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        ...presents...     Transmuting Beta to Alpha
                                               by J. Salvatore Testa II

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                    __      Grand Imperial Dynasty      __
 Est. 1984   \\\\\\/ cDc paramedia: texXxt 407-05/29/2006 \//////   Est. 1984

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       It happened again.  You slump back into your chair, bury your face in
your hands and wonder, "Why are women so attracted to assholes?  Why do nice
guys finish last?  Why do women go for idiot jocks who abuse them when I'm the
nice guy who does and says all the things women say they want?"

       Inevitably, all Nice Guys hit rock-bottom at one point or another and
fall into despair.  No matter how hard they try, they simply cannot solidify
relationships with females.  After failing an attempt, they usually take one
of two paths:  give up, or try harder with the same Nice Guy game plan.
Because both choices are guaranteed to end in disaster, the Nice Guy
unfortunately becomes trapped in an unending cycle of depression.  While there
is always that third option -- become the asshole that women crave -- the Nice
Guy thoroughly rejects it outright (for reasons that should be obvious).
"I'd rather lose with dignity than win without honor," he says to himself.

       This highlights a very common misconception:  that the only way to be
attractive to females is to use and abuse them.  The folly of this belief is
quite subtle, but becomes clear upon studying the breakdown of female
attraction towards males.  Once this is understood, it can be shown that a
modification of one's approach can be both highly effective and morally
acceptable.  Indeed, it is possible for the Nice Guy to be wanted.

                                                I. The Breakdown of Attraction

       For both sexes, attraction is largely rooted in biology.  Males are
attracted to females who exhibit signs of fertility and health (i.e.:  big
boobs, round asses, and curvy hips), and females are attracted to males who
can best provide for their offspring (i.e.:  physical fitness,
confidence/success, and wealth/power).

       As primitive and pathetic as this may seem, these criteria have
nevertheless been re-enforced over millions of years of evolution since the
offspring produced under this scheme are more apt to survive and succeed.  No
doubt, these facts are disappointing to anyone who believes that the human
race has abandoned all ties to the animal kingdom through socialization and
refinement.  However, it is of the utmost importance to come to terms with
reality and accept these facts.  No matter how much they are despised,
they will remain facts; hating them does not change them (the author has
personally verified this).  Women are, always have been, and will continue to
be, preprogrammed to be attracted to manly men:  the Alpha Males.

       It is interesting to note that a male's attraction towards a female is
heavily based on physical appearance, but that females are mostly attracted to
behaviors. This gives males many more options if they wish to become more
attractive, since behaviors are relatively easy to change compared to physical

       Let us now examine precisely how women evaluate men.  Below is a list
of Alpha traits women look for, along with an explanation as to why the female
brain is designed to be drawn to them:

          Confidence: one of the surest signs of success is confidence.
          Confidence implies that one is a master of himself and his
          environment.  Because he commands (or seems to command) great
          power, he is very likely to succeed in providing for a female and
          her offspring.

          Physique: women are physically weaker than men, so one of their
          basic needs out in the wild is physical protection for themselves
          and their offspring.  A good physique also suggests to women that
          one is more able to secure resources from the harsh environment
          (remember:  their hardwired biology has not evolved with the times;
          it is irrelevant that there is little need to hunt anymore).  Note
          that "good physique" can be fulfilled in multiple ways: a
          weightlifter build works, as does the bouncer look.

These two attributes in turn tend to lead into several secondary attributes,
listed below.  They are termed 'secondary' due to their causal relationship
with confidence and physique; this does not imply that they are of lesser

          Decisiveness:  a confident male can easily make decisions because
          he is in tune with himself and his surroundings.  This facilitates
          overall success.

          Assertiveness:  a confident male is aware when his perspective is
          superior, and is not afraid of being rejected by the group for
          making it known.  Assertiveness is a quality of a good leader, and
          leaders can secure many resources for themselves and their

          Independence:  successful males are self-made.  They are not
          afraid of hard work and can operate on their own when necessary.  An
          independent male is guaranteed to succeed regardless of how much
          help he has or does not have.

          Unpredictability:  successful males operate on a level above
          everyone else, therefore their actions are not always predictable by
          common folk.  Women also find mysterious figures intriguing.

