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Pseudo Online
1998-Aug-12 Parse netcast
1998-Aug-05 Parse netcast
USA Today
1998-Aug-25 Group Releases Hacking Program
New Scientist
1998-Aug-22 Your computer in their power
PC Week
1998-Aug-21 Back Orifice "security" tools miss the mark
1998-Aug-10 An easier way to crack Windows
1998-Aug-10 Tales from the Dead Cow reveal dastardly danger
1998-Aug-04 'Back Orifice,' a hacker app, wows crowd at DEF CON
ABC News
1998-Aug-11 Windows Faces Hack Attack
c|net News.com
1998-Aug-12 Windows "back door" raises flags
1998-Aug-14 Programmers protest with code
1998-Aug-07 How the Web grabs you
ZD News
1998-Aug-12 Test Hackers
1998-Aug-03 Back Door Program
1998-Aug-03 Dead Cow Def Con
1998-Aug-06 Fear Technology
1998-Aug-11 Cult of the Dead Who?
1998-Aug-03 Baring of 'Back Orifice' lures SRO crowd at DEF CON
1998-Aug-11 Is 'Back Orifice' a threat -- or an educational tool?
Wired magazine
1998-Jul-29 Back Orifice a Pain in the ...?
1998-Aug-06 Microsoft Discounts Threat
(Check out cDc's rebuttal of Microsoft's misinformation.)
1998-Aug-06 ISS Chimes In on Back Orifice
1998-Aug-07 Back Orifice Goes Forth
1998-Aug-07 Email Links Carry Bad Code
1998-Aug-04 Hackers claim to find security holes in Microsoft's Windows
1998-Aug-06 AntiOnline's Editorial Coverage Of The CDC's "Back Orifice"
1998-Aug-11 AntiOnline's Coverage Of The CDC's "Back Orifice"
The London Sunday Times
1998-Aug-09 Hacker software hijacks Windows
1998-Aug-03 Can hacker's tool control your PC?
1998-Aug-17 Back Orifice threat: Getting caught in the digital crossfire
1998-Aug-07 Hacker tools target Windows systems
1998-Aug-04 Hacker Group Releases Windows Intrusion Tool
1998-Aug-07 Security Firm Exposes Back Orifice Functions
Network World Fusion
1998-Aug-10 Convention exposes hackers' dark underbelly
1998-Aug-10 Learning from Hackers
Fox News
1998-Aug-06 Microsoft downplays threat from hacker window attack
Heise News
1998-Aug-04 Sicherheitsloch Windows 95/98
la Repubblica
1998-Aug-04 Hacker, assalto alla Microsoft
1998-Aug-04 Hackere vil blottlegge Microsoft