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               Established 1984.  The ORIGINAL "E-zine."
               Eastside - Westside - Worldwide: Bow Down

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   c D c   M E D I A   G L O B A L   D O M I N A T I O N   U P D A T E
                           N U M B E R   S I X

Forward to the President. Red Alert. Full Steam Ahead. Power on.

This is Media Global Domination Update number six from the Cult of the Dead Cow's Ministry of Propaganda.

You have never seen us, but you may have felt our wrath. We operate in the bitter darkness outside the known channels. We thrive in the ferro-concrete walls of the technological civilization. We are the stainless steel rats, gnawing at the underpinnings of the 'Information Superhighway', spreading the power and propaganda of the Cow wherever we go.

Founded in late 1984, the Cult of the Dead Cow (cDc) is the oldest group still active in the computer underground; the only group (aside from a few layme p1RaT3 gR0oPzZz) with a female group member; the only group to host its own annual HoHoCon hacker convention; and, with over 300 text files in circulation, the most prolific group. cDc is definitely cooler than the Legion of Doom (LoD), and more importantly, our T-shirts are more colorful. We also have stickers.

Great, you may say, but have we ever disrupted communications on two continents by moving telecommunications satellites? Mhm. Hacked computing resources belonging to the three-letter agencies and the Pentagon? Yep. Electronically altered environmental controls in local malls? Done that. But unlike other hacker groups you've undoubtedly read about, we've never been caught.

With qualifications like these, it's not surprising that over the past few years, the media has looked to us as the darling boy (and girl) torch-bearers of the DIY-cyber-hacker-underground movement. It's our unfortunate cross to bear. But as the whole of Generation X follows our lead into the new millenium, we feel it is our duty to our peers to maintain the struggle and "raise high our freak flag," as it were.

On their behalf, we intend to dominate and subvert the media wherever possible. Information is a virus. And we intend to infect all of you.

There is NO vaccine.
There is NO escape.
There is NO hope.
There is ONLY cDc.

What follows is the unabridged update on our progress to taint your global information outlets. The full report can be found at


You may have heard about Back Orifice.  Press clippings for Back Orifice are
maintained separately at:



                 "CULT OF THE DEAD COW. You have not lived 
                    until you have browsed this journal." 
              -- MICHAEL FINLEY, Knight-Ridder News Service



*    93. _US News_, June 14, 1999, "Can Hackers be Stopped?" by
             Brendan I. Koerner.  This article refers to cDc, but
             ends up being a huge dick suck for ISS.  Almost quoting,
             "ISS, whose engineers are all geniuses, and the company
             as a whole, are the greatest thing since sliced shit.
             Without them, we would never have been protected from
             Back Orifice!"


*    92. _The Los Angeles Times_, March 31, 1999, Business Section,
             "Security of Microsoft's Products is Questioned," by
             Leslie Helm.  "The Melissa virus that tied up computer
             systems around the world is just the latest in a string
             of attacks on Microsoft software and has raised questions
             among security experts about Microsoft's ability to
             protect its customers."


*    91. _Time Magazine_, March 22, 1999, pg 60, "Cracking the Code,"
             by Chris Taylor.  A really dumb story about E&Y
             teaching its people to "hack."  Anyway, projected on
             the wall of their classroom is the image of the cDc
             homepage and the iron cross with cowskull cutout.,2955,22179,00.html

*    90. _Information Security Magazine_, February, 1999, "Down
             with Hacktivism!"


*    89. _ABC News_, February 5, 1999, a chat with Count Zero.

*    88. _ABC News_, February 4, 1999, "The Great Hacker Divide:
             A Generation Gap in Hacker Subculture."

*    87. _The Boston Globe_, January 24, Weekend Magazine supplement
             contained a special report on Hacktivism.


*    86. _The Montreal Gazette_, February 3, 1999, "The Good Hackers:
             'Hacktivists' use their Web Savvy for Human Rights," by
             Andy Riga.  


*    85. _MSNBC_, January 15, 1999, "Cyberwar Averted, but What Now?"
             by Bob Sullivan.  Legion of Underground declared war
             on Iraq and China, then withdrew after a joint
             condemnation of their declaration by leading 
             members of the computer underground.


*    84. _Der Spiegel_, January 13, 1999.  Interview with cDc, CCC
             and the L0pht regarding the implications of 'cyber warfare'.
             Have governments discovered the next 'red menace'?  


*    83. _CNN_, January 13, 1999, "Hackers Spar over Cyber War on Iraq,
             China," by Mary Lisbeth D'Amico


*    82. _Wired_, January 8, 1999, "Crackers Call Off 'War'", by James
             Glave.  cDc, 2600, the Chaos Computer Club,
             L0pht Heavy Industries, Phrack, Toxyn, !Hispahack, Pulhas,
             and several individual Dutch hackers band together to
             issue a joint condemnation of Legion of Underground's
             declaration of war against the information infrastructures
             of China and Iraq.

*    81. "Dissidents Hack Holes in China's New Wall", January 4, 1999,
             Column one, Los Angeles Times.


*    80. _Diario de Navegante_, December 1, 1998, "Los Hackers Rompen
             La Gran Muralla China," mentions an innovative group
             known as "Culto a la vaca Muerta."

*    79. _Time Magazine ASIA_, November 9, 1998, Vol. 152 No. 18,
             "Policing the Net."


*    78. _Asia Week_, October 30, 1998, "From the Web: Phreaking


*    77. _The Ottawa Citizen_, October 26, 1998, "E-Guerillas in the
             Mist," by Bob Paquin.


*    76. _US News_, September 28, 1998, "Chinese 'hacktivists' spin
             a Web of trouble for the regime," by Bay Fang.


*    75. _Wired_, September 22, 1998, "The Golden Age of Hacktivism,"
             by Niall McKay.  A good article on hacktivism with
             quotes from Oxblood.


*    74. _The Edmonton Journal_, September 10, 1998, "Bedlam at
             Hacker's Conference," by Andrew Gilligan.

             "The highlight of the conference, for example, was the
             unveiling of Back Orifice, a hacker tool revealed with
             all the fanfare of a Microsoft product-launch plus.  There
             was, for no very clear reason, a youth capering around
             the stage in a cow mask, white-fur cowboy's chaps and
             a pearl-handled pistol in a holster.  The audience
             went wild with delight."


*    73. August 24, 1998 issue of _Business Week_ covered Back Orifice,
             Complete with an illustration of Satan breaking into
             someone's computer.  (That's a little heavy-handed, don't
             you think?) Edmund Muth, Microsoft's product manager for
             security is quoted as saying, "This is the kind of
             software that could produce very substantial damage to
             someone's computer if it were installed."  Curiously,
             this is a complete about-face from his August 4th statement
             to the New York Times.


*    73. _The New York Times_, August 4, 1998, "Hacker Group Says
             Program Can Exploit Microsoft Security Hole," by Matt
             Richtel.  This article contains a memorable quote
             from Microsoft's product manager for security,
             Edmund Muth, "This is not a tool we should take
             seriously, or our customers should take seriously."