          Unavailability:  one of the fundamental building blocks of
          economics is the concept of supply & demand:  the more scarce a
          supply for a resource is, the higher the demand for it is.  Thus, if
          a male's time is scarce (because success requires constant upkeep),
          or his availability is scarce (because lots of other women appear
          to want him), then the demand for him increases [0].

          Uninterest:  a successful male develops high standards; this
          presents a challenge to women which they invariably feel the need to
          face (after all, one can only chase what is running away from
          them [1]).  Furthermore, successful males
          never obsess over particular goals because they know there is always
          more than one way to achieve the overall goal.  For example, when it
          comes to women, if a particular female rejects an advance, the
          failure is brushed off easily because the Alpha Male knows there
          are always more women AND he is confident that success will
          eventually come.

          Humor:  humor is sometimes described as a type of social aggression
          since it can be seen as an application of assertiveness.  Aggression
          is inherently manly, and thus, attractive.  (Note that humor MUST be
          accompanied with assertiveness for it to count as an Alpha quality.)

          Wealth / Power: from confidence and determination, wealth
          and/or power is guaranteed.  With either -- or both, a male can
          directly support a female & her offspring.  For that reason, this is
          perhaps the greatest attraction force.

Armed with an understanding of these basic building blocks of attraction, we
are now prepared to examine the higher-level dynamics of Assholes and Nice

                                                 II. Asshole/Nice Guy Dynamics

       Assholes can be operationalized as those who score quite high on the
scales of confidence, assertiveness, decisiveness, and independence.  The key
observation here is that they fulfill these attributes in negative ways, but
that the attributes are not negative in and of themselves.  They can be 
fulfilled in neutral, and even positive ways. Therefore, Assholes are a strict
subset of the Alpha Males:  being an Asshole immediately implies that one is 
Alpha, but being Alpha does not necessarily imply being an Asshole -- 
although this is a very common misperception.

       Conversely, women are preprogrammed with an aversion to Nice Guys
because, at its core, being nice implies subservience; by helping another
person, one is naturally less successful because all success is shared.  Nice
Guys also tend to lack assertiveness and decisiveness, are overly available,
and are usually deficient in confidence.  Intuitively, Nice Guys are not
stereotypically manly.  Because they fall short in these critical
measurements, women are not attracted to the traditional Nice Guy.

       We now consider the proper course of action for Beta Males and Nice

                                        III. The Double-Pronged Pincer Attack™

       The Double-Pronged Pincer Attack™ is proposed to be the most effective
solution to the Nice Guy's dilemma:  by simultaneously changing one's inner
and outer nature, the necessary short-term successes can be used as a
launching platform for long-term victory.

A. There Is No Truth, Only Perception

       Let us begin with the outer stratum.  Notice that the positive effects
of confidence, assertiveness, decisiveness, etc., are contingent upon being
perceived by females.  In following the saying that "there is no truth,
only perception," one can see that employing a facade can be equally effective
as truly possessing the Alpha quality itself.

       But stepping out of one's bounds of personality usually results in
significant distress.  The compromise is to start out slowly and easily.
Personalities can change, but the process is gradual.  It is like a muscle:
if continually stretched, it will adapt and grow.  And like any fitness
regimen, patience and determination are integral components.

       Some concrete examples are in order to show how simple this exercise
can be.  Observe the following primitive social behaviors and their perceived

          1. Chewing gum:  ever notice how some males exhibit a confident
             vibe when they chew gum a certain way?  This reflects from their
             inner Self.
          2. Chewing tooth picks:  an equivalent variation of the gum-chewing
          3. Prolonged eye-contact:  when viewing a female, this shows
             self-control and interest.  When viewing another male, this shows
             power and dominance.
          4. Stylized walk:  there are many struts to choose from,
             but some are better than others at conveying confidence and
          5. Holding good posture:  similar to one's walking style,
             good posture (i.e.: standing tall, wide stance) shows respect for
             one's personal space, and also commands it from others.
          6. Firm handshake:  this shows assertiveness and confidence.

       There are many other effective outward modifications; this is only the
beginning.  More can be found by observing other confident males, analyzing
their nonverbal tactics, then comparing them to one's own behaviors.  Remember
that all modifications need to be implemented gradually, and that they cannot
always be adapted in their entirety; they must all fit within the larger scope
of the Self, and some components may conflict.  Personalization &
customization of others' techniques is key.

