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     ...presents...    Reptilian Imagery and Demonology
                                                       by Dark Sorcerer

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     This makes me very wary.  What is going on in the lower reaches of
     society is probably much more potent and effective than what happens in
     intellectual circles.  We think, of course, that it is the intellectuals
     now in the broadest sense of the term, in which I include the scientists
     who define our life.  But lately the intellectuals have been rather like
     a film of oil on a great puddle of water: it shines mischeviously and
     thinks that it is the whole thing, but it is only one molecule thick.
     I can see quite definite things coming towards us.  The things going on
     in the so-called cultural underground, or the so-called subculture, are
     very strange.
                                                         Ekkard Hieronimus (1)

     In a different place Bishop Ignatius Brianchaninov recorded with awe and
     foreboding the vision of a simple Russian blacksmith in a village near
     Petersburg at the dawn of our present age of unbelief and revolution.
     In the middle of the day he suddenly saw a multitude of demons in human
     form, sitting in the branches of the forest trees, in strange garments
     and pointed caps, and singing, to the unbelievably weird musical
     instruments, an eerie and frightful song: 'Our years have come, our will
     be done!'
                                                         Fr. Seraphim Rose (2)

     Oh yes, this is an important point to make, which the flying saucer
     people are forever misunderstanding, and that is that saying the flying
     saucer is a psychic object does not mean it is not a physical object.
     Jung in _Mysterium Coniunctionis_ is at great pains to say that the realm
     of the psychic and the realm of the physical meet in a strange kind of
     never-never land that we have yet to create the intellectual tools to
     explore.  This is where the mystery of synchronicity is going to come to
     rest, the mystery of all kinds of paranormal activity on the part of
     human beings, and the mystery of the flying saucer. It's interesting, you
     see, that if you take the broad world of the so-called mysteries --
     parapsychological, shamanic, extraterrestrial, and so forth -- and
     hypothesize another spatial dimension, one more spatial dimension, then
     suddenly all these mysteries become trivial.  They are easily done.
     Locked boxes are opened; future events are discerned; lost objects are
     found.  This sort of thing becomes quite the ordinary run of things if we
     hypothesize dimensions hidden from ordinary experience.
                                                           Terence McKenna (3)

    "They live, we sleep" from John Carpenter's _They Live_.

     In recent years, there has been a steady increase in interest in the
"Reptilians" (or "lizzies"), a supposed race of "fourth dimensional" entities
who covertly control humanity by various occult methods.  Any attempt to study
this phenomenon falls outside the confines of respectable scientific/academic
discourse; any academic study of this phenomenon must therefore resign itself
to an "objective," detached, and condescending viewpoint.

     This is unfortunate, as there are cultural undercurrents now swelling in
the popular imagination that do not lend themselves to study by "acceptable"
methods.  No matter how little hard evidence there continues to be for the
lost continent of Atlantis, underground Nazi bases at the North Pole, Bigfoot,
or alien encounters of all sorts, people continue to believe in these sorts of
things no matter how much debunking has gone on.  There is obviously something
very strange going on in the collective unconscious, but no one seems to
explicitly acknowledge it.  One of the stranger heads on this hydra of
weirdness consists of David Icke and his notion of "fourth dimensional
reptilian entities."

     The purpose of this article is to shed some light on the "reptilian"
phenomenon and to explain why it is occurring.  Since the "reptilians" have
characteristics that are nearly identical to those found in reports of
contacts with UFO's and extraterrestrials, I will use "reptilians,"
"extraterrestrials," and "UFO's" more or less interchangeably in this article.
As I hope to show, the "reptilians" are not a new phenomenon, but are another
permutation of the post-war UFO phenomenon, which in turn is similar to
reports of "demons" by men of antiquity.  The fact is that there IS something
going on here - something very big, as a matter of fact.  But it is almost
nothing what most people imagine it to be.


     Undoubtedly the greatest expositor of the "reptilian" phenomenon is David
Icke, a former professional soccer player who had a series of visions in the
early 90's which drastically altered his life.  Icke was "informed" that a
race of interdimensional, shapeshifting reptile-men are a secret, malicious
force that has been manipulating the human race for for thousands of years.
In an interview with _Magical Blend_ magazine, Icke described the reptilians

     consciousness from the fourth dimension capable of shape-shifting and
     spiritual possession when in the third dimension.  These beings, the
     supposed "architects of modern society" have incredibly long life spans
     and have installed society the way it is over many thousands of years to
     be able to coerce human beings to their own selfish ends....  With these
     abilities they were able to create a "bloodline" that was susceptible to
     spiritual possession and that, once possessed by one of these fourth
     dimensional reptilian consciousness', they are maneuvered, through the
     clandestine avenues of secret societies and brotherhoods [the Illuminati
     being the most notorious], into positions of authority they have worked
     their way into every significant national power in the world.  (4)

     Icke is not the first person to talk of reptilian humanoids.  The UFO
researcher John Keel (who wrote _The Mothman Prophecies_) treated the
existence of "serpent people" as objective fact in his book _Our Haunted

     ...The parahuman Serpent People of the past are still among us.  They
     were probably worshipped by the builders of Stonehenge and the forgotten
     ridge-making cultures of South America.  In some parts of the world the
     Serpent People successfully posed as gods and imitated the techniques of
     the super-intelligence [God].  This led to the formation of pagan
     religions centered around human sacrifices.  The conflict, so far as man
     himself was concerned, became one of religions and races.  Whole
     civilizations based upon the worship of these false gods rose and fell in
     Asia, Africa, and South America.  The battleground had been chosen, and
     the mode of conflict had been decided upon.  The human race would supply
     the pawns.  The mode of control was complicated as usual.  Human beings
     were largely free of direct control.  Each individual had to consciously
     commit himself to one of the opposing forces....  The main battle was for
     what was to become known as the human soul.  Once an individual had
     committed himself, he opened a door so that an indefinable something
     could actually enter his body and exercise some control over his
     subconscious mind.  The Serpent People or OMEGA Group, attacked man in
     various ways, trying to rid the planet of him.  But the super-
     intelligence was still able to look over man....  God worked out new ways
     of communication and control, always in conflict with the Serpent
     People. (5)

     Aside from their name, Keel's "serpent people" could be Icke's "fourth
dimensional reptilians."  In these descriptions, you can see all of the
elements of conspiracy theory as it usually relates to UFO literature.  The
"serpent people" are nothing less than the primary source of every diabolical
conspiracy that has affected mankind throughout the centuries.

     Last of all, let me state that my interest in this subject is personal.
I had many encounters with "reptilian" entities during the innumerable
"Vitamin K" trips that I was taking during 2001 and 2002.  Not being exposed
to the concept of "reptilians" before these experiences, there was no
unconscious suggestion that influenced these encounters.  While in the "fourth
dimension" (and I did not, in fact, have any idea at all as to what I was
actually seeing or "supposed" to be experiencing), I found myself in what I
could only refer to as a realm of archetypal human forms, or what I called (at
the time) the "soul matrix."  As poignant as these experiences seemed at the
time, in retrospect I was really only hitting the lower levels of astral
existence.  I recorded these experiences in another file, which I have
tentatively titled "Prolonged Exposure to a Near-Death Experience," which will
hopefully be released sometime in the near future.

     While almost all of the forms that I encountered were human in
appearance, I occasionally would encounter a form that was bipedal, yet had
snakelike facial features.  This entity would often morph into some sort of
menacing human archetype, such as a police officer (my inherent anti-
authoritarianism is undoubtedly showing here).  Since I have detailed these
experiences in more detail in PETANDE, I will not dwell on them here.  Suffice
to say that the "reptilians" seemed to be interested in me before I became
interested in them.


     David Icke makes statements about "fourth density" and the "fourth
dimension" as if they are self-evident facts.  This fourth dimensional theme
is also frequently reported in UFO literature.  As a general rule, I've found
that those interested in UFO's generally have little interest or understanding
of scientific principles, so attempts to scientifically analyze their beliefs
are a waste of time.  The sort of people who talk about "transition to fourth
density" may have a bit of scientific understanding, but most of it inevitably
comes from popularized sources, and even these simplified sources are often
not properly understood.  Nevertheless, these people are definitely on to
"something" even as they grasp for the correct vocabulary to express

     The following text exemplifies the "Ickeian" line of thinking: the
Apocalypse, extraterrestrials, and conspiracies are all seamlessly blended
together in a paranoid collage.  The "transition to fourth density" is given
as the prima facie reason which explains nearly everything under the sun:
conspiracies, "DNA activation", the year 2012, extraterrestrials, and the
Illuminati all figure prominently in this.  I am enclosing most of this text
as this is a textbook-perfect example of this line of thinking, although many
of the subjects the author touches on are outside the scope of this article.
Pay close attention to the thematic elements found in this passage: as with
all archetypal projections such as these, meaning is not found in the
superficial details.  Rather, one must examine the larger scheme of pattern
and reference.

     The forces of darkness are in their final days upon this planet.  While
     the Illuminati stuff is real, there is an ascension of frequency taking
     place of the earth itself and everyone on it.  We are gradually moving
     into the next dimension, the fourth dimension.  The Illuminati doesn't
     want that to happen because they cannot remain on this planet and will
     lose their power and grip on people.  The negative aliens behind the
     Illuminati and the higher Luciferian beings behind those negative aliens
     don't want us to go into the next dimension, because the Game is over for
     them (as far as earthlings go) when we do.  So they try to trick you and
     trip you up with fear so they can capture your soul and keep you
     imprisoned; enslaved to them.  They know they can't stop the ascension of
     the planet, but they want to take as many people down with them as they

     Those of the light will be able to move into the new dimension physically
     intact while those with darkened hearts will age at a faster rate than
     normal, especially as we approach the 2012-2017 period, and not make the
     trip.  They will not be allowed to reincarnate on earth and will be
     assigned to a domain that is suitable to their level of spiritual
     awareness.  The Illuminati is pulling out all the stops to engender FEAR
     in as many people as possible and to keep it up.  Fear/anxiety LOWERS
     your frequency; prevents the opening up and blossoming of expanded
     consciousness.  That's why everything they put into motion is FEAR BASED.
     That's why you keep getting these fear stories in the news, SARS, Planet
     X, the heightened 'terrorists alerts' , etc.  Designed to scare the hell
     out of you and keep you in a daily panic-assuming you buy into it.  And
     we have all - from time to time - bought into it.