*   72. _The New York Times_, August 2, 1998, "The Hacker Myth
             Crumbles at Convention," by Matt Richtel.

*    71. Metaphors involving the Great Wall continue to abound.
             "Looking for an Opening in the New Great Wall", _The Globe
             and Mail_, June 6, 1998, by Charles Foran.


*    70. The Russian version of the _ComputerWorld_ article about
             cDc and the Hong Kong Blondes.


*    69. February 2, 1998, _ComputerWorld_, "Target NT: Hackers Have
             Made the Latest Version of Windows Their Own Personal
             Playground," by Deborah Radcliff.

*    68. January 22, 1998, _ComputerWorld Hong Kong_, "Hackers Fighting
             for Human Rights in China," by Sumner Lemon.


     67. December, 1997, _Wired_, Issue 5.12, "Hacking China", Updata
             section, top story.  Working with the Cult of the Dead Cow,
             the Hong Kong Blondes works to disrupt official information
             systems in the People's Republic.  Data longs to be free,
             and so do the people of China.

     66. November, 1997 _Byte_, "Deja Vu All Over Again".  Windows NT
             security is under fire.  It's not just that there are
             holes, but that they're holes that other OSes patched
             years ago.  Written by the man who would know: Mudge.
             No, he didn't choose the article's title.

     65. National Semiconductor's recent "What Does Information Feel
             Like?" ad campaign re-uses a modified version of a
             December, 1996 _Wired_ article photo depicting Carolyn
             Meinel beside a monitor emblazened with cDc stickers.
             The c0w is still visible in National Semi's ad, which
             you can spot in _Business Week_ and _EE Times_.

     64. _Software Magazine_, October, 1997, "You know they're coming
             at you.  Can you stop them?  Hackers, Terrorists, and
             Spies."  The editor of this Beyond HOPE 1997 article
             seems to have the literary skills of a 4th grader.
             But in any case, here's the URL:


     63. _Network World_, Aug 4, 1997, Vol 14, Num 31, "Hackers
             love NT's compatibility," by Dave Kearns, pg 22.
             Mudge and L0phtCrack take center-stage.

     62. Hobbit, Yobie and the L0pht's Mudge are highlighted in this
             _EE Times_ whitepaper, "The Dinner".


     61. Mudge and the old guard hold court at the Black Hat conference
             and at DefCon:


     60. _EE Times_, July 14, "Microsoft Sits Down with the Enemy".
             The article does not mention the subtext: that the L0pht
             is now dictating terms for the anschluss of Microsoft.

     59. _MacWeek_, July 7, 1997, pg 3, David Morgenstern's Hot List

             * Cult of the Dead Cow

             This cross-platform assembly is the oldest extant
             computer-underground group. The site has several
             samizdats about computer freedom. It also claims to have
             better T-shirts and stickers than the Legion of Doom, a
             well-known group of hackers.

     58. July 1st edition of the _San Francisco Weekly_, Cool Beans!
             is reviewed in the Arts & Entertainment section, pg 94:

             Best of San Francisco '97
             Arts & Entertainment

             Best Local Music Zine
             Cool Beans
             3181 Mission #113

             Cool Beans editor and taxi driver Matt Kelly kicks off
             issue No. 6, "The Drinking and Driving Issue" (each edition
             centers around a theme), with the following combination
             tribute/warning: "Something about whipping along on
             the highway at 90 miles per hour with a slight buzz is just
             romantic. Don't drive drunk. It's really stupid. But you
             have to admit, it's kind of fun."  Regardless of whether
             you'll be taking a ride in Kelly's cab anytime soon,
             there's plenty of reason to pick up his zine -- the
             current issue features rambling interviews with local
             bands Henry's Dress, Snowmen and Fuck, an
             ill-fated chat with testy S.F. Seal Barbara Manning, and
             reviews of records and live shows. Interspersed are some
             hair-raising stories from San Francisco cabbies, and the
             whole affair comes with a 7-inch compilation
             featuring the bands reviewed within.

     57. June 25th edition of the _San Francisco Bay Guardian_ (pg 60)
             has named our newsgroup,, one of
             the top ten newsgroups (we're number two --
             right after -- because we don't try as hard).

     56. 15th edition of _Iron Feather Journal_, "Hacking the Internet",
             by Bonnie Burton:

            "For those Internet hackers who want the know about the
             computer culture that came before the hype, there's
             Cult of The Dead Cow at
             This online Web site has numerous essays on everything
             from hacking traffic lights to a retrospective look at
             punk music and cyberpunk creedos."

     55. _EE Times_, April, 1997, "Hackers Keep the Heat On
             Windows NT Security".  Striking from the hidden fortress
             of the L0pht, Mudge scores a blow against shoddy Windows
             NT security.  Maybe the boys at Redmond shouldn't take
             themselves so seriously.

     54. _BIZARRE_ magazine, March/April 1997 issue, pg 87.  Veggie's
             Mr. T site is listed, along with this quote:
             "Jewelry-obsessed A-Team 'actor' hangs out on the Web.
             Yo, Fool, Who y'talkin' to?"  BIZARRE is a British
             magazine and we suspect that they are none too
             savvy about URL naming conventions (they listed the
             domain name wrong, for one thing), else they might
             have realized that Mr.T (Peace be upon him!) has nothing
             to do with the site, save to be an object of veneration
             and adoration.

     53. Atlanta Journal/Constitution, February 22, 1997, "FAITH
             AND VALUES: Media with a message.  ONLINE
             Cyberculture/Religions." John Blake, STAFF WRITER, tells
             us what happens when he types Yahoo's URL into his
             web browser and clicks on the Society-and-Culture/
             Cyberculture/Religions section.  When it comes to his
             encounter with the Cult of the Dead Cow, he is
             speechless.  Now we know why he's only a STAFF writer.

     52. In a February 18, 1997 Associated Press story titled,
             "Young Bards of Today Revive Beatnik Groups of the
             1960s", about a Danville, California teen poetry
             reading group, five alternateens are pictured.  Seen
             clearly in the picture is a large-size cDc sticker.

     51. In a recent issue of the skate rag _Thrasher_, a reader's
             published letter included a drawing of a skater wearing
             a shirt with the Dead Milkmen logo and the words
             "Cult of the Dead Cow" underneath.

     50. Not surprisingly, certain Cult of the Dead Cow merchandise
             has made its way into the boardrooms of America.  A
             recent article by PC Week's Spencer Katt:


             Executives from Gateway, which earlier this year
             filed suit against Cyrix because of a series of
             "Smash Gateway" advertisements, were recently
             spotted toasting each other with gold mugs
             inscribed with the notation "Don't mess with the Cow,"
             a cDc slogan for many, many years.

