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                                                               by Flack

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     Mr. Miyagi said it best; "Best way to avoid being hit - no be there."

     Not only does this advice apply to karate (it got Daniel-san through
three movies, after all), but to hacking as well.  By design, TCP/IP packets
are pretty simple to trace.  When you connect to a host system, your IP
address is usually logged - thus begins the game.  They try and find us; we
try and make that difficult.

     For years, I have been obsessed with the idea of "the perfect hack," one
that would be completely untraceable.  Years ago, I thought I had come up with
it.  A co-worker of mine loaned me his username and password for a school
project (what a guy).  Within minutes, I had downloaded the ISP's password
file, and that weekend I had tons of working accounts.  By sheer luck, one of
the accounts I cracked belonged to the local police department.  After a
little poking around, I found out that they were running their website from
that account as well.  Oh, happy day!  Soon, a plan was formulated.  A
replacement website was designed, one with a picture of my butt in a jailhouse
window, complete with a bunch of shoutouts and whatnot.

     I had everything in place and ready to go, but in the end I chickened
out.  There were just too many ways to get caught.  Dialing the ISP from my
house would make things a little too convenient for the authorities, who no
doubt would get involved in solving their own website defacement.  Even
telnetting across the country and abroad did not seem like a foolproof method
of hiding my location.  I had even considered going to a public place like a
school, library or office building and performing the hack from one of their
phone lines, but that introduced the layer of physical security (namely,
security cameras).  That is all I needed - a picture of my face to go with
that of my rear end.  At one point I had even prepared a 100ft phone cord,
complete with alligator clips on one end for the purpose of hooking up to a
telephone pedestal and jacking into a line there.  Wow, nothing suspicious
about a kid with a laptop sitting on the street corner with line running to a
big green metal box.  Eventually, the entire project was shelved.

     That adventure took place ten years ago this summer.  Of course, the
technology now exists that will allow me to perpetrate the perfect hack, and
the good news is it runs about $30.  I am referring to, of course, wireless

     Three years ago, I got caught up in the then-exciting new world of
wardriving.  But you see, I do not live in California or New York.  I live in
Oklahoma (where the wind goes sweeping down the plain).  I have never seen a
warchalking symbol in the wild.  Heck, for the majority of 2002, I could not
even find another wireless signal.

     But times have changed my friends.  Oh, how they have changed.

     Last weekend, I ran a simple experiment.  Running Netstumbler on my
laptop, I checked out my neighborhood once again.  In the stretch between my
house and the neighborhood entrance, there are approximately 50 houses.
During that drive, I hit 31 wireless access points; 25 of them unprotected.
Simply put, that means (at least in my neighborhood) that 62% of the houses
near me have wireless routers in their homes - and 80% of those are wide open,
the equivalent of connecting one end of a network cable to your home LAN and
leaving the other end at the end of your driveway for me to use whenever I
want, however I want.

     But it gets even better.  While driving down a major street, I began
picking up wireless access points that identified themselves.  Many of the
coffee shops, hotels, and restaurants in my area have begun offering free
wireless Internet access to patrons.  Apparently that offer has been extended
to people parking across the street.  While sitting in the parking lot of my
local car wash, I can pick up three different wireless signals.  Two of them
are wide open, and one of them is using WEP.

     Now, let's talk about wireless security for a moment.  The big two I run
into are WEP and MAC locking.  With the right tools, you can crack both in
less than ten minutes, and five if you are lucky.  So far though, I have not
needed to.  So many people have left their keys in the ignition, so-to-speak,
that I have not needed to pick any locks yet.  Do not forget about those
security features though, as we are going to come back to them shortly.

     For now, let's start thinking about that perfect crime again.  Using that
scenario from ten years ago, let's say the local police department comes into
work one day and their website has a picture of some dude's butt on the front
page.  Furious, they call their ISP and demand to know what happened.  The ISP
checks their logs and says they logged a FTP connection coming from
at 2am.  A simple lookup shows that is a DSL user.  The authorities
call the local DSL provider, the IP is provided, and that leads the
authorities to... the Ramada Inn.  The FBI shows up, confiscating equipment,
throwing search warrants around and generally threatening to "get to the
bottom of this."

     Of course, you know where I am going with this.  Our hacker was never at
the Ramada Inn.  He was using their wireless signal from the car wash across
the street.  Maybe he was even sitting over there watching the raid as it

     Now, let's take this further.  Most of the machines that I have run
across are Windows 2000 machines.  If they have wireless access points wide
open, chances are they do not have administrator passwords either.  Through
remote desktop sharing, you can now do all your hacking FROM THEIR COMPUTER.
It just does not get any better than that.  Any evidence from the attack will
be on their computer, not yours.  If you wanted to set a guy up, just think of
what a few downloaded pictures and a friendly tip to your local police
department could do.  All the logs would show connections from his computer to
the Internet.

     If you want to complicate things, pick one of those sites you found
running WEP.  Why?  Because they think they are secure, and (at least
initially) they will rule out someone from the outside coming in that way.
Same thing with people who lock down MAC addresses.  They will be scratching
their heads as you waltz in and out of their systems, using their wifi point
as a springboard for your operations.

     Back in the day, a good shell account was golden.  We all had those one
or two accounts that seemed to last forever or had really large quotas that we
hung on to.  The beauty of using WAPs as launching points is, there is no
preference.  They are all the same.  As long as you can easily connect to one
and remain physically unobtrusive, it does not matter.  I recently went on a
two-hour road trip and found hundreds of unprotected wifi points.  I do not
know who owns them and I do not care.  Occasionally I would pull over, grab an
IP, check my mail, and then move on.

     While doing this, another idea occurred to me.  Hackers needing to pass
sensitive documents, files or data to one another could do it through
unsuspecting wireless hosts.  No longer would spies need to use goofy catch
phrases and drop off paper bags in the park to trade secrets.  One spy might
e-mail another spy the message, "4th and Main."  The police would intercept
the message and stake out 4th and main, watching and waiting for anything
suspicious.  Little would they realize that the message meant, "there is a
wifi signal at 4th and Main."  While the cops are looking for anything out of
the ordinary, a guy parked across the street uses his laptop to find the wifi
signal, connect to the machine, and pick up the file from a predetermined
directory location.

     Miyagi had the right idea.  When pissed off Feds show up, you do NOT want
to be there.  By launching attacks from unsuspecting wireless access points,
you can ensure that the dust trail does not lead back to your camp.

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