       An important tip to keep in mind during this search is that one can
avoid contempt by watching for techniques that exploit the natural ordering of
the System without perpetuating it.  In other words, one must seek out
tactics that take advantage of the pre-existing scales of attraction without
re-enforcing them, otherwise evolution will never produce women attracted to
Nice Guys.

B. Self-Actualization

       Changes in one's outer appearance can provide a great deal of progress
in the short-term, which is critical in following through with long-term
adjustments.  Comprehensive improvement involves exploring and learning about
one's Self and mending any inconsistencies and impediments.  The Self is one's
true inner nature, and is the honest creature within all of us that most
people are socialized into suppressing and denying.  One must re-connect with
the Self so as to achieve full self-actualization.  Though such a topic is
deserving of its own dissertation, we shall only examine a small fraction of
it here.

       The Nice Guy's most common (and most damaging) deficiency is in
confidence.  Without a steady supply of confidence to power his secondary
attributes (assertiveness, decisiveness, etc.), they will eventually atrophy.
Therefore, it is of the highest importance that he reflect on the Self and
locate a source of confidence to build upon.

       Sources of confidence differ for everyone.  One technique to find them
is to focus on one's strengths and realize their importance in a larger
context.  Another is to build up a talent or skill and take pride in
accomplishments. With enough creativity, persistence, and patience, this task
is guaranteed to yield a priceless fortune beyond that of mere attractive

       One must also learn who he is, and who he is not.  He must learn his
boundaries -- and more importantly, why those boundaries exist.  Why is he a
Nice Guy?  What built him in this way?  Why must he honor this identity?
Answers to these questions will temper & strengthen his resolve, but also give
him a context within which to continue.

       The purpose of one's life must be examined.  What is desired out of
life?  How does one get to the destination once it is found?  These questions
are the most difficult to answer, and sometimes are revised along the way.
Remaining mindful of these issues will keep one honest with the Self and
prevent any disastrous disconnects.

                                                         IV. Approaching Alpha

       Eventually, there will be no need for a facade, as the outward
behaviors become internalized and automated.  That is not to say that one is
tricked into believing his own lie -- nay, keeping the prescribed path for
long enough causes the lie itself TO WHOLLY TRANSMUTE INTO TRUTH (!!).

       But the path does not end there.  It continues on, ever approaching
True Alpha, but never reaching it -- much like an asymptote.  Surprisingly,
this journey is no different than that of the martial arts student:  he who
wishes enlightenment and perfection must pursue it relentlessly through a
combination of intense training and meditation.  Both disciplines lead in the
direction of self-knowledge and self-actualization, though the vehicle
through which they are pursued varies.  And both are serious subjects that
must be approached seriously.

       Now is the time to start training.  Seize all opportunity, and remember
that failure is a part of success.


                                        Appendix A: Transmuting Beta to Batman
                                                   (A Hypothetical Case Study)

       Consider a hypothetical male named John.  John spends years of his life
hiding away from sunlight and women in his computer lab when he suddenly
receives his divine calling to become a true superhero.  He uses The
Double-Pronged Pincer Attack™ to guide him.

       He purchases a high-quality Batman outfit, and launches into an
animated training regimen.  After mastering several practical fighting
techniques, he takes into the city at the dead of night and strikes fear in
the hearts of criminals with a combination of stealth attack and theatrics.
By all intents and purposes, people perceive John as the real Batman because
they both look and act the same.  But John isn't Batman because he is acutely
aware that he is acting.

       A long time passes, and John continues his crime-fighting stunts (it
is lots of fun, after all).

       More time passes...

       Eventually, John begins to understand his character from a whole new
perspective.  His confidence and motivation solidify.  Since he is so good at
it, he starts believing that his place in society is to stand guard in the
shadows and keep an ever-watchful eye.  His superheroing becomes automatic,
both in behavior and in thought.

       It is at this point that John has become Batman, and Batman has become
       John (!).

       (Notice, too, that John could have just as easily turned into, say, a
       Defender of Truth and Liberty...)


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                             FURTHER READING

The Ladder Theory:  <http://www.intellectualwhores.com/masterladder.html>

Intellectual Whores Forum:  <http://www.intellectualwhores.com/forum/>

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Special thanks go out to J.P. and M.K. for providing interesting feedback and
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