     49. Listed amongst the favorite web sites of Paul Simms
             (Creator and Executive Producer of NBC's NEWSRADIO) in
             the January, 1997 issue of _Esquire_ magazine (pg 49):

             L0pht Heavy Industries
             A hacker's paradise

     48. Speaking of _CyberSurfer_: in their January, 1997 issue's
             homage to the Best of Horror On-Line (pg 37), our own
             sultry Carrie is mentioned as being the mistress who
             maintains the Dark Side of the Web, which the magazine
             says is the ultimate in horror links and indexes.
             There's a quote from Carrie in which she says she's "not
             a Satanist, ... doesn't dress in black 100% of the time."
             The article's author then says, with characteristic
             gothic humor, "How unfortunate.  Well, even if she isn't
             as fun as we'd hoped..."

     47. On page 69 of the December, 1996 issue of _Wired_, Carolyn
             Meinel is pictured as an eclectic educator trying
             to teach kids about computing by teaching them to hack.
             Subliminally influenced by the cow, if you look closely
             you will see three cDc stickers prominently displayed
             on her monitor.

     46. _OEM Magazine_, November, 1996, "Breaking into Electronic
             Commerce".  cDc cracks "secure"-key encryption technology?
             Bellcore wines and dines Mudge to keep him quiet?  Just
             another day at the L0pht.  Read on.

     45. Carrie's Dark Side of the Web is mentioned in the October,
             1996 issue of _Playboy_, page 24, in the "Multimedia
             News & Reviews" section.

             "At The Dark Side Of The Web you can connect to 1500
             horror-related sites, including the Cannibalism page
             with its detailed recipies for 'the preparation of
             humans for consumption.'"

     44. _CyberSurfer_ magazine gave the Mr. T web site (maintained
             by T's biggest fan.  And I do mean large) quite a
             favorable review.  _CyberSurfer_ is produced by the same
             people who publish _StarLog_ (uh huh huh uh), and it's
             almost exactly the same thing, with just a little more
             of a computer bent.  Barely.  Check out the October, 1996
             issue.  Page 15.

     43. _LAN Times_, August 19, 1996 article on "Automated Hacking
             Tools" co-developed at cDc's L0pht by Hobbit and Mudge.

     42. _Rocky Mountain News_, August 18, 1996, "Air Force battles
             computer hackers", pg 42A.  Originally from
             an article by Chris Williams, _San Antonio Express-News_,
             August 11, 1996.  Excerpt:

             "Hundreds of thousands of times a year, the Cyberwarrior
             [the U.S. Air Force Information Warfare Center]
             defends the nation's secrets from the members of the
             Legion of Doom and the CULT of the DEAD COW in a
             battlefield that spans the globe."

             The Cult of the Dead Cow can neither confirm nor deny
             the allegations of this reporter.

             "'In the old days, to be a hacker, you really had to be
             good," he said. 'Now, it is basically a point and click
             world. If you can run Windows  95, you can be a hacker.'"

             This is patently ridiculous.  Although if it were true,
             the Air Force has just issued a damning testimonial
             of their own security.  Maybe they're running NT?  See
             item #54 above.

     41. Mudge is pictured in the August, 1996 issue of
             _Wired_ (pg 40), holding court in the L0pht:

             "What do a group of hackers do when the equipment they've
             accumulated over years of dumpster diving no longer fits
             in their apartments?  They get a L0pht.  Since 1993, a core
             group of seven Boston-based hackers have rented a loft
             space for hacking, trading information about cellular
             phone security, and building things like a wireless
             Internet service using discarded microwave equipment.  All
             strictly for educational purposes, of course. ... why do
             they keep at it?  'For the girls and the text files, of
             course,' says Mudge."

     40. Newark, NJ _The Star-Ledger_, July 14, 1996,
             "The CULT of the DEAD COW proves small is still beautiful
             on the Net", Colin Berry, music editor of Wired Magazine.

             "One such site, noted in Happy Mutant and forwarded
             to me recently by the builders themselves, is the
             controversial CULT of the DEAD COW, found on the Web
             ... CDC is a spew of bilious rant, cultural commentary,
             psychological purgation, and twisted fun. It's been
             around for over a decade, published by Ross Messiah, 
             a k a Swamp Ratte ... [cDc] is 11 years old -- several
             generations in Web years. cDc has wrinkles that date
             longer than most e-zines. Is the best indication of
             the future of the Net a glimpse into its deep and
             dusty past?"

             Mr. Berry compares cDc's content to that of Slate --
             "Microsoft's heavily hyped new electrorag" -- and finds
             Slate lacking.  We're not surprised.

     39. The University of Colorado's Campus Press article, "Surfing
             the Web Dungeons" is nearly on target.
             A few errata, however: The L0pht URL is wrong; there
             is no electronic form you can fill out to become a member;
             and the Global Domination Factory Direct Outlets are not
             part of a cDc shopping channel.  We're working on that,

     38. So omnipresent is cDc, that we are now the subject of articles
             on how to _avoid_ us.  _Internet Medicine_, "Separating the
             Wheat From the Chaff Or How to Avoid the Cult of the Dead
             Cow." April 1996, 1.3.  See:

     37. Newsday's April 21st article entitled "Eclectic Zines: Web
             journals are battling to remain nonconformist"
             ( completely
             misses the mark.  In the past year or two, it's become
             fashionable to upload your schlock to a web site and call
             it a 'zine; four stars and a "Top 5%" award if the tone
             of your 'zine is cynical.  Ha!  We've been on-line and
             electronically distributing our 'zine for more than a
             decade!  The also-rans mentioned in the article don't
             even come close.  Battling to remain non-conformist?
             We define it!

     36. In the June issue of _Blacklisted! 411_ (volume 3, issue 2,
            page 24, paragraph 5, "The Computer Underground or, Geeks
            With Big Dicks", by Darwin) we find a reference to the
            Cult's influence on the uninitiated:

            "...Local guys competed to get text from Ripco, Demon Roach
             Underground ... People hoarded cDc... text files."

     35. A recent issue of _Slap_ magazine unknowingly made reference
            to a UseNet post from Drunkfux.  Inspired by a tender
            cross-post from a Dr. Jai Maharaj warning that
            "Meat-eaters hurt everyone," Drunkfux recounts his attempt
            to order a "Quadro-pounder" at a McDonald's drive-thru.
            The message includes in part:

            EVIL... N0W!"

            _Slap_ attributes the msg only to "Cult of the Dead Cow." 
            Evidently _Slap_ had no problem printing the word
            "FUKING", but when it came to the name "Drunkfux",
            they drew the line.

            The entire file has gotten wide distribution across the
            Internet.  Several people have included it on their web
            sites, including:


     34. _Internet Underground_, March, 1996, Vol 1, Issue #4, pg 44,
            & ReKuN5tRUKshn in the Electronic Age."  Hackers "perverting
            the English language" and the socio-political implications
            of tYpP1nG K3wL.  They cite a "typical web site" which
            contains the text:

            "U gUyZ aiNt HAck3rZ! WheRE aRe YEr cDc
            fILeZ?!?!1111?!?1 cuLt of dA DeAd coW rUleZ!!!!!11111!!11!1
            hAy!!11!1 I wUz L00kInG aT Y0RE P@GE An|> 1 DId n0t SeE a
            L1nk to the cDc w#b P2G3!1!!!1 Iz thiz SuuM KINd uv KREWL
            J0kE!?!1/ It r0x wif gl0ckZ!! cDc! We Are THE FutuRe of
            ROCK N' ROLL!"

