That's it!

This code that I have explained can be used as an overflow egg for any Windows 95 or NT program. It is theorized to work in a Windows 98 environment. The example Netmeeting 2.1 exploit that I used throughout this explanation is a Win95 only flaw, but for other operating systems, the code, and technology remains the same. The Netmeeting flaw is not patched as of this writing, but expect it to be fixed sometime. Learn. Experience. And send me all of your money.

Now you can start ruling the world. Have fun with this knowledge. Rob from the rich, and rob from the poor. Eat your cat. Kill your parents. Blow up your local elementary school. Rape young farm animals. Do whatever your sick and twisted mind can fathom. And when you get caught, just tell 'em Satan made you do it.

Oh yeah, and I almost forgot. Here's the whole toy put together.

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