     Those in the light, enlightened humans, are in fact in the driver's seat
     and the Illuminati does NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT.  As we move towards
     the fourth dimension, our latent, 10 strands of VIRTUAL DNA are slowly
     manifesting into physicality.  With the ACTIVATION of these virtual DNA
     comes expanded consciousness and greater awareness.  It's now dawning
     upon millions of people worldwide that they can CREATE reality with their
     thoughts.  The Illuminati does NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT.  That's one of
     the BIGGEST reasons they keep spraying those chemtrails over your head
     everyday - to try and prevent your consciousness from expanding and
     realizing just how powerful a light being you are!

     Another thing.  I have from a very 'well connected' source that the dark
     side will not be allowed to wreck nuclear destruction upon this lovely
     planet.  The God source decided 'nyet" and 'nyet' it will be.  [Ed:
     evidently this 'well connected source' is Russian.  Go figure.]  So stop
     worrying about that one too.  The devices will not go off.  The missiles
     will not get off the launching pad.  It ain't going to happen.  The dark
     side is exiting stage left-whether they like it or not.  The Light is
     flooding in more with each passing day.  The Golden Millennium will soon
     be upon us.  It will be like the Garden of Eden.  (6)

     While this passage did not mention reptilians, it did articulate a
slightly different version of the standard UFO/Illuminati/Reptilian theories,
which all overlap together.  The physical images may differ from Icke's
accounts, but the underlying archetypes and ideas being put forth are nearly
identical.  In fact, you could substitute any number of things for
"reptilians" or the "Illuminati" and you'd still be left with a model for many
conspiracy theories.  It is also worth noting that while he does not use the
"fourth density" verbiage, this line of thinking is very close to that
promoted by the visionary psychedelic thinker Terence McKenna.  While I
believe that McKenna is one of those thinkers who is a lot more "interesting"
than he is "true," he nevertheless has some of the most erudite explanations
of all of these phenomena in his studies of the "timewave" and the I Ching,
among other things.  My feeling is that McKenna, who had a lifetime interest
in Carl Jung, was too smart to ascribe anthropomorphic characteristics (lizard
men, aliens, etc.) to the overall pattern of events he believed were
unfolding; there's certainly a lesson to be learned here.

     In close, we can sum up three distinct characteristics about the

1. Reptilians have an existence in the "fourth dimension" (time) of reality
outside of our normal three dimensional existence.  Likewise, humanity is
currently getting ready to transition to "fourth density" and the Reptilians
are attempting to control humanity in the fourth dimension in order to prevent
this transition.

2.  Due to their "mastery of the fourth dimension," Reptilians may take on a
different shape and form as they deem appropriate.  They are "shapeshifters."

3. "Reptilian bloodlines" are the sine qua non of a grand, all-encompassing
conspiracy which has the ultimate enslavement and control of mankind as its
ultimate goal.  An apocalyptic "end game" scenario will play out in the days
ahead as the Reptilian forces (darkness) engage in some sort of "final
conflict" with the "OMEGA Group" (the forces of light.)

     I will now address each of these points in turn and attempt to explain
them in the overall context of the discussion.


     What is called the "fourth dimension" by David Icke, et al. is presented
as if it were a new discovery (or it is at least given a new name.)  In fact,
the "fourth dimension" is just a new name for an ancient phenomenon.  It is
much more worthwhile to call the "fourth dimension" by its more "proper" name:
the astral plane.  Perhaps the most succinct description of this realm is one
offered by Chic and Sandra Cicero in _The Essential Golden Dawn_:

     [The astral plane is] an intermediate and invisible level of reality
     between the physical plane and the higher, more divine realms.  It is the
     common boundary between the individual and noumenal reality.
     A nonphysical level of existence that is the basis of the physical
     plane. (7)

     For those without first-hand knowledge of this phenomena or a belief in
"monistic idealism," the previous definition is worthless.  To understand the
nature of the astral plane, you must take for granted that consciousness
precedes the material world and is the first cause of existence.  Monistic
idealism is diametrically opposed to the notion of consciousness as it is
"understood" by modern science.  The vast majority of scientists attempt to
explain consciousness "up" from smaller particles such as brain cells or
atoms; the more cutting edge neuroscientists label consciousness as an
emergent phenomenon that is the result of cumulative interactions which take
place on the "lower" realms of existence (such as the atomic and subatomic)
which in turn create more intricate interactions, the penultimate result being
consciousness.  Arch-reductionists such as Francis Crick (in his book _The
Astonishing Hypothesis_) present consciousness as an epiphenomenon resulting
from small, quantifiable interactions between atoms and cells.  In a similar
vein, Steven Jay Gould states that consciousness is nothing more than an
"evolutionary accident" that evolved in order to give humankind an edge when
planning mastodon hunts or something like that.

     Monistic idealism rejects any notion of consciousness being an "accident"
or the mere side product of material interactions.  Instead, consciousness
comes before matter; it is the fundamental wellspring from which reality is
created.  In the words of physicist Amit Goswami:

     The current worldview has it that everything is made of matter, and
     everything can be reduced to the elementary particles of matter, the
     basic constituents - building blocks - of matter.  And cause arises from
     the interactions of these basic building blocks or elementary particles;
     elementary particles make atoms, atoms make molecules, molecules make
     cells, and cells make brain.  But all the way, the ultimate cause is
     always the interactions between the elementary particles.  This is the
     belief - all cause moves from the elementary particles.  This is what we
     call "upward causation."  So in this view, what human beings - you and I
     - think of as our free will does not really exist.  It is only an
     epiphenomenon or secondary phenomenon, secondary to the causal power of
     matter.  And any causal power that we seem to be able to exert on matter
     is just an illusion.  This is the current paradigm.

     Now, the opposite view is that everything starts with consciousness.
     That is, consciousness is the ground of all being.  In this view,
     consciousness imposes "downward causation."  In other words, our free
     will is real.  When we act in the world we really are acting with causal
     power.  This view does not deny that matter also has causal potency -
     it does not deny that there is causal power from elementary particles
     upward, so there is upward causation - but in addition it insists that
     there is also downward causation.  It shows up in our creativity and acts
     of free will, or when we make moral decisions.  In those occasions we are
     actually witnessing downward causation by consciousness.  (8)

     Goswami's notion of "downward causation" makes it easier to envision the
astral plane.  The material world is the visible manifestation of
consciousness, with everything having an "astral" existence that precedes its
material existence.  (Think of your own existence as being the end point of a
"ray from God.")  In other words, our physical, material bodies "descend" from
a higher realm consciousness; everything in the material world has a "subtle"
(astral) form in addition to its physical form.  (In occult literature, the
subtle human form is often referred to as the "etheric" or "light" body.)
While I'm not sure if I necessarily like any of these terms, they are at least
more correct in that they recognize the astral plane as something that can
only be understood by consciousness - not the language of materialistic

     When one first encounters the astral plane, one does not generally know
what to think of it, but its imagery is that of archetypal forms that seem to
be "outside time," hence the confusion of this realm with the "fourth
dimension."  The author Charles Leadbeater had this to say about the apparent
timelessness of the astral plane:

     Looked at on the astral plane, for example, the sides of a glass cube
     would all appear equal, as they really are, while on the physical plane
     we see the further side in perspective - that is, it appears smaller than
     the nearer side, which is a mere illusion.  It is this characteristic of
     astral vision which has led some writers to describe it as sight in the
     fourth dimension - a suggestive and expressive phrase.  (9).

     If everyone were to have an experience on the astral plane (and many
people do during dream-states and do not know it) they would all have
different experiences.  This is because the astral world contains just as much
variety in appearance and behavior as does the material world!  Just as a
depressed, poverty-stricken person inhabits a vastly different realm of
consciousness than an affluent, happy person, so will both of these
individuals inhabit a different astral reality.  (This difference explains why
some people have ecstatic, transcendent experiences when they leave their body
during near-death experiences, while others find the experience demonic and
utterly terrifying.)

     Why can it appear that people are being controlled by malevolent
"reptilian" entities on the astral plane?  The average person has spent little
or no time in contemplation and introspection, two activities which are vital
to the attainment of a true self-awareness.  While all humans are "conscious"
in the sense that they are aware of their actions and can verbally articulate
the state they find themselves in, every person has nevertheless found himself
behaving in ways which contradict the conscious decisions of his mind.  Most
people walk through doing little but emulating the actions of others,
repeating behaviors that were programmed into them at a very young age by the
media or members of their community.  Quite simply, most people (if not the
vast majority) lack true self-awareness, and are more slaves to their monkey
instincts than executors of free will.  Little more than the most advanced
representatives of the mammalian kingdom, they do not possess the "God-spark"
of true self-awareness.