            Their WebGuide(tm) insert contains a quick blurb about 
            Veggie's cDc web page at the L0pht, though after all their
            learned research on tYpP1nG K3wL, they mistook the zero
            in 'L0pht' for the letter O.  Later, they include an extra
            period in the L0pht URL, ""

     33. Cool Beans!_ #5, March 3rd, 1996 contains an interview with
            our phearless leader, Grandmaster Swamp Ratte`, as well as
            a compilation of the first 300 cDc files on CD-ROM.  For the
            binary-impaired, the Cool Beans! CD-ROM is also a compilation
            of music from the latest hip alterna-ground bands.
            For only $6.00 postage-paid (make checks out to Matt Kelly),
            you can get a copy:

            Cool Beans!
            3181 Mission #113
            SF, CA 94110

     32. Canada's _Globe and Mail_, Tuesday, February 27th, 1996 issue,
            "A Short History of Hackers, Phreaks and Worms", is yet another
            example of cDc's growing influence on foreign media.  With the
            publication of this article, Deth Vegetable is now "[the world's]
            most infamous hacker."

     31. _Phrack_, several issues.  Do a WAIS search to find cDc references.
            Most recently, Phrack 48, File 3 (Line Noise, Pt. I), in a
            review of the movie "Hackers" by Wile Coytote.  And Mudge's
            profile in Phrack 49.

     30. _The Internet Underground_, January 1996 edition features
            a "WebGuide" insert which reviews Deth Veggie's
            "Mr. T home Page":

            Listen here suckah, I pity the fool that visits this site.
            Size up Mr. T and the world's biggest tree. 
            Visit the A-Team episode guides. Points off for
            no mention of his famous breakfast cereal or insipid cartoon,
            the fools!  [Rating:] 3 Stars.

     29. _.Net_ magazine, Issue #13, December 1995, pg 48.  The L0pht
            home page is featured, along with the caption, "The top US
            hackers hang out here.  Why can't they spell?"  Why can't
            _.Net_'s British publishers get a clue?

     28. Miranda Megill and Features Editor Taylor Davis of the
            Hendersonville, Tennessee _Cherokee Road Journal_ is reviewing
            the L0pht home page (

     27. _PC Computing_, December 1995, contains an "underground
            Internet road map," which mentions both the L0pht,

            "Cult of the Dead Cow: Their concern is 'global domination
            through media saturation' and they're out to titillate the
            Internet community with social commentaries and insights."
            (Ha!  That's what _they_ think!)

            and the Dark Side of the Web,

            "If you like vampires, mysticism, books and movies about evil
            things and cemeteries, you could live here.  Over 350 links
            from the lightly shaded to the depths of darkness."

     26. SunWorld On-Line, September, 1995:


     25. _Infobahn_ Magazine, Issue #1

     24. Minneapolis-St. Paul _Star-Tribune_, August 8, 1995 business
            section, "Breaking in is hard to do", by Mike Meyers.

            "One hacker known as 'DEATH VEGETABLE,' who gained
            notoriety a couple of years ago for posting on the
            Internet instructions for building a bomb, said he
            likes nothing better than a corporate computer relying
            on outdated operating software, conventional hardware
            and overworked, poorly trained electronics technicians.
            Or, to put that in the parlance of would-be intruders,
            'Unix running on VAX and watched by MIS - it's a hacker's
            wet dream,' he said. 'You see it all the time.' In his 
            view, companies that are sloppy deserve whatever happens
            to them."

     23. _Shift_ Magazine's comparison between Hollywood's image of hackers
            and the _real thing_, Cult of the Dead Cow:


     22. _Mondo 2000_, Issue #14, "Poppy Z. Brite in the Charnel
            House of Karma", pg 68.  Poppy briefly mentions the positive
            influence of certain cDc members (and their attendant
            Hello Kitty fixation) on her psycho-sexual chrysalis.

     21. _.Net_ magazine, Issue #8, July 1995, "Breaking into Heaven".

     20. Ed Norris must've done his homework.  No article entitled
            "Protecting Against Hacker Attacks" would be complete
            without covering the Cult of the Dead Cow and its infamous
            HoHoCon conventions.  See _Information Systems Security_,
            June, 1995.

     19. _PyroTechnics_, Issue #55, June, 1995, pp 1, 2.  Nightstalker's
            most recent article, concerning experimental rocketry in
            the late 1960s.

     18. _I-Way_ Magazine, Issue #1, June 1995,
            "The Internet Can Turn Anybody Into a Publisher",
            by Reid Goldsborough, Page 43.  See also:


     17. _.Net_ magazine, Issue #7, June 1995, "Virtual Villainy".

     16. _The Red Herring_, April, 1995.

     15. _Punk Planet_, Issue #2

     14. _Blaster_ magazine, Issue #1 and Issue #2.

     13. Nightstalker's review of _Dixie City Jam_ was featured in
            _The Armchair Detective_, Fall 1994 (vol. 27, number 4) pg 483.

     12. _Vibe_ magazine, Volume 2, Number 5, June/July 1994,
            "Of Phreaks and Hackers", by Carol Cooper, pg 77.

     11. _Playboy_, April, 1994, "Lust Online" by Matthew Childs

     10. _The Montreal Gazette_, December 20, 1993, front page,
            "Computer Data Can Be Dangerous"

      9. _Hartford (CT) Courant_, September 27, 1993, front page,
            "Free Speech and Computers Central to Bomb-Recipe Case"

      8. _Mondo 2000_, Issue #10, 1993, "Storming the Bullshit Studio",
            by Suzanne d'Fault and Quaker State Tapioca Rupture, pg 45.

            "cDc, CULT OF THE DEAD COW, is a nation of psychic signal
            jammers.  We're talking GOOFY.  Headquartered at
            DEMON ROACH UNDERGROUND (which is continually busy, but 
            try and try), the cDc provides a real service to the BBS
            community by confusing the hell out of the feds."

      7. _Boston Globe Magazine_, March 22, 1993, "Navigating On-Line
            America", by D.C. Deniston. 

      6. _LoadStar_, Issue #103, December, 1992.  Nightstalker's
            review of _The New Hacker's Dictionary_.

      5. _Omni_, November, 1992, "Secrets of the Cyberculture" 
            by A.J.S. Rayl, pg 66.

      4. _COMPUTE! Magazine_, January 1992, Gazette section,
            pages G-9 and G10, contain subliminal Illuminati symbols,
            courtesy of Nightstalker.

