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So, you think that BO and BO2K are sweet, eh? Don't lie, you know you do. Why not check out our other tools and apps?

Back Orifice 2000
BO2K (1999-Jul-10)

The most powerful network administration tool available for the Microsoft OS platform.

BO2K is like other professional remote control packages. Except that BO2K is smaller, faster, demonstrably secure, open source, profoundly extensible, and free.

Back Orifice Windows Remote Administration Tool
Back Orifice client and server. (1998-Aug-03)

Back Orifice is a remote administration system which allows a user to control a Win95 machine over a network using a simple console or GUI application. On a local LAN or across the internet, BO gives its user more control of the remote Windows system than the person at the keyboard of that machine.

Back Orifice Unix Client
Unix client with sourcecode. (1998-Aug-09)

Formerly you had to have a Windows machine to control another Windows machine. Now you can do it from a Unix system.

Back Orifice server plugins. (1998-Aug-10)

New functionality for Back Orifice brought to you by people we've never even heard of.

Back Orifice T-shirts available. (1998-Aug-20)

First you 0wned Bill Gates' pride 'n joy, now you can 0wn the t-shirt. Awwww Yeah.

What is this tools page? Where's the files, G?
August 1, 1998, Defcon 6, Las Vegas Nevada, the Cult of the Dead Cow has released its first security management tool. There are many many more on the way. This page provides links to and descriptions of all of the cDc's high-quality computer security products. Know these tools; it could save somebody's life.