     On the astral plane, the collective unawareness in humanity translates
into astral imagery consisting of repetitive archetypal human forms,
exhibiting predictable behavior, the material consequence of which seems to be
the creation of a whole lot of uninteresting, conformist individuals.  I think
of these forms as "astral pools" that produce repeating archetypes of people,
behavior, and situations.  During my own experiences, I often found myself in
spaces inhabited by human forms engaging in mass spectacle type events:
watching sports, dancing in nightclubs, participating in religious ceremonies,
or engaging in violent group behavior.  One of the stranger repeating
archetypes seems to be that of a "cocktail party."  A cocktail party is
undoubtedly an archetypal representation of a Platonic idea that has resonated
strongly in the collective consciousness.  This representation has even found
its way to popular consciousness in the movie _Vanilla Sky_: (The denouement
for this movie occurs in a chi-chi lounge in Manhattan.)  When I first
experienced the "cocktail party," I did not know what to think of it, but the
fact that many others seem to experience this indicates that many of us have
processed this particular imagery in a similar manner.  I also ran across
another incidental report of an individual who experienced the "cocktail
party" as a result of electroconvulsive (electroshock) therapy administered by
psychiatrist Keith Floyd:

     Much of her experience was similar to or matched case studies of other
     near-death survivors, including the tremendous fear she faced before and,
     at times, during the episode itself part of her scenario, however, was
     what Floyd called 'a baffling appartion' of a cocktail party that was
    'lived' in full sound and color and three-dimensional solidity.  The woman
     claimed that the intricate details of the party were so complete as to be
    'indistinguishable from real life.'  Since she had no memory of having
     ever attended anything like that cocktail party, her experience was
     relegated to the domain of 'a puzzling vision.'  Then, two years later,
     her 'dreamlike' cocktail party manifested, detail for detail, in the
     world world of objective reality, with her in attendance.  (10)

     As to why the "cocktail party" seems to be such a potent symbol, I can
only offer a few suggestions.  For starters, events such as these are nexuses
of social interaction, and often facilitate meaningful coincidences between
people.  They are probably also the epitome of banal interaction, and are a
mainstay among individuals who embody superficial characteristics.  (While I
enjoy the occasional cocktail or four, those who spend multiple nights a week
in drinking establishments are almost universally uninteresting.)  In any
case, analyzing all of these projections in detail is beside the point.  It is
sufficient to note that these forms exist, and that most of the humans who
comprise them are unaware of their astral existence.  This unawareness gives
rise to speculation that those unaware of their astral existence are being
controlled by occult forces.

     The idea that one can become aware of their astral body and
surreptitiously influence the material world is the essence of black magic and
occultism, so don't be fooled - "reptilians" might not be controlling humans
in the "fourth dimension," but there are nefarious forces that operate through
this plane.  However, with that said, most people do a good job of deluding
themselves without astral malevolence.  For men of antiquity, it was
considered common knowledge that "black magicians" could operate through the
astral plane and manipulate the susceptible: this notion is the basis of
voodoo and witchcraft.  (This common knowledge is responsible for the
prohibition against dabbling in the occult which is a staple of
Judeo-Christian-Islamic doctrine.)  Most contemporary "black magic," such as
that articulated by modern occultists like Aleister Crowley, exists in its
popular form in a degraded form that leads rational people to believe that
it's nothing more than Dungeons & Dragons nonsense practiced by maladjusted
teenagers.  This may be true to some extent, but those who attempt to enter
the occult realm out of some desire for "personal power" are nevertheless
toying with forces that they do not understand, and are wholly unprepared to
deal with.  In fact, David Icke warns very strongly against engaging in occult
ritual, as it may activate latent "psychic residues" which are outside of the
control of the invoker.  So, when we hear/see about wacky occult rituals that
are performed at Skull and Bones or Bohemian Grove initiations, it may be that
these rituals are far more meaningful than anyone (including those practicing
them) may be able to imagine:

     These people, overwhelmingly, do not know who they are, but those
     orchestrating things do know, because they follow the bloodlines and
     genetics, with a stunning obsession.  What they are looking for in the
     hybrids is to possess them from the fourth dimension.  Therefore, they
     get invited into the secret society networks and put through various
     rituals, which, of course, they have to join to make any real progress.
     They don't understand what they're doing.  Most of them don't understand
     that words and ritual create energy fields.  And, energy fields, if you
     don't know what you're doing, can be very dangerous things, in terms of
     the ways you can be manipulated.  Then, in these rituals, the
     orchestrators are plugging these overwhelmingly unknowing people into
     this lower fourth-dimensional consciousness.  They are being possessed by
     them.  (11)

     When susceptible or unprepared people encounter occult forces or the
astral plane, they rarely have the proper spiritual context to put their
experiences in.  The specific imagery the contactees experience is highly
variable, but the entities which people encounter become objectively "true" in
their mind, which leads to literalistic descriptions of "beings" that populate
the astral world.  After interaction with lizard-men, one then believes in the
literal existence of Reptilians, but these entities do not in fact have an
objective physical existence, but are rather archetypes that may have many
different forms.

     People often think that they have made contact with a "higher" dimension
of existence when they come into contact with the astral plane.  In fact, if
you were to equate "higher" with "better" they it may be that contact has been
made with what is better thought of as a lower dimension of existence!  If you
are going "up," it's only natural that you're going to hit the lowest levels
of whatever it is you're going through first.  There are an unquantfiable
number of worlds out there which distill themselves down to our consensus
reality, and no "occultist" has a monopoly on the true nature of it all.  What
I've found is that one can spend a colossal amount of time in this realm and
only come back with (at best) vague notions of its overall structure.  The
particularities of imagery encountered are superficial; what is important is
that there is a common shared realm, even as the specifics of the astral
imagery may vary greatly from person to person.  I'd encourage you to be
extremely wary of any purported "expert" on this subject matter - any
expertise in this realm implies affording it a high degree of ineffability.

     When the susceptible lack the necessary information to make proper sense
of what they are experiencing, they may become enamored with false theories or
"gurus" which promise to help them put their experiences in perspective (for a
fee, of course.)  Most people are so intrigued (and shaken) by this experience
that they will pretty much believe the first theory which they come across
which attempts to make sense out of their experience.  Since science is the
religion of the time, it's only natural that people will be susceptible to
"scientific theories" regarding occult phenomena, when the fact of the matter
is that these phenomena exist on their own terms and cannot be scientifically

     In close, I would like to put talk of "beings from the fourth dimension"
to rest.  Any entities that resemble snake-people on the astral plane are
spiritual beings and the attempt to scientifically quantify them (as science,
by its nature, may only interpret the world literally) only adds to their
deceptive potential.  When describing phenomena related to consciousness, the
language of science becomes useless.  Time is not a "fourth dimension" (which
implies that it is a "place") but is rather the means by which the Divine
manifests itself.  In "Hyperion," Henry Wadsworth Longfellow describes this
more poetically than I ever could:

     What is time?  The shadow on the dial, the striking of the clock, the
     running of the sand day and night, summer and winter, months, years,
     centuries - these are but arbitrary and outward signs, the measure of
     Time, not Time itself.  Time is the life of the soul.  (12)

     When people say that reptilians or space aliens have a "fourth
dimensional" existence, we should keep in mind that these beings emanating
from the fourth dimension represent our current state in time - they are not
"outside time" or from a scientifically quantifiable fourth dimensional
"place."  They are, in Longfellow's words, signs of the times we live in, "not
Time itself."

     With that in mind, let me briefly discuss how the "archetypal" nature of
the reptilians relates to their supposed "shapeshifting" abilities.


     Those who would ridicule the bulk of UFO encounters as the product of
overactive imaginations or hoaxes point to the huge lack of consistency in the
descriptions of various beings that have been described.  While today the
focus seems to be almost solely on "reptilians" and "greys," there have also
been reports of "mothmen," "Nordics," "Cassiopoeians," aliens with and without
space helmets, etc.  (Not to mention angels and demons, which also display
characteristics similar to entities described in UFO abductions).  Gregory
Little's _Grand Illusions_ discusses the archetypal nature of all of these
entities at length, particularly the similarities between "demon possession"
in the Middle Ages and "alien abductions" in the modern era.  Most people are
not aware that descriptions of medieval demonic possessions and modern UFO
abductions are almost identical except for their superficial characteristics.
In the following passage, Little shows contrasts a modern alien abduction with
a sexual encounter with a succubus during the Middle Ages:

     On October 15, 1957, 23-year old farm Antonio Boas was plowing a field at
     his farm near Minas Gerais in Brazil.  It was night as Boas was trying to
     catch up on the plowing.  Looking up into the sky, Boas saw a brightly
     lit red object descending from the sky.  It was his third UFO sighting
     this week.  This time, however, the object landed in his field.  Out of
     the egg-shaped object came four aliens fitted in metallic space suits and

     As the creatures glided toward him, Boas tried to escape on the tractor,
     but it stalled.  Boas jumped off and started running.  A few moments
     later he was captured and dragged into the spaceship.  There he was taken
     into a circular room where he was restrained while one of the creatures
     took a blood and skin sample from his chin.  Then he was stripped and
     moved to another room where only a white, plastic couch sat in the center
     of the room.  His body was sponged with a clear, oily liquid and then the
     four creatures left.

     A few moments later clouds of gray smoke filled the room causing Boas to
     vomit.  Then a hidden slit opened in the wall through which a beautiful,
     naked, alien woman walked.  She had blond-white hair parted in the
     middle, large blue eyes, thin lips, high prominent cheekbones, and a
     pointed chin.  She was under five feet tall.  Boas clearly remembered
     her blood red pubic hair and her well-separated, pointy breasts.

     The female began rubbing her body against Boas and he quickly embraced
     her.  According to Boas they had intercourse two times during which the
     alien barked and growled like an animal.  After the second time she got
     off the couch and walked to the hidden door then she walked out.  Moments
     later two of the space suited aliens returned with his clothes.  He
     dressed and was given a tour of the ship after which he was released.