      3. _ComputerWorld_, January 13, 1992, pg 100, mentions a 
            US government-run BBS for computer security experts.  cDc
            files are officially hoarded there for reference, among the
            trove of other hacker text-files.  The government charges
            a yearly membership fee for access to these files; we give
            them away for free.  Your tax dollars at work again.

      2. _Details_, October, 1991, "The Hackers Who Came In From The Cold",
            by Bruce Sterling, pg 96, includes:

            "It didn't help that underground hacker boards sported
            terrifying sci-fi heavy-metal names, like 'Speed Demon Elite,'
            'Demon Roach Underground,' and 'Black Ice.'"

      1. For a three year period between 1985 and 1987, The Nightstalker
            provided editorials and essays for the Apple II edition of


      7. _Internet Underground_ magazine, Issue 10, September, 1996,
            pgs 42-45.  Our own Paul Leonard wrote the feature
            article, "Architects of Destruction", summarized as:

            "With the cyberporn debate ceding, the next free speech
            battle may be over Webmasters who post bomb recipies and
            other anarchistic materials on the 'net. But just how big
            a risk are these flawed formulas and dubious files of
      6. _Night_ magazine, June 1995, "Burning Up the Information
      5. Articles written for _2600_ by Count Zero
      4. Articles written for _Phrack_, _Informatik_
      3. _Mondo 2000_, Issue #8, "Big Brother Isn't Dead,
            He's Just Subcontracting", pg 14.
      2. _Compute!_ magazine, January 1992, Interview with Clifford Stoll.
             There is no mention in the interview that Cliff Stoll rides
             shotgun on-board Demonseed Elite.
      1. _Compute!_ magazine, November, 1991, Interview with Bruce Sterling


      8. Osborne's _The Internet Yellow Pages, 1997 Edition_, Harley
            Hahn, pg 112, subsection "Computers: Culture"

            The Cult of the Dead Cow is the oldest underground
            telecommunications organization, dating back to 1986.
            Although the membership is small -- consisting of only
            about 20 active members -- their influence is felt around
            the world. The cult's main product is a series of articles,
            written at various times by various members, with new
            articles being added from time to time. The articles are
            regularly read by thousands of people, so why not expand
            your mind and give it a try? Do you think you might like 
            to join the cult as a member (as opposed to being an
            outsider)? Here is a hint: don't ask to join. 
            Cult members are welcomed by invitation only, and once
            you ask, they will never invite you. 

            Irc: #cdc

            Despite that there are several books claiming to be
            "The Internet Yellow Pages", Harley Hahn's is the original
            and most authoritative.

      7. _Netlaw_, by Lance Rose, also covers the Elansky bomb case and
            Deth Veggie's involvement.

      6. _Sex, Laws and CyberSpace: Freedom and Censorship
            on the Frontiers of the Online Revolution_, by Jonathan
            Wallace and Mark Mangan.  (ISBN: 0-8050-4767-0)  Briefly
            covers Veggie's brush with pyrotechnic fame.

      5. _Happy Mutant's Guide to the Fringes of the Net_, pg 82, mentions
            cDc and the #cDc IRC channel,

            "These d00dz are dangerous!  Hundreds of incredibly witty,
            well-written files covering everything from simple social
            engineering to truly wizardlike techno spoofing. ... Get
            'em.  Read 'em.  Trade 'em with mutant kids on local BBSes.
            Make your reputation as a hacker god."

            Pg 83 continues with the Girl Band Guide,

            "Grrrrrllll bands galore.  The latest scoop on your
            fave female bands."

      4. _Masters of Deception: The Gang that Ruled Cyberspace_ by
            Josh Quittner, and Michelle Slatella, talks about HoHoCon
            and mentions Red Knight (MoD, ex-cDc)

      3. Osborne's _The Internet Yellow Pages (1995, 2nd Ed)_, Harley
            Hahn and Rick Stout, pg 61, mentions cDc and Dark Side
            of the Net:

            "Are you mad at the world?  Do you have disdain for those
            who have any semblance of normal societal ties?  Do you sit
            in your apartment with the blinds closed and think of new ways
            to cause discord?  Join the Cult of the Dead Cow.  Even if you
            don't care about any of that other stuff, they have a really
            cool ASCII logo."

      2. _Mothers Day_, Joshua Quittner & Michelle Slatalla, 1993,
            St. Martin's Press, ISBN #: 0-312-08850-7

            DRU is mentioned first on pg 104 and continues to page 111
            in which there is some stuff direct from DRU with a
            world domination update with Carrie's "Earth Goo", Obscure's
            "Ruth", and the Mad Hatter's "Interesting Things to do with a
            Scanner".  Then the protagonist types "CHAT" and somehow
            manages to talk realtime with the hacker "Phrank." Then she
            logs off, exhausted.

      1. _Hacker Crackdown_ by Bruce Sterling, (paperback edition)
            pp 70, 78, 86. see:
            or more specifically, sections 3 and 5 of


      6. _Halting the Hacker: A Practical Guide to Computer Security_,
            Prentice Hall PTR, ISBN 0-13-243718-X.  This book contains
            several tools on CD-ROM written by cDc Hackerlaureate Mudge.

      5. White Wolf Games' _The Book of Shadows Sourcebook_

      4. White Wolf Games' _The Digital Web Sourcebook_

      3. White Wolf Games' _The Vitual Adept's Sourcebook -- Tradition
            Book One for Mage: The Ascension_, by Darren McKeeman &
            Harry Heckel, ISBN 1-56504-114-3, pp 2, 65-66.

            Expurgated excerpts can be found at:


      2. St. Jude's _Cyberpunk Fake Book_

      1. The Mondo 2000 _A User's Guide to the New Edge_,
            (see pg 317 under "Zones of Temporary Autonomy" -- entries
            for DRU and Pure Nihilism (now Cool Beans)).


*    17. Weaselboy ham'd it up for the November 1 edition of
            "Strange Universe".  During his interview, look for:

            1. cDc stickers all over his printer, obscuring the HP
               product logos.
            2. His cow skull, strategically placed above his computer
               and within camera frame.
            3. Various plugs for the cDc.

     16. Veggie has also recently been interviewed for episodes of
            The Internet Cafe's "Weird of the Web" (due to air
            April 25th) and CNET's "The Web", which aired on the
            SCI-FI channel April 13th, 1997.  cDc's Tweety Fish
            (Grand High Sifu, Ninja Strike Force) was featured on
            the same "Weird of the Web" episode, talking about his
            GO-FORCE project!

     15. cDc's "Hacker Playground" The L0pht was shown on the
            New England Cable News Network on March 14, 1997 on a
            segment titled "Hacker Heroes".  You can check out pictures
            from the segment at:


     14. Deth Veggie was interviewed for CBC Newsworld's technology
            review "Futureworld" on October 27, 1996 by an editor
            from _Shift_ magazine. The angle was 'Hacking for Dummies'
            and the large one endured every "please teach me hacking"
            question in the book. The interviewer continually
            prodded Veggie to hack CBC's website (ho hum). Veggie also
            discussed cDc's role as technical advisor for Chinese
            hacker/activists the Hong Kong Blondes - operational in Hong
            Kong, Shanghai and Beijing - who are busy disabling
            military/security networks in mainland China. Payback's
            a bitch!

