AND DEAL

[krasskatt] woops

[krasskatt] all caps

[MaRbz] well man i really want to deal about this RIGHT NOW please

[krasskatt] okay fine then send me a picture of your sister

[krasskatt] she has to look good but she dosnt have to be naked

[krasskatt] thats all

[MaRbz] shit GOO i dont get the sites until you get the PICTURE??

[MaRbz] thats a fuckin RIP!

[krasskatt] well you can get sites before then but i'm not going to 
give them to you unless we talk voice....  

[krasskatt] i've been ripped off too many times

[krasskatt] by people who don't come through

[MaRbz] i cant talk voice

[MaRbz] i dont know h ow

[krasskatt] you dont know how to talk voice?

[MaRbz] nope

[MaRbz] never wanted to

[krasskatt] ok...

[krasskatt] well...

[krasskatt] i tell you what

[krasskatt] we can make the trade at the same time

[MaRbz] hOW?

[krasskatt] i give you one site, you dcc me a picture of your 
sister, and then i give you the other 2

[MaRbz] i dont have a scanneR!!

[krasskatt] talking voice is pretty complex

[krasskatt] then just mail me a picture through us mail

[MaRbz] how bout she talks to you?

[krasskatt] okay we can do that

[krasskatt] i tell ya what

[krasskatt] are you going to be on irc at midnight?

[MaRbz] do i have to go wake her up?

[krasskatt] no not now

[MaRbz] she will get up if i ask her to

[MaRbz] hold on a sec i will get her

[krasskatt] no i just screwed a little boy

[krasskatt] and i'm not horny

Session Close: Sat Mar 18 19:22:56 2000

Session Start: Sat Mar 25 04:57:24 2000

[MaRbz] umm hello?

[krasskatt] hey marbz..how's it going?  is your sister doing 

[MaRbz] umm yeah

[MaRbz] who are you anyway?

[krasskatt] gee, me?

[krasskatt] only the president of cDc

[krasskatt] if you don't know  me then forget it

[krasskatt] just pretend i didn't /msg you

[MaRbz] no i remember you but where have you been man?

[krasskatt] the big house

[krasskatt] got busted for possession

[krasskatt] but my lawyer got me off

[MaRbz] oh shit man that fuckin s ux

[MaRbz] sorry

[MaRbz] =)

[krasskatt] i dont' care man it's all good  ya know

[MaRbz] yeah thats kewl

[MaRbz] well man like i said i want to do shit for you 

[MaRbz] like spread your warez and shit

[MaRbz] ya remember man?

[krasskatt] yeah i remember

[krasskatt] i want a gif of your sister

[MaRbz] gif!!

[MaRbz] shit man i dont have a scanner

[MaRbz] =(

[krasskatt] oh well

[MaRbz] man i still wanna do business witch ya though

[krasskatt] no don't worry about it

[krasskatt] that's all i want

[MaRbz] well i have an old one

[MaRbz] but she aint naked

[krasskatt] a gif?

[krasskatt] she doesn't have to be naked

[MaRbz] really

[MaRbz] well man i dont know 

[krasskatt] well don't worry about it then

[MaRbz] hey can you let me in #cDc pleaese

[krasskatt] nope it's +i

[MaRbz] please invite me

[krasskatt] nope

[MaRbz] why man?

[krasskatt] because

[MaRbz] cuz why!

Session Close: Sat Mar 25 05:09:49 2000

Session Start: Mon Mar 27 06:17:34 2000

[MaRbz] hey man sup

[krasskatt] just checkin out some girlies

[MaRbz] kewl

Session Close: Mon Mar 27 06:43:00 2000

Session Start: Wed Mar 29 10:48:58 2000

[MaRbz] i cant!

[krasskatt] i just unbanned you

Session Close: Wed Mar 29 10:49:10 2000

Session Start: Wed Mar 29 10:50:42 2000

[MaRbz] hey man SUP

Session Close: Wed Mar 29 10:50:53 2000

Session Start: Wed Mar 29 10:56:50 2000

[MaRbz] sUP

Session Close: Wed Mar 29 10:56:53 2000

Session Start: Wed Mar 29 10:56:57 2000

[MaRbz] you still da head of cDc man?

Session Close: Wed Mar 29 10:56:57 2000

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