     In the month that followed his encounter, Boas became ill with symptoms
     similar to radiation sickness.  In addition, small purplish wounds
     developed on his hands.  (13)

     Extraterrestrials are often said to need the DNA of their victims, and
reptilians also "need" human consciousness for vampirish purposes.  Likewise,
descriptions of demonic possession in the Middle Ages talked of semen
collection and sexual encounters (sexual encounters also figure prominently in
UFO abductions).  In the thirteenth century, Thomas Aquinas wrote the
following passage in the _Summa Theologica_:

     ...if sometimes children are born from intercourse with demons, this is
     not because of the semen emitted by them, or from the bodies they have
     assumed, but through the semen taken from some man for this purpose,
     seeing that the same demon who acts as a succubus for a man becomes an
     incubus for a woman.  (14)

     Just as in modern alien abductions have different types of extra-
terrestrials, demons also take different forms in order to lower resistance to
their victims.  Little relates an account from the year 1698 where one Johann
Klein reported on a court case where a woman claimed to have been impregnated
by her long-gone husband.  A creature taking his form appeared to her at night
in her bedroom where she simply couldn't resist.  Many other victims of an
incubus claimed that the incubus appeared to them as a person (deceased) they
knew and loved.

     Father Seraphim Rose also documents examples in Orthodox Christian
literature of demonic encounters that are similar to alien abductions.  In the
life of St. Nilus of Sora, a fifteenth century Russian Orthodox saint, there
was an account of a priest and his son who lived in St. Nilus' monastery
shortly after his death.  Once, when the boy was sent on some errand,
"suddenly there came to him a certain strange man who seized him and carried
him, as if on the wind, into an impenetrable forest, bringing him into a large
room in his dwelling and placing him in the middle of the this cabin, in front
of the window."

     When the priest and the monks prayed for St. Nilus' help in finding the
lost boy, the Saint "came to the boy's aid and stood before the room where the
boy was standing, and when he struck the window-frame with his staff the
building was shaken and all the unclear spirits fell to the earth."  The Saint
told the demon to return the boy to the place from which he had taken him, and
then became invisible.  Then, after some howling among the demons, "the same
strange one seized the boy and brought him and placing him on a haystack, he
became invisible."  After seen by the monks, "the boy told them everything
that happened to him, what he had seen and heard.  And from that time this boy
became very humble, as if he had been stupefied." (15)

     There are other striking similarities between modern UFO abductions and
medieval encounters with demons.  In addition to the "semen gathering," there
are often physical traces left after the attack (contrast a "witches' mark" to
the "radiation burns" that Antonio Boas experienced).  The same parallels
between demonic encounters and alien abductions can also be drawn when
comparing encounters to other archetypal beings, such as fairies.  Like
aliens, fairies were said to paralyze their victims before having sex with
them, taking them to "fairyland" before doing so.  The "little people" of
Native American folklore and the "djinn" of Islamic mythology also exhibit the
deceptive behavior of demons and extraterrestrials.  The visual forms may
change, but the consequences are the same.

     Last of all, Victorian-era accounts of the astral plane also included
references to entities that bear "demonic" characteristics.  Returning to
Charles Leadbeater, we find the following relevant passage:

     If men's earth-lives have been low and brutal, selfish and sensual, they
     will be conscious to the fullest extent in this undesirable region,
    [Leadbeater is referring to the region of the astral plane inhabited by
     victims of suicide and sudden death] and it is possible for them to
     develop into terribly evil entities.  Inflamed with all kinds of horrible
     appetites which they can no longer satisfy directly now they are without
     a physical body, they gratify their loathsome passions vicariously
     through a medium or any sensitive person whom they can obsess these are
     the Pisachas, the incubi and succubae of medieval writers - demons of
     thirst and gluttony, of lust and avarice.  (16)

     Leadbeater also addresses the existence of vampires and werewolves.  In
Leadbeater's view, both of these entities are not entirely fictional, but are
rare possibilities that may manifest themselves in the case where a person has
become so degraded that they have lost all semblance of their divine nature:

     There remain two even more vile but happily rare possibilities to be
     mentioned before this part of our subject is completed - the latter
     arising from the fact that they are really legacies from earlier races -
     hideous anachronisms, appalling relics of a time when man and his
     surroundings were in many ways not what they are now - it is just
     possible for a man to live a life so absolutely degraded and selfish, so
     utterly wicked and brutal, that the whole of his lower mind may become
     entirely enmeshed in his desires, and finally separate from its spiritual
     source in the higher self.

    [For example], the Werewolf implies some knowledge of the magical arts
     sufficient at any rate to be able to project the astral body.  When a
     perfectly cruel and brutal man does this, there are certain circumstances
     under which the body may be seized upon by other astral entities and
     materialized, not into the human form, but into that of some wild animal
     usually the wolf; and in that condition it will range the surrounding
     country killing other animals, and even human beings.  (17)

     When examining the characteristics of vampires and werewolves, don't they
sound a lot like "reptilians" and contemporary extraterrestrials in their
"shapeshifting" ability, their existence in the "fourth dimension" (astral
plane) and their "degraded" condition?  The fact that vampires and werewolves
are forms that come from humans who have lost their "humanity" certainly
renders them similar to reptilian humanoids.  A cold-blood reptile, which lays
its eggs and leaves its young to fend for itself, is a stark contrast to a
warm-blooded mammal, which cares for its offspring.  As any first-year
psychology student knows, mammals that do not receive the necessary affection
from their parent inevitably become maladjusted.

     Before closing this section, it is worth noting the relevancy of the
"lizard" archetype to the collective consciousness of the West.  The preceding
examples should be sufficient to show that archetypal forms may take many on
different physical characteristics based on the time, geographic location, and
individual personality in question.  However, the apparent ineffability of
archetypal forms does not mean that there are not general patterns which are
observable and deserve special attention.  Many archetypal forms that manifest
themselves in dreams, the astral plane, or other experiences with the numinous
are practically universal in terms of the meaning they convey: the dragon,
which is certainly "reptilian" in form, is considered to be an evil entity in
the Western tradition, and this is echoed in assorted Jewish, Christian, and
Islamic myths.

     In Jewish myth, we can find a record of this in the tale of "Bel and the
Dragon," which is found in the Apocrypha.  (The tale comes from the Greek
version of the _Book of Daniel_).  This story, which occurs during the time
when the Jews were held captive in Babylon, finds Daniel refusing to bow to
the god Bel, the god of Cyrus the Persian:

     Now the Babylonians had an idol called Bel, and every day they provided
     for it twelve bushels of choice flour and forty sheep and six measures of
     wine.  The king revered it and went every day to worship it.  But Daniel
    worshiped his own God.

     So the king said to him, 'Why do you not worship Bel?'

     He answered, 'Because I do not revere idols made with hands, but the
     living God, who created heaven and earth and has dominion over all living

     Daniel challenges the king and ends up killing the dragon:

     Now in that place there was a great dragon, which the Babylonians
     revered.  The king said to Daniel, 'You cannot deny that this is a living
     god; so worship him.'

     Daniel said, 'I worship the Lord my God, for he is the living God.  But
     give me permission, O king, and I will kill the dragon without sword or

     The king said, 'I give you permission.'

     Then Daniel took pitch, fat, and hair, and boiled them together and made
     cakes, which he fed to the dragon.  The dragon ate them, and burst open.
     Then Daniel said, 'See what you have been worshiping!'  (18)

     In pre-Islamic Persian mythology, there is the myth of the battle between
Tiamat (a dragon) and Marduk; this undoubtedly influenced the notion of the
Islamic "Thu'ban," which are evil djinn with dragonlike characteristics.  In
Christian myths (which probably have their origin in time well before the time
of Christ) there are numerous accounts of heroes slaying dragons.  One example
is the tale of Saint George, the patron saint of the British Isles.  George
was a convert to Christianity and killed a dragon that was threatening the
town of Cappadocia.  Saint George managed to kill the dragon before the
townsfolk had to resort to sacrificing a virgin girl in order to appease the
beast.  (I would briefly note that the tale of St. George offers much insight
into the esoteric meaning of Christianity, which has been all but lost to the
modern world.  St. George's conversion of Christianity coincides with his
attainment of true self-awareness, or a release into the full possibilities of
self-directed action.  After attaining this awareness, he can consciously
overcome the "dragon" of his subconscious.)

     These myths betray a worldview that is decidedly Western: however, it is
within the West that the "reptilian" myth is starting to take hold in the
minds of the population, so it is no surprise that Westerners view
"reptilians" as evil beings.  If our scope is expanded to include other areas
of the world, such as China and Mesoamerica, it becomes clear that we cannot
universally equate dragons and lizards with evil.  However, the fact remains
that the peoples of North America and Europe are imbued in the Western
worldview.  Archetypal forms change based on time and locale, but they always
point to something beyond the physical.  If a particular locale does not have
a "dragon" or "lizard" archetype, it will nevertheless have something which is
analogous to the dragon archetype, even if it takes a different form.

     In close, this section should sufficiently prove that "reptilians" are in
no way a "new revelation," but are rather a new representation of a timeless
phenomena.  During more religious times, these entities were called demons,
which I believe is the best name for them; no matter what form they may take,
their only end result seems to be to mislead and deceive.  The fact that these
entities take different forms is no surprise; they are not physical entities
or "made up hallucinations;" they are, as Terence McKenna so eloquently put it
at the beginning of this article, objects which are neither psychic or


     David Icke's books put the "Reptilian bloodline" as the sine qua non of
all evil acts and conspiracies that have plagued mankind since Babylonian
times.  Of course, Icke ascribes a literalistic meaning to this, as if there
were an "actual" physical race of cold-blooded, fourth-dimensional reptilian
humanoids that have dominated the world for thousands of years.  Icke
documents hundreds of pages worth of secret cabals, conspiracies, and shady
"coincidences" as proof of a global conspiracy.  While much of this is
certainly grasping at straws, many people nevertheless leave the conspiracy
literature thinking that there is "something" to all of it, even if they can't
quite put their finger on what it is.