     13. Carrie was featured on PCTV's Halloween Internet Cafe episode
            (air-date October 22, 1996) talking about the "Dark Side
            of the Net".


     12. Featured on PCTV's Internet Cafe, air-date October 2, 1996, 
            members of the Cult of the Dead Cow talk briefly about
            the cyberscape they have dominated for more than a
            decade.  See:


     11. When CNET wants to do a feature show on Internet Terrorism
            and the First Ammendment, they contact cDc.  Naturally.
            See the write-up for their August 11, 1996 episode:


*    10. Emmanuel Goldstein, cDc, and the Discovery Channel's March 2,
            1996 episode of "Web Whirl."


      9. Sighted on a recent episode of MTV's SPRING BREAK: a guy jumps
            out of his chair and runs away; stuck to the chair is a
            cDc sticker.

      8. Lady Carolin's "Dark Side of the Web" was featured Oct 28, '95
            on CNN's "Computer Chronicles" in a piece about
            Halloween-themed web sites.  The newscaster said that
            parents would definitely want to look at the site before
            informing their kids of its existence.  (Like they're
            not going to find it if they're into that kind of
            stuff... duh.)  Point Surfwatch at:


      7. Deth Veggie on TV recently on a show called "Forbidden Places"
            (aired around October 6th, 1995) with an interview that was
            taped at DefCon III.
      6. Deth Veggie mentioned on CNN regarding Elansky bomb-recipe case.
      5. "CyberMania" on TBS, November 6th, 1994
      4. Geraldo episode titled "Computer Vice".  Geraldo said:
            "Cult of the Dead Cow?!... These guys are a bunch of Sickos!"
            (while pointing to a copy of _Sex With Satan_, cDc #40)
      3. on C|NET CENTRAL (Sci-Fi Channel) in early October, 1995
      2. Deth Veggie on _NBC Dateline_, Sept 1, 1994, "Dial for Mayhem",
      1. White Knight on _West 57th Street_, episode #1


      2. Deth Veggie on CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Company) regarding HOPE
            (Hackers On Planet Earth) conference in August, 1995 in
            New York.

      1. KPFA Radio, Berkeley, California, September, 1992,
            "Kids and Technology" or, loosely paraphrased, "Should kids
            have access to technology or will it turn them into evil
            hackers?"  cDc guest speaker interviewed.  Broadcast picked up
            and re-broadcast by National Public Radio.


      4. _UNAUTHORIZED Unauthorized Access_ will be done soon, and will
            feature cDc members, and have KnightVision &  cDcTV
            production credits, courtesy of Annaliza Torquemada and
            White Knight.
      3. _Hackers_ -- cDc stickers can be seen in the movie.
      2. _Unauthorized Access_ by Annaliza Torquemada.
      1. _HoHoCon '92_ through _HoHoCon '94_


*     33. Since our Easter Egg in the Adams Family Pinball machine
              is no longer a closely guarded secret, we'll share it
              with you.  To see the cows:

              Power cycle the game and use the left and right flipper
              buttons to enter the following sequence: (Using the
              notation L=left flipper, R=right flipper, and S=start

              7L, 1S, 14R, 1S, 20L, 1S

      32. According to Gloria Mitchell, Assistant Editor at that
              gorgeous, glossy, internationally distributed
              Ziff-Davis print publication, _Internet Underground_,
              the cDc web-site rated a 3 stars in issue #16's
              WebGuide section.

      31. cDc's web-site makes NETGUIDE'S BEST OF THE WEB:

              "The Cult of the Dead Cow is a cadre of hackers and
              subversive types who preen themselves on being 
              'definitely cooler than the Legion of Doom.'
              ... Cult of the Dead Cow deserves a nod
              of assent for its passionate (albeit sometimes
              hysterical) support for unfettered freedom of
              expression on the Internet."

      30. LookSmart, the "next generation of web directories committed
              to quality and superior user web experience," is delighted
              to award Veggie The Editor's Choice Award for his
              Mr. T website (  According
              to LookSmart -- a subsidiary of The Reader's Digest
              (which claims editorial standards have been a hallmark
              for over 75 years) -- this award conveys the highest
              standard for providing a useful and high quality website.
              We couldn't agree more.

      29. Yale has the Skull & Bones Club.  The Citadel has
              cDc.  As reported in an August, 1996 New York Times
              article and summarized by News of the Weird:

              "the student handbook at The Citadel requires first-year
              cadets to memorize standard, quirky responses to
              traditional questions posed during shakedowns by
              upper-classmen.  For instance, the answer to the question,
              how much milk is left in the carton (which is expressed
              by the upper-classman as "How is the cow?") must be
              answered, 'Sir, she walks, she talks, she's full of
              chalk, the lacteal fluid extracted from the female of
              the bovine species is highly prolific to the X degree,
              sir! (with X representing the number of glassfuls left).'"

              Need we say more?

      28. A Lycos review of cDc:

              Follow the digital hoof prints to
              this green pasture in
              TechnoWasteland and you have
              found the Cow. The Cow is made
              up of articles on today's culture,
              expressing righteous anger and
              maybe more, on the loss of
              freedom of speech and global
              domination through media
              saturation and control. Links to
              publication information. 

      27. cDc evidently has some fans in Italy.  You may recognize
              their Italian blurb as a translation of the introduction
              to this media list.

      26. First the US National Archives and Records Administration
              spends nearly an entire day in February, '96 grabbing as
              many cDc files as possible.  And now Walter Reed
              Army Medical Center links to cDc's web-site
              ( in what
              may be a covert interest in cattle mutilation.  If
              we know any more, we're not saying.

      25. Check out this personal anecdote, "The Strangest
              Thing I've Found on the Web".

              Our own Oxblood Ruffin reflects on punks and 
              computers and, uh... quite a bit else, in web
              god Lance_yes, I am happy to see you_Arthur's 
              kickass "Glassdog".

              Mark Jeftovic, who pens a monthly column for
              _!*@# (Exclaim)_ magazine, featured cDc in
              "Between Rawk & a Cyberplace #54".  In the article,
              he mentions the Memphis prosecutors that are currently
              seeking us on trumped-up obscenity charges, claiming
              that we are "responsible for over 300 obscene files on
              the Internet, containing graphic descriptions of
              abhorrent behavior and obscene photographs."

      22. In late April, 1996, cDc family values staffers were
              horrified to learn that, two months after the
              fact, our "graphic language" was deemed
              "innappropriate" for the Commonwealth
              Network seal of approval.  After a period of
              fasting and flagellation we determined that
              there was nothing we could do about it. Fucking A.


