Cult of the Dead Cöw - I-Way magazine I-Way Magazine, Issue #1, June 1995

Page 43, The Internet Can Turn Anybody Into a Publisher by Reid Goldsborough

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This in many ways is the archetypal zine. Published by Ross Messiah, a self-described cyberpunk who goes by the handle Swamp Ratte, Cult of the Dead Cow (cDc) is full of Generation X insights and outlooks, ramblings and rages, fiction and humor. This is from number 293:

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Messiah, who lives in Lubbock, Texas, and owns a small recording studio, has been publishing cDc since 1985. "It's the longest published zine under the same publisher," he says. Back when he started the zine, cDc was a hacking/phreaking group -- its members were "into phone stuff."

Messiah, who's 24 and single, works on cDc with about 20 friends. About every other month he releases 10 articles or so, posting the ASCII files to several Usenet newsgroups and to the Cascade Connections FTP Archives.

It's the ease of publishing that captivated Messiah. "It doesn't cost anything," he says. "There's no capital involved. That's the really cool thing about it, you just write it and put it out."

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Cult of the Dead Cow