     At this point it is useful to turn to the Italian esoterist Julius
Evola's notion of the "occult war," the subject of the essay "The Weapons of
the Occult War" in his book _Men Among the Ruins_.  Evola was, if anything, a
much more controversial figure than Icke.  A Sicilian baron by birth and
polymath who was considered Mussolini's "court philosopher" for a time, he was
labeled by Herman Hesse as a "dazzling and interesting, but very dangerous
author," which is probably the best one-sentence description that could be
applied to him.  He was a complex figure with no shortage of "problematic"
aspects, and his writings exert a polarizing effect on those who read them.
I often find myself wishing I could claim the aspects of his work that I like
and ignore the rest, but this is impossible to do.  With all of these caveats,
I nevertheless consider Evola's description of the "hidden" dimensions in
world events to be so profound that I feel compelled to include it here.
In this essay, Evola describes the "subterranean" dimension that operates in
world affairs:

     The occult war is a battle that is waged imperceptibly by the forces of
     global subversion, with means and in circumstances ignored by current
     historiography.  The notion of occult war belongs to a three-dimensional
     view of history: this view does not regard as essential the two
     superficial dimensions of time and space (which includes causes, facts,
     and visible leaders) but rather emphasizes the dimension of depth, or the
    "subterranean" dimension in which forces and influences often act in a
     decisive manner, and which, more often not than not, cannot be reduced to
     what is merely human, whether at an individual or collective level.  (19)

     What is important to realize in this analysis is that the superficial
"players" that always get blamed in conspiracy theories (Jews, Catholics,
Masons, Reptilians, and UFO's all seem to be competing for world domination)
are little more than archetypal projections for what is, in fact, a system
that operates on a much deeper level.  To illustrate this, Evola turns towards
one of the most insidious pieces of propaganda ever produced: The Protocols of
the Elders of Zion.  Evola states that the document is undoubtedly a forgery,
but that it is useful in illustrating how an overall system conspires to
produce a degrading "Luciferian" condition on humanity:

     The secret forces of global subversion know exactly that the basis of the
     order to be destroyed consisted in the supernatural element that is, in
     the spirit - conceived not as a philosophical abstraction or as an
     element of faith, but as a superior reality, as a reference point for the
     integration of everything that is human.  (20)

     In other words, there is not a Jewish conspiracy, or a conspiracy of the
bankers, Trilateral Commission, space aliens or anything else.  This is not to
say that men in high places do not act in a manner that sometimes appears
"conspiratorial" to those outside.  (You'd be a fool to think that you're
getting the whole story from the _New York Times_).  There is, however, an
active movement away from the realm of the spiritual towards the inverse pole
of spiritual negation, or the "reign of Antichrist."  The "Antichrist" should
not just be thought of as a physical person, although he/she/it may equitable
to one person or group of people at some time in the future.  The sequence of
events which may culminate in the "Antichrist" may or may not come about in a
manner as described in the _Book of Revelation_, but it nevertheless gives a
good archetypal representation of how these events will transpire.  Most of
the collective understanding of the Antichrist is based on ridiculous
misinterpretations of Biblical scripture anyway, which serves the goal of the
"reign of Antichrist."  What usually happens is that some "Bible scholar" such
as Jack van Impe tries to put a literalistic interpretation on this or that
passage of the _Book of Revelation_, equating "Gog and Magog" with Iraq and
Afghanistan or something of that nature.  Of course, no one man can understand
exactly when and where the Apocalypse is going to transpire.  The so-called
"rapture," an event which will supposedly have every Christian whisked away as
if by teleportation before the Apocalypse, also stretches the limits of
imagination beyond what anyone should believe (not to even mention the fact
that it is the result of inept Bible "scholarship.")

     It is the overall movement away from Spirit toward a wholly materialistic
existence that will produce a pattern of events similar to that described in
eschatological literature.  As the overall synchronistic pattern of events
manifests itself as we inch towards the Antichrist, some people attempt to
piece together the whole nefarious chain of events in an attempt to place the
blame on groups such as bankers, aliens, and Theosophists.  The truth of the
matter is that almost all of us participate in and perpetuate the
"conspiracy."  While capitalists undoubtedly push garbage on us that is
"Luciferian" in nature, at the end of the day no one forces us to eat
McDonald's, watch five hours of television a day, or spend our money on
pointless gadgets that are obsolete a year after we buy them.  We do these
things to ourselves.  For one to become aware of this "conspiracy" is for one
to engage our individual "dragons" on a personal level; whether or not the
person successfully slays the dragon will determine whether or not they emerge
as someone who has successfully attained a higher degree of consciousness.  To
struggle with the "lizards," then, symbolizes nothing less than our individual
struggle to attain a higher level of consciousness - true self-awareness.  Not
everybody wins this struggle: those who lose this psychological battle may
enter the schizophrenic realm of the conspiracy theorist who blames Jews or
Masons for the world's problems.  However, those who do engage in this
struggle - whether or not they emerge victorious - nevertheless come out of it
with an awareness of the "subterranean" level of existence that most do not
realize is operating.

     Evola states that the "conspiracy" perpetuates itself by presenting
itself as a dichotomy of two "choices," both of which are equally false.  In
other words, you can believe in a far-fetched "conspiracy" that revolves
around a secret cabal of Zionist Rosicrucians who issue simultaneous marching
orders to the Russian, Chinese, and American governments, or you can choose to
NOT believe in such a conspiracy.  Most conspiracy theories are so
breathtaking in scope that they are obviously untrue, however, to deny the
"conspiratorial" nature of the system as a whole is to give in to something
equally false and misleading.  Presenting the only "choice" available as that
between an outlandish conspiracy or denial of any conspiracy obscures the REAL
"conspiracy", which is the negation of the spiritual realm.  As the history of
the twentieth century shows, modernity's movement away from the spiritual has
had disastrous consequences for the collective soul of mankind.  While we have
made immense material progress, we have also created a world in which complete
destruction is a very real possibility.  Despite the ignorance and barbarism
of earlier eras, there was still no threat of global annihilation: neither
Attila the Hun or Julius Caesar could come close to killing millions with a
single bomb.

     One cannot really understand the whole UFO/reptilian phenomenon unless
one understands the depth and breadth of the relentless war on the spiritual
that is going on today.  The logical question that follows is: why is there
necessarily a dynamic that moves AWAY from the spiritual and towards the
"system of Antichrist"?  Why should we not believe the opposite - that despite
all of our apparent problems, humanity is moving towards a HIGHER state of
spiritual realization, or some sort of utopian future worthy of a science
fiction novel?

     Detractors would rightly point out that there have always been those who
thought they were living in the worst times in history, and there has always
been a collective longing for a day when men were spiritual and wise.  To
imply that "decline" is the order of the day goes against most contemporary
thought, which holds fast to the notion of "progress" over earlier ages of
darkness and ignorance.  While many people would not deny the ills that ail
our civilization, they would point to all of the good things that we seem to
be moving towards in our era: increased tolerance, increased respect for
"diversity," greater environmental awareness, etc.

     The notion that we are moving towards some sort of "higher plane of
spiritual realization" is simply another false doctrine propagated by those in
the modern age who cannot see past the biases and prejudices of our current
time.  This bias is rooted in the modern dogma of "eternal progress," which
really solidified in the popular mind in the nineteenth century.  Much of the
so-called "progress," such as the abolition of slavery in the West, really
comes from nothing more than the fact that modern technology made slavery
inherently uneconomical.  And while our modern affluence has managed to create
diversions which may divert our collective barbarism for a short while, the
tendency towards violence nevertheless exists right below the surface.  I do
not want to discourage those who are working to make the world a better place,
but to ignore the "heart of darkness" that exists in the collective soul of
humanity is a dangerous proposition.

     Much of the blame for our modern prejudices comes from misunderstood
Darwinian ideas, which have led us to think that everything is "evolving."
(Darwin would, of course, say that evolution in no way implies the move
towards something better, just something more able to withstand the rigors of
its environment.)  In New Age spirituality, there is a constant emphasis on
"personal evolution," "the evolution of consciousness," or the "evolution of
spirituality."  New Age philosophers such as Ken Wilber propose the creation
of a "new world religion" as religious belief seems to be moving away from the
blind dogmatism responsible for the likes of the Crusades and the Inquisition
(the two examples that every college student will instantly offer to "prove"
that traditional religion has no positive aspects, even though the atheistic
Communist regimes of the twentieth century have killed thousands of times more
people than the Catholic Church ever did).  This softer, gentler "universal
spirituality" will supposedly blend the best aspects of all religions into one
another.  The perception is that the "death of dogma" is representative of
some sort of "unification" or move to a greater spiritual awareness.

     Unfortunately, the current synthesis of thought and belief is in no
evidence of the move towards "higher" spiritual ground.  Rather, this is in
fact a universal leveling of all spiritual thought to one lowest common
denominator.  The end result is not something better than everything that was
previously isolated, but rather something rendered impotent.  It is a
negation, not an awakening.  We tend to confuse "uniformity" with "unity,"
when in fact the two are as dissimilar as any two opposites that can be

     If you have a hard time picturing this, consider this: is the fact that
all youth from Nairobi to New York now seem to wear the same clothing, speak
in similar slang, and aspire to the same consumer product-oriented lifestyle
indicative of some sort of universal "realization?"  Or is this instead
representative of a universal leveling of every human society down to a
universal lowest common denominator?  Likewise, does the "unification" which
leads many people to a line of thought that considers Buddhism, Christianity,
and Hinduism to be essentially the same do anything but reduce the poignancy
of each of these religions?