              C'est beau comme un petit paradis du hack... et plein
              d'archives precieuses. Entre autres, LOpht heberge la
              jihad digitale du mirifique Cult of the dead cow.

              "It's cool, like a little hacker's heaven...and full
              of great archives..."  We're not sure who these people
              are, but evidently this is like getting a thumbs up
              from the film guy.

      20. The Sci-Fi Channel has listed cDc file #253 on its
              Paranormal page, right next to CSICOP, at:

      19. This Spanish-language web-site contains an interview
              ( with an
              Argentinian "cracker" who talks about various groups
              and philosophies that have shaped the global computer
              underground.  He mentions cDc, then claims that
              "The Cult of the Dead Cat, Inc." is also
              us by a different name.  Ay, Carrumba!  It's not.
              Accept no substitute.

      18. If ever you find yourself in Lubbock, Texas, stop on by
              the MOTOR club.  Owned by cDc founding fathers Swamp Ratte`
              and Franken Gibe, MOTOR is the area's only outlet for
              live underground music.  Touring bands can contact Swamp Ratte`
              by e-mail for booking.

              1635 Broadway
              Lubbock, TX  79401

      17. Daniel B in Sweden has incorporated cDc #275 into his web-site
              on Christian cults:

      16. Recognizing the ironic opportunity to subliminally corrupt
              tens of millions of people through their computer
              software, cDc subversives have hidden special purpose code
              within the most popular multi-platform applications.
              As proof, those applications also contain our signature
              Easter eggs.  Open the About box within Macromedia's
              Director 5.0.  Type "cDc" and then click on any of the
              silhouettes on the lefthand side.  The word ".ooM" will appear.
              The French have recently uncovered the cDc/Wizardry connection.

              We leave the others for you to find.

      15. The Directory of Electronic Journals, Newsletters and
              Academic Discussion Lists recommends cDc:


              When you hear numbers like 12,000 total
              internet e-lists bandied about, the 1700 or so here are a
              valuable culling of that mass.  At the same time, this is no
              blue-nosed selection:  PSYCOLOQUY and MIT Press's *Artificial
              Life Journal* are there, but so is *Cult of the Dead Cow* -- not
              quite respectable, but in an odd way quite serious and worth at
              least a small detour if you happen to pass it on a gopher menu. 

     14. Magellan has reviewed the L0pht cDc web site and Mr. T home page.
             The cDc web site received 3 stars and this rather dull,
             third-grade attempt at a review:

                Alternative Press, Rantings, Zines 

                Zine Readers, Free Thinkers 

                   The publishers of the Cult of the Dead
                Cow describe cDc as (paraphrased) the
                personal rantings of flamboyant and
                opinionated people in Telecom. The Ninja
                Strike Force is about stealthy, secretive
                agents that exist only to fight and die for the
                glory of the Dead Cow. An article called
                'New Hack City' is about the results of 200
                hackers who group together one New Years
                Eve. You can also browse through some
                online cDc archived articles. 

     13. No expose on the Information Age would be complete without featuring
             cDc and the L0pht.  Naturally, we're a part of the MIT Media Lab's
             "24 Hours in Cyberspace":
             See also page 99 in the hardcover, book version of
             _24 Hours in Cyberspace_.

     12. The Association of Research Libraries also had THIS to say about cDc:

             Cult of the Dead Cow

             A collection of telecommunicators who write text files. The files 
             are numbered sequentially, but since they are often written by 
             different people, they vary in style and content from issue to 
             issue. Topics and form vary wildly, covering religion, defecation, 
             cows, simulated and real capture files from BBSs, politics, 
             hack/phreak articles, poetry, short stories, interviews,
             and mindless raving. The common themes running through 
             all issues are dead cows and a focus on experimental mind control 
             propaganda techniques.  The group is laying the footings for a 
             global empire based on a desire to control and command those who 
             would oppose them.

     11. Another fan ( had this
             to say:

             I know these guys, they've been around a long time. Fedland
             doesn't like them, the media tries to either use or glorify them,
             and some religious folk would like to strap 'em to a stake and
             have a cookout. Some people call them digital outlaws, some
             people call them satanists. The really misguided ones refer to
             them as 'malicious hackers'. The Elite of the Elite, The Cult of
             the Dead Cow. They know what's up. 

     10. Net celebrity Jaffo has a few comments about cDc on his web-page

             Cult of the Dead Cow Home Page - The brilliant and
             controversial bad boys of telecom, Lubbock's own Cult of
             the Dead Cow. (Check for Jaffo's Feedback letter in cDc
             #300.) This group of cyberpunk misfits has created over 300
             text files, distributed internationally, and setting new
             standards of humor and obscenity. The language and
             situations in these files are extremely harsh and not for the
             faint of heart. But if you're willing to read them, you'll find
             yourself looking straight into the eyes of Genius. And
             it's not always a pretty sight.

      9. Any plan to subvert the masses wouldn't be complete without
             the influence of rock 'n roll.  "Cracker Gasoline Party",
             the latest work from Swamp Ratte's band WEASEL-MX,
             is reviewed in the March 25th issue of the DiY List.

             Cracker Gasoline Party [***]
             Very cool collection of hip-hop cut with guitar riffs and
             punctuated with in-your-face vocals and diverse approaches
             (try to imagine the Sex Pistols and ZZ Top together at last
             with a kitchen sink conglomeration of polka, disco, hee haw
             and more). Definitely not a one-song band! While the mix is
             mostly good throughout, the tape sounds muddy
             (so turn it up).

      8. A Fact-Sheet Five bibliography 
            mentions the bovikazi:

            "'Write On: A Computer is All it Takes to Publish in
            Cyberspace,' _Phoenix Gazette_, August 15, 1994.  How
            to start your own electronic zine.  Mentions Holy Temple
            of Mass Consumption, Cropduster, Cult of the Dead Cow,
            ... Girl Band Guide ..."

      7. The ARG Network Security Course has an entire section on the
            Cult of the Dead Cow.  For $1,295, ARG will give you the
            inside scoop on us.  Their course outline includes:

            Famous (or infamous) security breaches
                  The Internet Worm: Robert Morris.
                       Using E-mail to affect system availability
                  The Cuckoo's Egg (Cliff Stoll 1989)
                       Unlawful information access
                  The felonious "Phone Phreak": Kevin Mitnick
                       Social engineering and address spoofing
                  Cult of the Dead Cow
                       Phreakers/Hackers/Anarchists newsletter

            See also:  (

      6. Not surprisingly, Deth Vegetable has been voted "Most Entertaining
            Speaker" at the DefCon III hackers' convention -- and by
            none other than the PHONE LOSERS OF AMERICA -- for his
            extemporaneous talk on why "The Media Sucks." 

      5. GNN Celebrity Hotlist, Week of August 22, 1995. Carrie Carolin,
            Editor of Dark Side of the Web

      4. Lady Carolin's DARK SIDE OF THE WEB page mentioned in October or
            November, 1995 editions of:

            c|net, Net Guide, .Net, Net, Online Access, Interactive Weekly,
            Internet World, and the November 3rd issue of 
            Entertainment Weekly.