     Another nefarious trend in modern thought comes from those utopians who
aspire to the creation of a "world state."  (The "New World Order" or "One
World State" is a staple of eschatological literature.)  At first glance, the
idea of a One World State headed by the United Nations or similar organization
seems like a great idea and would be supported by most "rational" people of
the modern age.  It would conceivably eliminate the problems arising from
nationalism, intertribal fighting, etc. and would allow for a more equitable
distribution of land and resources.  (The more likely outcome is that the more
numerous lowest common denominator would most likely take from more productive
minorities.)  A One World State would allow for common coordination on certain
problems that affect humanity on a global scale, such as environmental
degradation.  Most would say a move to a global state is a prerequisite for a
"global awakening" and move to a "higher collective state of consciousness".

     The television series _Star Trek_ has become a religion of sorts to many
people; note how it presents "unity" (among the Earth and planets) as its
penultimate goal.  Of course, we're about as likely to engage in
interplanetary travel as MIT is to grant Gisele Bundchen an honorary doctorate
in chemical engineering.  Sorry guys, but the quicker you come to realize that
you're not getting "beamed up" any time soon - by either Jesus or Captain
Pickard - the sooner you will realize that all of this desire for a "space
messiah" is really just due to the lack of access to immediate, personal
transcendence that can only come from direct knowledge of a living God.

     It becomes clear rather quickly upon reflection that the universal
imposition of uniformity is not indicative of anything but a "race to the
bottom,, leaving every citizen of the world stripped of any semblance of real
culture, the only replacement being a false secular "faith" in so-called
"progress" (which is only material progress, as if "more stuff" is going to
make everyone happy).  This is not to say that efforts toward global stability
and cooperation are bad and that they should all be discouraged.  However, the
"One World State" will have a whole lot of "uniformity" but not a whole lot of
"unity" - again, people are always confusing the two.  It will suck the marrow
out of the last vestiges of traditional culture around the planet, leaving in
its wake soulless consumerism that will bring out the worst aspects of every
group on the planet.  Claude Levi-Strauss once likened Western civilization to
a virus that invades traditional societies and renders them incapable of
reproducing.  It does not substitute a newer, better culture, but rather
destroys the culture that is already there.  To negate something does not
imply that something "better" naturally replaces it: to assume that the
overnight cultural destruction of civilizations thousands of years in the
making by modern society is automatically "good" reveals a blind allegiance
towards the new dogma of the modern age.

     A One World State might start out with the best of intentions, and would
probably not inherently evil - but it would nevertheless allow for a means by
which the worst evil could manifest.  It would certainly have little patience
for stubborn little groups such as Muslims who might not "play well" with the
New World Order.  (For example, consider the fact that Islamic law prevents
charging interest on loans!)  The One World State might decide - "in the best
interest of all," of course - that one particular problematic group would be
better of not reproducing, giving rise to all sorts of eugenic nightmares.
The New World Order pays a lot of lip service to "diversity," but it really
has no patience for the true differences that exist between individuals and
peoples.  Instead, its "diversity" is that of the same namesake that is
currently dogma in Human Resources departments and college campuses.  In other
words, celebrate your ethnic heritage, just so long as you confine it to
bringing in some "ethnic food" during Diversity Week.  Other than that, go
with the flow and be a good overspent cubicle drone.  Resisting the
overwhelming tide of consumer spending would represent a truly "diverse"
perspective, but of course, that's not the sort of "diversity" that people
usually talk about.

     The various utopian fantasies inherent in One Worldism have as their
basis the notion that "happiness" translates into little more than the
satiation of material needs.  Certainly, no one would argue that living
hand-to-mouth doesn't exactly leave much room for fulfillment.  The world
would certainly be a better place if everyone were assured of adequate
nutrition and medical care.  But at the same time, a high degree of affluence
doesn't necessarily produce individuals who are "happier" than their poor
counterparts.  We need only to think here of the stereotypical trust-fund baby
in a large metropolis who can find nothing better to do than improve his golf
handicap and develop a cocaine habit.  Samuel Johnson once quipped that "a man
who is tired of London is tired of life," because London contains the best of
human experience.   How many people are "tired of London" to the point of
severe depression - despite living in the most materially affluent societies
the world has ever seen?

     The French metaphysician Rene Guenon called this universal leveling the
inevitable result of a move from "quality" to "quantity," a concept he fully
articulated in his seminal book _The Reign of Quantity and the Signs of the
Times_. "Quality" corresponds to the realm of Platonic ideals, or archetypes.
Each of these "qualitative" possibilities is a universal archetype in the mind
of God, which manifests itself over the course each cyclic manvantara (a "day
in the life of the mind of God" in Hindu cosmology.)  In the beginning of the
cycle, these qualitative possibilities exist as a "spiritual pole" from whence
all archetypal forms emanate.  As the cycle progresses, however, the forms
gradually move to a more "quantitative" form.  To Guenon, "quality" is
exemplified by the arts performed by men of antiquity.  The contrast between
the work performed by an artisan of antiquity, who produced unique goods that
were a natural outpouring of his potential, is a stark contrast to the work
performed in modern day offices and factories, which consists of dreary
"quantitative" tasks that reduce everything to numbers and figures.  As anyone
who has worked in an environment (i.e., nearly everyone) can attest to, there
is no room for anything but "efficiency" in the Corporation.  The poetic,
lyrical, and aesthetic are completely devalued.

     It is remarkable that even in 1945, Guenon prophetically discerned the
"universal leveling" that was taking place.  Note that it should not at all be
assumed that the West is some sort of evil force that is consciously seeking
to destroy the livelihood of every other culture.  It is rather that the move
away from the spiritual started in the West, and this inversion consequently
has spread like a cancer all across the globe:

     The modern Westerner is moreover not content only to impose an education
     of that sort at home; he also wants to impose it on other peoples,
     together with the whole gamut of his own mental and bodily habits, so as
     to make all the world uniform, while at the same time he imposes
     uniformity on the outward aspect of the world by the diffusion of the
     products of his industry.  The consequence, paradoxical only in
     appearance, is that to the extent that more uniformity is imposed on it,
     the world is by so much the less 'unified' in the real sense of the word.
     In fact the imposition of uniformity, while actually leading in a
     direction exactly opposite to that of true unity, since it tends to
     realize that which is most remote therefrom, takes shape as a sort of
     caricature of unity [as] unity itself is inversely reflected in the
    'units' that constitute pure quantity.  (21)

     The end of an era (which we undoubtedly now live in) is marked by a move
to "pure quantity" and a near-complete ignorance of the spiritual reality
which gave rise to all of the possibilities at the beginning of the cycle.
Our current "reign of quantity" has created computer programs that supposedly
are able to rate the greatness of poetry, defined human sexuality as the
number of orgasms that a partner is able to obtain, and told us that any
"mental problems" we have are little more than an imbalance of serotonin or
dopamine.  It has produced the abominable eugenics movement, which states that
great individuals are nothing more than the sum total of their DNA.  It has
given us the likes of B.F. Skinner, who considered human spirituality,
freedom, and self-determinism outdated, annoying concepts which needed to be
swept away in order to produce a "perfect" society that would be controlled by
"men of science."  It has produced the Viet Nam War, in which "winning" was
defined as the attainment of the right "kill ratio" of Viet Cong guerillas
dead in proportion to America troops.

     With that in mind, let me return to the "reptilian" phenomenon.  Inherent
in the move from "quality" to "quantity" over the course of the manvantara is
the true meaning of the "transition to fourth density" and the various
predictions relating to the end of the Mayan calendar in the year 2012, which
are commonly cited in UFO literature.  To understand these various aspects of
"Ickeian" thinking, you must understand the notion of cyclical time and some
of the qualities that are going to be present at the end of a particular
cycle.  Again, it is important to not take what is being said by Icke at face
value, but rather as an archetypal representation of the events that unfold
during a manvantara.  To someone immersed in the common idea of linear time,
what I am about to say is undoubtedly going to seem a bit obtuse, but (caveat
emptor) I cannot effectively cover cyclical time in full detail here.  Paul
Halpern's book _The Cyclical Serpent_ does an excellent job of this, and
moreover, it is fully accessible to someone who is skeptical of the concepts
being presented.


     One of the characteristics found at the end of a cycle is that very few
will be able to understand anything at all outside of the biases of the
present age.  People will speak myopically of "inexorable laws of human
nature" or mutter aphorisms about "the way it always has been and always will
be," not realizing that the "eternal truths" taken for granted are only "true"
in the context of our modern worldview.  Likewise, some people will come to
possess bits and pieces of eternal truths, but will end up reading more into
these remnants of truth than they should, or will integrate these truths in
the context of modern beliefs.  Essential truths may be found in some of these
bastardized accounts, but one will have to look beyond the immediate forms and
imagery presented.

     In an online article entitled "The Reptilians - Why They Are Obsessed
with Bloodline and Ritual," David Icke tries to elaborate on what the "big
picture" is in relation to the revelations he is presenting:

     The reptilian and other entities, which are manipulating our world by
     possessing "human" bodies, operate in frequencies between the Third and
     Fourth densities.  These are referred to as "hidden spaces and planes
     unknown to man," in the apparently ancient "Emerald Tablets" which I
     quote from in "Children of the Matrix."  For simplicity, I refer to this
    "between world" in my books as the lower fourth dimension.