      3. Tequila Willy is cited on the Celebrities in Cognitive Science
            page (

            In support of his thesis, the renowned John R. Searle refers
            to Tequila Willy's advanced philosophical ruminations in
            cDc #289.

      2. Lady Carolin's WWW page is listed in the Top 5% by 
            Point Communications

      1. Reid Fleming's WWW page is listed in the Top 5% by 
            Point Communications


      For their redemption, the Hiroshima Maidens folded paper cranes.
      For yours, we suggest you call, FAX or E-mail the following people
      with your bitchiest prose.  Do it early and often.  Enlist your
      friends to improve your karmic disposition!

      1. Style and concept biters need to get off our nutsack.  That
            includes those who employ "x cow cult",
            "cult of the dead x", and 3-letter acronyms in a "xXx"
            format.  You suck more goats than a chupacabra.

      2. "Hacker Chronicles, Vol II" CD-ROM.  If you disapprove of
            yet another group of poseurs misappropriating intellectual
            property which belongs free in the public domain, contact
            these dorks at:

            Exclusive Distributor, Data Express, Inc.
            Telephone: (305) 572-4848, FAX: (305) 572-3454

            or contact Scanman at P-80 Systems, (304) 744-7322

      3. Mich Kabay, Ph.D., Director of Education at NCSA.
            He can be reached for comment at:
            (Big wet kisses, Mich!  Thanks for the mail.  Keep writing!)


      5. The Cult of the Dead Cow's first annual Won Ton Con was held
            in Toronto, Canada on the 26th and 27th of October, 1996.
            Telecom's uber-elite swarmed to the city like a plague of
            locusts to swap war stories, trade hacks and be debriefed
            on the Hong Kong Blondes [1]. Cult of the Dead Cow Minister
            of Propaganda - The Deth Vegetable - was interviewed at
            Shift Magazine for a CBC episode of 'Futureworld' entitled 
            "Dangers to Personal Privacy". 

         [1] The Hong Kong Blondes are a group of Chinese computer
             scientists and human rights activists using the Internet
             against the Communist Government. The group is led by
             Blondie Wong, a British educated scientist currently 
             residing in Toronto. The Hong Kong Blondes have units in 
             Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing. Under the aegis of the
             Cult  of the Dead Cow they disrupt official information
             systems in the People's Republic of China.

      4. _Electronic Engineering Times_, August 26, 1996, pg. 62.
             Defcon '96, and the many talented hackers there,
             including, of course, cDc, which celebrated its twelfth
             anniversary at the convention. The facts reported in the
             article are little skew, however.


      3. _Synapse_ magazine reflects on SUMMERCON '95,
             co-sponsored by cDc.

      2. _Shift_ Magazine, April-May 1995, "New Hack City -- What happens
            when 200 of the world's most notorious computer hackers get
            together on New Year's Eve?", by Rodney Palmer, pg 26.  
            See also:


      1. _Gray Areas_: Issue #5 and Issue #7;
            HoHoCons '93 and '94 are reviewed.  See also:



      1. G.A. Ellsworth publishes _COOL BEANS!_
      2. Pusher has a 'zine named _Teach Me Pain_
      3. Reid Fleming publishes the _The Royal Arch Mason_ quarterly
            (ISSN 0273-6276).
      4. Carrie has _Girl Band Guide_
      5. Franken Gibe has _DREAMWHIP_


      The knowledge you yearn for can be found at the following sites:

      3. Demon Roach Underground, 806.794.4362 (Login to Polka AE,
            entry: KILL)
      4. Send mail to our phearless leader, Grandmaster Swamp Ratte:


      1. "Cult of the Dead Cow?!.... These guys are a bunch of Sickos!"
               -- Geraldo Rivera, in an episode entitled
                  "Computer Vice", while pointing to a copy of
                  _Sex With Satan_, cDc #40

      2. "cDc?  I'd have to vote them 'Most Likely to Pillage the
            Global Village'."
               -- Bruce Sterling

      3. "I am like Ward Cleaver compared to cDc... 'June, those cDc boys
            are outrageous, we shouldn't let the Beave play with them!@'"
               -- SuperNigger of MoD

      4. "cDc.  Punks with computers.  You've been warned."
               -- R.U. Serius, Publisher of _Mondo 2000_

      5. "The cDc is one of those groups, for true or not, whom one
            feels has 'underworld connections.'  If you want hash, a
            bail bondsman, a nude model, a hit man, a smuggler, a
            Chinese hunchback dwarf, a system of ripping off AT&T, a hot
            car, a kangaroo with a broken tail, a cure for rinderpest, 
            a fast loan, a mail drop for Justice Scalia, 
            a long-out-of-print bit of pornography, or a Corvette from 
            the mothball fleet... cDc is the group one contacts."
               -- Harlan Ellison

      6. "'s pointless to compare LoD to the cDc... it's like
            comparing Albert Einstein to Charles Manson... Both were
            geniuses in their respective genre."
               -- Erik Bloodaxe of LoD

      7. "Next to the shriveled corpse of William S. Burroughs, cDc's
            prose is the stuff of my sexual fantasies. Their collective
            intelligence is potent and erotic."
               -- Poppy Z. Brite

      8. "Until I found the CULT OF THE DEAD COW, I was a high
            school nobody! I couldn't get laid if my life depended on it!
            Now, I'm humpin' all of my teachers!"
               -- Weaselboy, Net-celebrity

      9. "I can attest to the fact that cDc is the sexiest group of
            computer hackers there ever was.  You may think this silly,
            but it's the God's honest truth."
               -- Jane Pratt, Editor-In-Chief, _Sassy Magazine_

     10. "LOVE YOU SEXTY [sic] HACKERS"
               -- Traci Lords

     11. "The cDc is the biggest can of Whoop-ass that I have ever seen!"
               -- Evel Knievel

     12. "That's EvEl, not EvIl Knievel"
               -- Rebecca Knievel
                  (Thanks Rebecca.  We corrected that above.)

     13. "Those cDc fuckers ran up my hotel phone bill while I was on tour!"
               -- Rod Stewart

     14. "I wish those CDC guys would spend less time writing textfiles,
            and more time in the lab curing diseases!"
               -- Emmanuel Goldstein, Editor, _2600_ magazine.

     15. "If it's illegal, immoral or revolting, cDc has a file about
            it -- and possibly three of them."
               -- Michael Hoy, Loompanics Unlimited

     16. "I am really, truly, deeply sorry I offended you. Honest. I did
            not know how all-pervading and powerful you really were.
            Now can I have my credit rating, e-mail and bank account
            back, please?"
               -- Neil Gaiman

     17. "I didn't like it when they tried to steal my Mallomars." 
               -- Harvey Keitel.  What's a Mallomar?  A strange,
                  nigh-inedible marshmallow candy bar.



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