     It is from here that they police our vibrational prison - the Matrix -
     and seek to addict and restrict us to the dense physical senses.  This
     world was once far less dense than it is today and the "fall" down the
     frequencies, caused by the manipulation of incarnate consciousness and
     DNA infiltration, has made it so much more difficult to maintain a multi-
     dimensional connection while in physical form.  We are now in a cycle of
     change when the vibration of this "world" will be raised out of dense
     physicality and return to where it once was.  In doing so, the
     reptilians' ability to manipulate our physical form will be removed and
     this is why they are in such a panic at this time to prevent this shift
     from opening the vibrational prison door.  (22)

     What does it truly mean that "the vibration of this 'world' will be
raised out of dense physicality and return to where it once was?"  And why
does this seem to have a relationship to those having "spiritual" experiences
and awareness of various conspiracy theories and the "return to dreamtime"
that is predicted to happen near the end of the Mayan calendar in the year
2012?  Here, David Icke is giving an archetypal representation of many of the
aspects inherent in a cycle, which finds its most articulate expression in the
form of Vedic cosmology, from which Guenon drew much of his inspiration.

     Guenon's views, which are articulations of Vedic cosmology, have a cycle
consisting of a qualitative beginning and quantitative ending.  To simplify
greatly, as the cycle manifests, spirit (which consists of the realm of
Platonic archetypes and forms, which may be thought of as possibilities in the
mind of God) "descends" into matter through time.  Guenon referred to this
descent as the "solidification of the world" and devoted a chapter of the same
name to the subject in the _Reign of Quantity and the Signs of the Times_:

     It is quite natural that in the course of cyclical development both the
     cosmic manifestation as a whole and also human mentality, which is of
     course necessarily included therein, together follow the same descending
     course, the nature of which has already been specified as consisting in a
     gradual movement away from the principle, and thus away from the primal
     spirituality inherent in the essential pole of manifestation

     In order to reach the stage that has been described, man must have lost
     the use of the faculties which in normal times allowed him to pass beyond
     the bounds of the sensible world, the loss being due to the existence of
    'materialization' or 'solidification,' naturally as effective in him as in
     the rest of the cosmic manifestation of which he is a part.  (23)

     In this paragraph, Guenon also hints at something that is very important:
the fact that man of antiquity did not "see" the world in the same way we see
it today.  This explains why many aspects of ancient cultures resist our
modern understanding, and why the myths and legends of ancient peoples are
viewed as little more than primitive superstition in the modern mind; the
importance of this cannot be overstated.

     These are not easy concepts to digest.  Vedic cosmology is as foreign to
the modern Western mind as anything that can be imagined.  The best "layman's
description" this that I have found comes from the Sufi scholar Charles Upton,
who gives an overview of Vedic cosmology:

     Guenon saw history in terms of the Hindu concept of the manvantara, the
     cycle of manifestation composed of Golden, Silver, Bronze, and Iron ages.
     He saw this cycle as an inevitable descent from the pole of Essence, or
     forma - the Hindu Purusha - toward the pole of Substance, or materia -
     the Hindu Prakriti.  Essence is qualitative, while actually lying above
     quality.  Substance is quantitative, while in reality situated below

     As the cycle progresses, or rather descends, the very nature of time and
     space changes.  In earlier ages, space dominates; the forms of things are
     more important, more real, than the changes they undergo; time is
    'relatively eternal.'  As the cycle moves on, however, time begins to take
     over, melting down space and the forms within it until everything is an
     accelerating flow of change.

     Maybe we can better understand what Guenon was talking about if we notice
     that when we are in a state of deep calm, space is more real than time;
     when we are agitated, time becomes more real than space.  [Here I would
     emphasize that it is our conscious perception of space and time that
     influences them.]  And it shouldn't be too hard to see how faster modes
     of travel, and especially the electronic media, which disturb and agitate
     consciousness, also annihilate space; cyberspace, in particular, is the
     annihilation of all special dimension.  In these latter days, nothing has
     a stable form.  Everything moves faster and faster, until all form -
     including the Human Form itself - becomes a shapeless blur.

     But this constant acceleration of time can't go on forever.  At one point
     it will have to stop.  'Time the devourer,' quotes Guenon, 'ends by
     devouring itself.'  At the end of time, time will instantaneously be
     changed into space again.  This ultimate, timeless point is
     simultaneously the end of this cycle and the manifestation and the
     beginning of the 'next.' [Note: in this paragraph we can see the true
     meaning of the end date of the Mayan calendar in the year 2012 as
     detailed by Terence McKenna and John Major Jenkins.]

     But before this ultimate transformation, in the latter days of the
     present cycle, certain final developments must take place.  Since
     quantity has particularly to do with matter, the 'reign of quantity' must
     also be the reign of materialism  and where materialistic ideas dominate,
     the very cosmic environment becomes in a sense more material.  The 'age
     of miracles' ceases; the world becomes less permeable to the influences
     of higher planes of reality; the very belief in such planes, as well as
     in an eternal and transcendent God, becomes harder to maintain.

     The very heaviness of materialism, however, ultimately results in a sort
     of 'brittleness.' The cosmic environment, having lost much of the
     flexibility which allowed it to be moved by the Divine Spirit, begins to
     crack, like an old tree that can no longer bend in the wind, and ends up
     being uprooted in the storm.  But these cracks in the cosmic environment,
     in the 'Great Wall' separating the material world from the realm of
     subtle energies, first happen in the 'downard' rather than the 'upward'
     direction, letting in a flood of 'infra-psychic' forces, either neutral
     or actively demonic most obviously by what we've come to call the 'UFO
     phenomenon' which has had an incalculable effect upon our common view of
     reality, we can see the direct effects of these forces on the quality of
     our consciousness, the structure of our society, our cultural forms and
     our economic priorities.  (24)

     In these poignant words, we can see a metaphysical explanation for the
whole of the Reptilian phenomena.  The Reptilians are demonic, "infra-psychic"
forces that occasionally pop through the "cracks in the great wall of
materialism;" likewise, many of the aspects associated with conspiracy
theories are little more than people grasping to understand who seems to be
responsible for this chain of events.  Jews, who get associated with
materialism, consequently have conspiratorial aspects ascribed to them, as do
the various sects of the supposed Illuminati, who embody the "age of reason"
and its emphasis on material values at the expense of spiritual ones.

     And what does the whole notion of "DNA activation" mean?  Talk of "DNA
activation" is another attempt to "scientize" a phenomenon that would much
better be labeled "enlightenment" or "attainment of true self-awareness."
DNA, which exists in a dyadic form, epitomizes consciousness.  It is charged
with reproduction, ever reaching towards further complexity and novelty in an
effort to comprehend itself.  The two strands of DNA are similar in their
archetypal characteristics to other complementary dyadic relationships (that
are much better representations of this phenomenon): male and female, or Sun
and Moon.  The goal of alchemy, in contrast to the way it is commonly
perceived, was not merely to change physical lead into physical gold, but
rather to cause complete regeneration of the self.  One succeeds in attaining
this when one reintegrates one's male (active, or solar aspects - associated
with the Sun) with one's lunar aspects (passive, or lunar - associated with
the Moon).

     For one's DNA to be "activated," then, means to come to a true awareness
of self; to attain true consciousness and self-awareness.  For those familiar
with Indian metaphysics, this process is analogous to a "Kundalini awakening,"
which is represented as a coiled Ouroboros serpent at the base of the spine
(representing the merging of two complementary opposites into one unbroken

     When "DNA activation" occurs, one becomes aware of the "reptilian
conspiracy" designed to keep humanity "asleep," but at this point one also
becomes susceptible to takeover by dark forces.  Many people who undergo the
perilous voyage to true self-awareness encounter forces far beyond their
control, and as a result become emotionally, spiritually (or even physically)
impotent.  It's easy for us to make fun of a lot of the people who fall for
various cults and silly dogmas, but I don't think anyone starts out in life
wanting to be the sort of person that is a target for ridicule.  The Heaven's
Gate victims were probably not much different from the average "spiritual
seeker" who is looking for truth in an uncertain world.  We ignore the
mistakes that these people make at our own peril.

     Most people who are involved in the various "UFO movements" or fringe
occult groups are really just looking for a savior; someone or something to
beam them off of this horrible planet and out of their small, miserable lives
as soon as possible.  Most of the people involved in dodgy "occult studies"
are just looking for an easy way to increase their status, as they feel
impotent in the modern world.  One must overcome these sorts of attachments
related to the material plane: only then can one truly attain self-awareness.
As Icke says, "DNA activation" leads one open to possible takeover by the
Reptilian humanoids, but he also states that the Reptilians are afraid of
those who have undergone this process.  The Reptilians seem to "know" that a
person undergoing this process will become a threat to their existence if they
do not do something to arrest it.

     An example of "awakening" can be found in the classic B-movie "They
Live": "Rowdy" Roddy Piper picks up a pair of sunglasses that allow him to
penetrate through the coded messages inherent in consumer society.  Money
becomes nothing more than a blank piece of paper with the words "This Is Your
God" printed on it and newspapers blare one-word headlines such as "Consume."
It is not that "Rowdy" Roddy Piper has lost any of his previous faculties;
rather, he has become aware of a "Luciferian" element that permeates the world
(he ends up dying in the end of "They Live", although he saves himself and
humanity in the process).

     Attaining true self awareness has inherent in it the ability to step
outside the confines of profane existence and to view the whole of human
history from a cosmic perspective.  After one undergoes "DNA activation," one
becomes aware of the "subterranean dimension" that Julius Evola spoke of
earlier in the article.  The tide of history stops looking like something that
arises merely out of haphazard historical and political factors; it now has a
new dimension that was previously invisible.  No one who has undergone this
process can view anything as separate from a larger spiritual "big picture" of
what is going on.  As a friend of mine once put it, "You can drive through the
suburbs and see the relationship between Lockheed-Martin, Home Depot,
McDonald's, and Internet porn."  Nothing can be viewed as having an existence
outside of a larger spiritual cause.

     Last of all, David Icke makes a reference to a "time loop" in the
following passage, which is obviously a reference to cyclical time.  Those
familiar with the writings of Nietzsche will also be familiar with this

     From what I understand, this dense physical world is caught in a
     manufactured time "loop," in which "time" is a circle, constantly
     repeating itself.  Note that one of the ancient symbols for "infinity" is
     the snake swallowing its own tail.  The pentagram or five-pointed star,
     so prevalent in Satanism, is also symbolic of this unbroken "time" cycle,
     the vibrational prison.
     The period we are now experiencing has, therefore, been played out
     before.  We are just at that point again in the repeating circle or
     cycle, like a rat running on one of those wheels in a cage.  No matter
     how fast it runs, it keeps covering the same ground.
     What we need to do is break the "time" circle and thus the prison.  We
     are now in that part of the circle that is most vulnerable to this
     because of the vibrational changes taking place in this part of the
     Universe and this is why the control of humans has tightened so rapidly
     in this period - they are doing everything they can to defend their
     prison from the awakening of the inmates.  (25)

     What does this mean?  At the end of every manvantara, materialism and
"false idols" predominate.  The world of spirit, which was taken for granted
by every civilization of antiquity (from the most advanced and benevolent to
the most debased and savage) is resigned to the realm of "superstition."  And
because spirituality and religion is no less a product of the natural
degenerative process than anything else, people see the artifacts of Spirit as
little more than obsolete rituals which are completely divorced from the
transcendental principles they were initially meant to represent.  To give but
one example, "Christianity" in America today is little more than yet another
vehicle by which the current biases of the modern age may manifest themselves.
This has given us all sorts of horrible things - "postmodern theology" for
starters - with the worst undoubtedly being Christian popular music, which has
managed to take music that is already by nature terrible and somehow make it

     However, this era is a huge opportunity for those who can somehow
circumvent all of the pitfalls of the age.  Those who can survive the
dissolution of the present cycle will only do so by attaining true-self
awareness, which means becoming a truly conscious individual versus just
another glorified orangutan that is mindlessly repeating the slogans and
actions learned in the materialistic world.  Those who attain this realization
may become possibilities that fix themselves in the next cycle; those who do
not, despite being given the opportunity to do so, will probably find their
existence dissolved.  They will return to the "totem," or the repeating realm
of undifferentiated forms and archetypes, versus following the path of the
"gods."  The number of those who truly overstep the boundaries of the "eternal
return" of cyclical time will obtain a privilege that is rare indeed: an age
that is inherently "unheroic" produces far larger possibilities for heroic
action than does any previous age.  Julius Evola had this to say about the
current Kali Yuga we now live in and its relationship to a superior man that
may emerge from the wasteland of modern society:

     This is all we can say about a certain category of men in view of the
     fulfillment of the times, a category that by virtue of its own nature
     must be that of a minority.  This dangerous path may be trodden.  It is a
     real test.  In order for it to be complete in its resolve it is necessary
     to meet the following conditions: all the bridges are to be cut, no
     support found, and no returns possible; also, the only way out must be

     It is typical of a heroic vocation to face the greatest wave knowing that
     two destinies lie ahead: that of those who will die with the dissolution
     of the modern world, and that of those who will find themselves in the
     main and regal streams of the new current although the Kali Yuga is an
     age of great destructions, those who live during it and manage to remain
     standing may achieve fruits that were not easily achieved by men living
     in other ages.  (26)


     Anyone who's ever seen the movie _The Usual Suspects_ probably remembers
Kevin Spacey talking about "the greatest trick the devil ever played on the
world" - it was convincing everyone that he didn't exist.

     Is there a literal "Lucifer" who's somehow responsible for Nazi death
camps and Matchbox 20 records?  I'm not inclined to think so, but this does
not at all diminish the fact that there is a "Luciferian system" which has
gained such a degree of hegemony that most of us cannot even imagine that life
was ever different.

     At any crime scene, a police detective will immediately ask "que bono"
("who benefits?") in order to establish suspects.  When you examine the
Reptilian phenomenon, it is useful to ask who might benefit from it.  At least
consider the following: if you wanted to delude a good portion of the
population into believing false, spiritually misleading ideas, what better
system could you possibly come up with than one which allows for the mental
discombobulation of huge numbers of susceptible people, afterwards
marginalizing them by labeling them as insane?  Such a system is ingenious, as
it allows for a double dose of the deception; on the one hand, you get to
confuse a lot of people, and then you get "rational" people to view these
affairs as unimportant.  This creates a false dichotomy: you can either
believe in something that seems ridiculous to most people, or you can deny it
altogether.  In the meantime, the true nature of the deception is never
questioned.  This also allows for the creation of all sorts of misleading,
false "spiritualities" which hold that any sort of contact with the
"paranormal" is "spiritual," and therefore good, when in fact it might be
anything but good.  So when something like an "alien abduction" happens to a
person, they look at it as sign of truth when it just exists to deceive.

     Over the course of this article, I have admittedly covered a lot of
ground.  Any number of these topics could (and should) be expounded upon at
much greater length.  Nevertheless, I am convinced that interested parties
will do their own research and come to most of the same conclusions that I
have, but again, I don't claim to be a "teacher" - just someone who has almost
lost their mind on numerous occasions.  I have tried not to dumb down any of
this material, but this material is also not inevitably obscure.  As with
anything, your output will match your input.

     This information is already out there - there's no "secret" about any of
this at all.  It's just that most people don't care to find it.  They simply
aren't interested, and even if they are, it's much more reassuring to believe
that aliens are going to "beam us up" and save us than to be told that we need
to grapple with our own selves.  "True believers" of all stripes will
undoubtedly be hostile to much of this, which is to be expected, because at
its heart the whole "reptilian" and UFO realms are really religious phenomena.  

     Many of the concepts which now seem second nature to me seemed quite
foreign when I first encountered them and took no small amount of time and
contemplation in order to fully digest.  And I am certainly far from fully
digesting all of this material.  To truly become a master of this realm, one
must devote one's life to it.  Unfortunately, I'm not quite sure if there is a
lifetime's worth of time ahead of us.  (But again, contemplative types have
always thought they surely lived in the worst times the world has ever seen.
To overcome the fear inherent in a perennial apocalypse, we must all slay our
individual dragons.)  Will the world as we know it end in 2012?  Probably not.
But at the same time, putting things off for years on end is probably not the
option it used to be.  If you're a teenager, you might not have the luxury
that the Baby Boomers had of waiting until middle age to grapple with
spiritual issues.  I hate to even think this way, but I can't help but be
almost assured that we're all going to see some serious death and destruction
within the next few decades.  The sooner we all come to terms with this, the
better we will be.

     Knowing that there are certain inevitable conclusions to our current
"Reign of Quantity" can lead to despair.  Likewise, it is not easy to
reconcile the fact that one can truly be a free actor in lieu of the
overwhelming nature of the current Dark Age.  But again, this era is a huge
opportunity in so many ways.  When I think of the sorts of options that I have
available - travel, information, entertainment, etc.,I can't help but think
that I do live in a Golden Age in many ways.

     To know that one is a free actor, the "captain of one's soul" even given
the inevitable dissolution of the age, implies a responsibility that unaware
people do not have.  Almost every thoughtful person comes up against the
notion that life is inherently meaningless.  It is tempting to try to drown
this feeling of self-awareness with drugs, alcohol, or the mass-events typical
of the modern age.  But once self-awareness starts to make itself known, it
doesn't go away, and becomes a challenge that must be faced head-on.  No
amount of money or worldly accomplishment can dull the longing for the
transcendent, even though a common wish is that one could just find
fulfillment in one-night stands the way they used to.  There really is no way
back once the process has started.  The mountain that must be climbed is an
inner mountain, not an outer one.  When the inner mountain is climbed, the
path to the outer mountain will become perfectly clear, and will in fact
become secondary to the newly aware Self.  One will no longer have "goals,"
but just things that must be done.

     There is not one particular path, or one set of concrete actions which
one must perform, as this path is by its very nature rarefied, and each
individual person has a different role to play.  However, one thing that
always stuck in my head was something that Terence McKenna said at a 1996
lecture in Boulder, Colorado.  The most important thing one can do, McKenna
said, is to cultivate aesthetics.  A truly aesthetic way of life will
naturally lead to thoughts and actions which culminate in a connection to the
Divine, and will lead one to conclusions that are diametrically opposed to the
current "values" of the present age.  "Morality," which states that you
shouldn't enjoy certain things because they are "bad," is in no way related to
a good sense of aesthetics.  Rather, the true aesthete will find, through his
or her own experiences, that everything which is of true aesthetic value
represents the best qualitative aspects of the universe: to understand the
true nature of beauty is to understand the mind of God.  That which is of no
aesthetic virtue is the quantitative; one can have a one-bedroom apartment
that contains more aesthetic virtue in a few hundred square feet than any Wall
Street tycoon.

     There might not be a "Reptilian conspiracy," but there is certainly an
overall system in place that is doing everything possible to prevent us from
living a truly virtuous and aesthetic life.  This system makes the bad seem
good, and the good seem bad.  A person who attains self-awareness will come to
realize that they are, to borrow Nietzsche's words, "beyond good and evil,"
yet this newfound rejection of "morality" leads not to the notion that one can
engage in unlimited hedonism without the annoying constraints of guilt, but
rather to a knowledge of true virtue, which connects to the Divine.  One
breaks out of the eternal return of the "time loop" with the knowledge that
destruction is only necessary for creation: at the end of the cycle, the
Antichrist is thrown into a lake of fire; the new possibilities re-emerge into
the Godhead, and the cycle begins anew.

1. Hieronumus, Ekkehard.  Der Traum von den Urkulturen.  Vorgeschichte als
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